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Archangel Metatron via Ann Dahlberg, August 12th

Archangel Metatron

Friday, August 12th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Metatron and I have come to speak with you today. The foundation of your world is about to change and this happens in all layers on your Earth. Everything is affected by the light energies that shine down on Earth now. Everything is transformed and changed according to its own ability. All people feel how everything is going so much faster now. Time is just running away from them and they feel a bit powerless in relation to time now. The only way to still time is to still yourself, to get balance in one’s own existence. All calm activities are to be preferred now. They need to take a bigger space in your everyday life in order for you to get the balance you need. Calm walks, qigong, yoga, meditations or activities where one focus and concentrate on what exists in one’s immediate vicinity is good, since worries are released and the energy can flow freely.

There is much energy that now will be anchored on Earth and you are the anchors, dear children on Earth. Your bodies together with the animals and the plants receive energy and anchor them down into Earth. The Light spreads further and embraces all that comes in its way. Nobody can remain unaffected by the energy that races around Earth today. Nothing can stop its momentum. A couple of stops here and there does not affect the energy, it just goes around it and continues unencumbered and relentlessly on its way. The areas of light are spreading with great speed. It is making its triumphal march on Earth now. It knows that its time has come and rejoices in sending its rays onto Earth’s ravaged surface. The Light heals and cures wherever it goes. Everybody must bow to the Light or eventually disappear.

We have started our time in the Light now dear friends and much good is going to come from it. Enjoy your days on Earth now and have confidence in what now is about to happen. Earth is blessed and you are too, you are entering better times and the help is at the door. Open up the door and you will have all that you need. Trust in yourselves and your intuition. It will lead you all the way there. There are many around you now that help you find your own way in this large transformation. The most important aspect is to find your own inner voice that speaks about which path to take. The answers are there as many already have said, but which cannot be said enough within you. You carry your way within you, your gift is within you, your true self is within you.

What is then the best thing you can do? Yes, go within and find the answers there. You have your own map and compass there, a map that is made for only you and which cannot be taken over by anybody else. For this reason it can be difficult to listen to somebody else and walk their path, since she/he has a whole different map. All maps are individually constructed for you and can only be used by the one concerned. Feel if it is the right way for you, before you start down a certain path, that somebody has guided you to follow. Maybe it was right, maybe it was wrong. Only you have the answer and nobody beside yourself can give you the answer. Do you now understand how important it is that you try to find yourselves. It is only you yourselves that can give you the answer that you need.

Calm yourselves down, calm yourself and seek within yourselves. All the answers can be found there. You have constructed the map together with your guides and leaders, who are now ready to complete it together with you.

Listen, listen, listen for the bright voice inside you. It is calling you now, dear children on Earth. It is calling you now to remind you of the path you have chosen before you came down and forgot which path it was. It is time to reawaken this memory now. It is time to come home, dear children on Earth.

We are waiting for you. We look forward to meeting you. We love you so much.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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