Love is our new reality

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Archangel Metatron via Ann Dahlberg, January 7th

Archangel Metatron

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am archangel Metatron and I have come to you today to bless the Earth and its new era in the so called “Golden Age”. I am so grateful to be with you here today and see the great work that has been performed on Earth. My blessings go to you and our dear Father who have led you all the way here.

Now, the work to build up Earth again starts. There are many skilled individuals on Earth who can lead this work. Listen carefully folks and follow those that are true and faithful to Mother Earth and humanity as a whole.

I Metatron will sow Silverlight over the planet now, so that it more easily can be healed and cured. Earth has many scares that need healing and so has humanity. Some of this work is already done other parts remain to be healed.

You are on the right way, dear children. Heaven is blue and the sun shines with its fantastic rays. Enjoy your days and feel that reality has changed underneath your feet. You who have come a bit further on the road can see that your reality has changed. You are in another reality now, different from the one you lived in before. Let your dreams blossom fully. The world is at your feet and the world needs you. Your positive dreams of light need to be manifested today. The more positive dreams of light that are manifested the more balance there will be on Earth. The more souls that wake up and begin to live his/her dream the more filled with Light Earth will become.

I Metatron am an angel of the Light and now send as much Light as I am able to and hope that as many as possible on Earth reaches out a hand and catch it. I wish that they will take it into their hearts and let it shine brightly and clearly so that everybody can see it, so that they may become delighted and wondrous and want to see their own Light in their hearts for themselves.

Meet each other now in trust and share your experiences. Everybody is needed in the new dance that we now perform. Me together with all your guides sing and dance with you.

Choose joy, choose love, choose to care for each other and all life that grows on Earth.

I Metatron leave you now with certainty that it is the Light and the Love that will triumph.



Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan