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Archangel Gabriel via Trinity Esoterics, May 4th

Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 4, 2016

If you start to put your time and focus on what is energetically supported at any given time, you will find yourselves far more comfortable and efficient. That is what inspiration is – the nudge that the energetic flow is fully supporting something.

When you force yourself to do something because you think you should, the greater the amount of effort it takes you to do it, is the level of how energetically unsupported that activity is. This does not mean that it won’t get done, it simply means that choosing to do it right now is choosing to do it without the optimal support of the universe. It is choosing a path that is far more difficult rather than having the patience to wait for the energy that will support it.

Think of surfers. They sit out in the water patiently waiting for the perfect wave to ride. They are poised to move when the optimal opportunity presents itself. They can choose whichever wave they want, but with experience and wisdom they can recognize which wave can give them the whole experience they desire with the greatest amount of joy and support. They also accept if the water is too still or too stormy that it’s not a great day for surfing at all, and shift into a different activity. They willingly move with what is supported.

We promise you things will not go undone forever if you wait for supportive energy! The energies are always shifting, and always optimal for certain things. Isn’t it time to start to move with whatever is being supported in each Now moment? This will be wisely harnessing the energetic assistance of the universe and give you a far greater sense of ease and efficiency. This is embracing the flow, which always gives you exactly what you need for the greatest success if you allow the energies to lead you. ~Archangel Gabriel