Love is our new reality

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Archangel Metatron via Anna Merkaba, August 2nd


Gc2e1f2d91f7f2593d3c4bb3698f63a1d (1)reetings Everyone! Today I come to you with a message from AA Metatron and the Company of Heaven. I will not be including a long note with this message, all I will say is that the energies are finally easing up, and we are being immensely supported by all that is. I hope that you are feeling an upliftment of energies as we are invited to step into the magic of August, where we will finally be able to truly bathe in and attune ourselves in the energies of manifestation swiftly coming our way, which we will be able to put to great use in the weeks and months to come.

Now having said this, here is the channeling that I have received from AA Metatron and the company of heaven.


Dearly Beloved Masters of the Universe,

The influx of rainbow frequencies, The God principles, God source energy is underway. The god source energy is being infused into every cell of your body, changing the vibrations of all the cells therein realigning your vehicle of creation to function on a new rainbow frequency of the beholder, rainbow frequency of light, rainbow frequency of peace, rainbow frequency of love and benevolent co creation with the divine principles of BEing.

Those who have passed the ring past not, have been transitioned onto a new parallel of reality structure, which is presently being superimposed onto your earthly structures of living, the ordinary situations are thereby playing out in extraordinary ways, presenting you with phenomenal opportunities for growth and expansion of BEing of all those involved in the Project GAIA.

All of you who are being converged, onto a new frequency of the rainbow principles of BEing, have accumulated much inner knowing and prowess about the human way of life. Said knowledge and said invocations principles of BEing have been collected from each of your vessels of time and space, analyzed, compared and exposed to the highest frequencies of collaboration.

From said experiences which you have broadcasted to all of us in the realms of the Mother/Father God Continuum, in the realm of the Etheric, have been utilized in order to co-create a new plan of action for all of humanity, a new plan through which the human souls, can and shall hear their very own clarion call to free themselves from the outdated ideals, structures, social dispositions, correlations to that of the past and correlations to that of the NOW moment of time.


All of the data about the human way of life, human misconception of reality of being, human amnesia of that which they truly are, and so forth and so on, which has been collected through your very own vehicles of time and space, has served fruitful for all of humanity. For the new influx of energies shall propel human souls who have spent eons on GAIA to awaken from their slumber and take the necessary steps to freedom of thought, finding their very own deeply and sacredly held ideals of that which they truly wish to see manifest on this planet.

And so and thus, the informational encodings which are being delivered onto this planet at this very moment in time, are delivered not only through the intricately designed structures which remain from the days of the ancients that walked your planet eons into the past, not only through the crop circles which you see appear throughout your known world, not only through your lay lines, not only through the stars shining above you, not only through your sun and the moon, but through your very own vessels of time and space, your very own vehicles of creation, strategically placed upon this earth in order to create a web of deliverance of unification principles of BEing.

For your placements around the globe are not accidental, but have been chosen, by your very own higher selves, for you have unbeknownst to the consciousness of your vehicle, chosen to experience your human incarnations in specific places that you are finding yourselves at various moment in time. For It is through deliberate mapping, if you will, of your locations that as a collective consciousness, you are able to bring through the necessary energies of change, peace and harmony for all who reside on your planet.

For through your vehicles of time and space not only are you collecting various experiences, whilst learning about the human culture, but also broadcasting the understanding and the innate knowing of the culture from which you have come prior to your incarnation onto this planet. For you bring with you the gift of inner knowing for all of humanity. The gift of innovative thinking patterns. The gift of Harmony, Bliss, Peace, Collaboration, Unity and Oneness. The gift of Eternal Understanding of Self. Self-Love and Adherence to the Universal Principles of BEing.

For through your vessel you are delivering various informational encodings to all whom your way shall come. Through the gaze of your eyes, through the touch of your hand, through the sound of your voice, through your avatars, simply by BEing, the deliverance of highly important encodings is being broadcast to all who are ready to listen, to all who are ready to awaken to the truth of that which they are.

And so, with each waking moment of your earthly incarnation in human bodies, you are utilizing each and every cell of your vehicles’ structure in order to change, transmute, transfer, assist, heal, and shed the love and light that is so necessary for all of humanity. For indeed, those of you who have been moved onto the rainbow frequency, shall experience a seemingly random string of synchronistic events leading to the big AHA moment, leading to the awakening of the key players in this intricate game of life. For the key players who are yet very much asleep shall begin joining the ranks of that which you are propelling the human souls into the knowing and remembrance of all that they are, of all the they are capable of achieving.

We stand with you delivering vital energies of recalibration of your vehicles of time and space, in order to allow the processions of the heavenly bodies to pass within your skies at moment’s notice, bringing with them the necessary changes that indeed the human souls have been yearning for. For all wish to return home, home to their benevolent selves, home to the freedom of thought and co-creation of wondrous momentums in their human incarnations, for all are tired and are ready to take the necessary steps in order to release all that no longer belongs on their path.

And so, once more your vehicles of choice are being upgraded and reconfigured in order to withstand the energies of Triangular Degree of Consciousness. Triangular Degree of Consciousness – Christ Consciousness, swiftly spreading across your planet. Know that all the upheavals and tribulations are but preparations for that which is to come. Know that all shall resolve amicably for all involved in the months to come, know that all is going according to the Divine Plan, and each and every one of you are providing the necessary energies and encodings in order to assist in grand shifts occurring on your planet.

Know that we are walking with you hand in hand and foot in foot. Know that you can call upon us whenever you need us. Know that it is so. For it is!

That is all that we have for you now. WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.