Love is our new reality

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Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn, February 9th, 2018

Greetings Masters, I am Metatron Lord of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we greet each of you, individually, lovingly, in a vector of timeless space. We embrace you in the ‘Now’ time that you read these words, and surround you in an energy of Unconditional Love.

The world remakes itself in 2018, and whether or not humanity are prepared for expansive change, is truly a moot point. For the forward inertia of time accelerates more quickly today than it did yesterday. Accordingly will 2018 impel the expedition of light acceleration and your lucid interpretation of consciousness. With this surge your cognitive expression of life, will in-kind shift into higher tempo. You see, all is quickening, time is accelerating as the ‘New Earth’ of 2018 and beyond draws nigh. So as time reshapes itself it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible and invisible forces of nature and that of the face of the Earth itself. Ahead are challenges to be faced, but you have the tools to absolutely meet the challenges.

Dear Ones, the years of you physical experience, from birth to death, compose the table of contents in the ‘book’ of your life….and now, the page has turned. 2017, for better and worse, has now yielded to the next ‘annual’ chapter. It is ‘2018, Year Six of the New Earth’.

2018 The Year Ahead

And so we speak of 2018. Indeed it is a supra-energized year of invigorated time, and will be a period of intense quickening. An unusual & opportune time of re-calibration will occur thru the first two months of the newly arrived year. All planets will be in forward motion, none in retrograde, for 65 days, from January 2nd, 2018. This is the only phase of 2018 in which no planet is in backward flow, and is thus an extraordinary time for clarity & creating harmony. Within this time of ‘smooth flow’, are 2 eclipses, to amplify the forward movement….amplified by 2 ‘Super Moons’. This phase from January thru early March, represents a time of a reprise, a phase of recharge and preparation.

Now, make no mistake, 2018 will be a challenging year. But fear not, most of you will find it a bit easier to manage than 2017. Is this not a testament to your frequencial growth? Indeed, 2018 contains within it, the extremely potent energy amplifications phases that you are now becoming more accustomed to, but understand that these magnifications are part and parcel of your accelerated growth process. Indeed you must learn to operate at higher frequency, and so the years ahead are in a sense a rigorous training program that will allow you to strengthen and increase your auric fields as the ground-zero inertia of the ‘Human Ascension’ nears in two decades (2038).

Forward Entry into 2018

The intense winter solstice which ended 2017, is now being followed by two unusually gentle perigee ‘Super Moons’ in January. The second of these will occur on the Jan 31st full moon, total lunar eclipse. This total eclipse is tandem, the total lunar is followed in February by a solar eclipse. This benevolent amalgam of ‘coded’ astronomical events will surprisingly provide an interesting, soft entry into 2018, relative to the tumultuous final quarter of 2017.

Indeed, this beginning is influenced by a lunar induction of deep contemplative energy that will span the earth and flow forward into a 65 day phase in which all planets are moving forward, none in retrograde! This will be a rare and welcome wave of benevolent energy. It will provide a time of relative rest, underpinned by periods of profound ‘moon driven’ inward reflection. A perfect time to review the year past, and the year ahead….and a clear energy to recalibrate your emotions. And actions !

Communication, after the sluggish, Mercury retro end of 2017, is now much clearer, indeed even sparkling for the first 11 weeks of 2018. It is an opportune timing for repairing past miscommunications & provides avenues for re-negotiating conflicts.

This period from January thru mid-April (when Saturn goes retro) is also a time improving the quality of major relationships. A vibration is projected in which relationships Can & will be reviewed, in a frequency conducive to opening the heart. This provides a clear opportunity to analyze your short comings in close relationships & make considered and concerted efforts to improve. All genuine efforts in this energy, will reap positive results. It is a perfect time to express love, re-express friendship, caring & loyalty to key players in your life.

We also tell you the timing between the first perigee moon and the January total lunar eclipse is a perfect time, a powerful time for initiating new projects, new goals.

Coded Eclipses of 2018

2018 will have an extremely rare aggregation of complex coded eclipses. There will be a total of 5 eclipses in 2018, and 3 of these will occur in a 30 day phase between July & August. This period will be amplified & intensely punctuated with the June 21 Solstice & Mars retrograde into Capricorn. In fact 7 planets, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto will all be in backflow, retrograde between June & August.

Accordingly, the 3 months of summer (northern hemisphere) and 3 months of winter (southern hemisphere) , from June thru August will be a very intense , rather unsettling phase of 2018….indeed, this astro gravity amalgamation will be the most trying 90 day period of the year.

The 2018, five eclipse, 3:2 combination of solar and lunar eclipses in a single year is quite potent. We tell you that the 2018 Eclipses are opportunities for energizing change. Masters the eclipses are an offering to make necessary shifts that you discern appropriate in your individual and collective life stream. These are best afforded by synergizing through deep contemplation and self-review windows, which are uniquely available on equinoxes and solstices.

TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE – 2018 January 31 8:26:39 11 Leo 37

PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – 2018 February 15 16:05:07 27 Aquarius 08

PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – 2018 July 12 22:47:47 20 Cancer 41

TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE – 2018 July 27 16:20:15 4 Aquarius 45

PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – 2018 August 11 5:57:38 18 Leo 42

The ancient savants of enlightened eras always recognized such power-filled events and utilized them as days of prayer, meditation, and inward search and mobilized the eclipses to turbo-charge the changes they desired toward higher good.

Equinoxes & Solstices of 2018

The Equinoxes and Solstices of 2018 are exceptionally powerful and multi purposed. These are in fact Ascension catalyst and triggers. These potent days should be used for group prayer and meditation and indeed deep self-review. The solstices and equinoxes remaining in the next two years are complex and flamed with multiple hologramic inserts for the Ascension of both mankind and the planet. We assure you that these astrological events are infinitely more powerful than the equinoxes and solstices in the past several millennia. We urge each of you to discern and utilize them as suggested. Gather on these days, and the power of Group Consciousness will flower exponentially.


MARCH EQUINOX – March 20, 2018 – 12:15 P.M. EDT

JUNE SOLSTICE – June 21, 2018 – 6:07 A.M. EDT

SEPTEMBER EQUINOX – September 22, 2018 – 9:54 P.M. EDT

DECEMBER SOLSTICE – December 21, 2018 – 5:23 P.M. EST

Every solstice & equinox is potent. Each is important. But it is equally important to understand that solstices & equinoxes are affected to no small degree by the adjoining planetary gravities, which you term as astrological influences. With this in mind, we tell you that the most powerful & most beneficial of the four in 2018 is the September Equinox.

The September Equinox occurs after the final 3 of five eclipses, into an energy of much greater clarity, with 6 of 9 planets in forward motion, the 3 retros are the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. It occurs in the crystalline meteoric influxes of the final trimester, and is an extremely powerful and serene energy. The September equinox will code the continuing bio crystalline transition of humanity.

Politics, War & Unrest

In the energy of 2018, there is an astrological phase of tension, terrorism & political imbalance, especially during the Mars & Saturn retrogrades. This is a period in which ongoing conflicts & terrorism are more likely to occur & indeed escalate. This will be a time in which shadow is revealed, and ‘Pandora’s Box’ is figuratively open. It is a timing rife for polarization, riots, scandal, political upheaval, even assignations. Travel to conflicted areas, including the Middle East & parts of Europe should be carefully considered during late July to 19 August, in which Mercury, Mars & Saturn are all in powerful angles of retrograde.

Political unrest & polarization will continue thru 2018, and for two 7-year cycles afterward.
You are in a requisite cycle of cleanse, in what the channel has termed as ‘Crucible Astrology’. All unresolved energies are not only surfacing, but polarizing in the shifting crysto-dynamics.

The unrest, violence, terrorism & religious extremism will continue. Saber rattling will heighten, ebb & flow, in the North Korea scenario, but will not result in a nuclear war.

The 2018 Economy

It is not our role to speculate on your economy, per sei. We will simply say that markets & economies are indeed influenced by fear, media, and extensively manipulated by governments, currency brokers, privateers, financial power groups, corporations & conglomerates.

Dear Ones, while the economic system must and will change, a total collapse into global chaos would not serve the New Earth. A total breakdown will not occur, will not be allowed to occur. A breakdown will not be prevented by the power-brokers for any altruistic purposes, rather because those consortiums, corporate conglomerates & ‘1st-World’ countries controlling global economies will not allow it for their own purposes of power, control and greed. The change into a new, more equitable system will require time, but in time, will take place. Indeed, in 2-3 decades, significant changes will begin to take root. It will be a gradual process, led by the ‘milleniums’, as the new generation grow into greater position & voice. We assure you, the drivers are already in place to bring about a more equitable system.

The Eclipse Effect: Hurricanes & Earthquakes

Masters, an important word regarding the natural disasters’ that are occurring. These occur as a natural sequence of planetary balance, and will continue, as they always have throughout your planetary history. Although extremely difficult, the silver lining and underlying side result is that hurricanes, fires & quakes, however painful, also serve to bring out the better aspects of humanity. These are absolutely not punitive, are not by any means a retribution.

The hurricanes (and quakes) are not, as some conspiracy theorists may assert, artificially created by science nor secret governments. They are not the result of HAARP. The required technology to manipulate & control weather is truly not developed, not available as yet in your present.

What must be understood, and should be studied with academic funding, is the connection between eclipses, tectonics & gravity and what follows in their wake. The eclipses can spawn what you term as ‘natural disasters’, including earth-quakes, tsunamis, flooding, tornadic winds & hurricanes.

Indeed, all solar eclipses create interesting gravitational distortions, in what is termed the Majorana & Allais effects. Just as a full moon can bulge the tides and oceans into expansive tension, so can solar eclipses….to a much more complex degree. When the sun and moon are eclipsically aligned, the earth-crust will actually ‘bulge and stretch’, stirring magma & destabilize tectonic plates.

Earthquakes are 3 to 4 times more likely during & in the wake of total eclipses. Although your earth geo-scientists are not yet able, with any time specific accuracy to predict earthquakes, it is currently possible to determine the more likely places they may transpire. There will be, in the not so distant future, a re-discovery of the sciences and technologies to accurately predict quakes. By combing data received from further advanced technologies in ground penetrating radars, satellite infrared, subsurface sonar, proton magnetometers, & super-high resolution aerial photography your geo scientist will be able to pinpoint location & timing of volcanic & tectonic events.

Be especially wary during the 2nd phase of eclipses in July & August of 2018. Quakes are more probable in this timing.

Unity Program

Masters, although 2018 has its challenges, it is also laden with points and facets of benevolent energies and favorable astronomical waves. And let us be clear, although the science which you term as astrology is in your present largely misunderstood, and greatly ignored, gravity waves & celestial angles do in fact influence you to no small degree.

Editor Insert- Edgar Cayce Readings on Astrology

“Astrological urges …. yield, or wield, an influence upon individual application of spiritual or mental truths or laws, as they are brought into material manifestations.” — Edgar Cayce reading 2132-1

“Yet no influence of any nature-astrologically, hereditary or environmental-surpasses the will of the entity, the birthright of each and every soul.” — Edgar Cayce reading 2505-1

“Then, as to the influences from the astrological aspects or sojourns during the interim, know that these are merely urges. As to what one does with or about an urge is oft dependent upon what an entity holds as its ideal-and then the application of will as respecting same.” (1842-1)

In truth the energies leading to 2038 are merged in one program, and as such from our higher perspective the events of 2018 are part of the same process of the coming ‘Return of Light’, leading into the Ascension of Humanity. It is our purpose here to focus on the aspects of 2018 that lie so near to your unfolding. Indeed Masters, the heralded ‘Human-Ascension’ it is not an abstruse complexity of prophetic biblical script, but rather a natural and requisite expression of accelerating planetary consciousness.

As such, all of you on the earth-plane are now within the field of an incredible crystalline energy. The result is that your own auric fields and Mer-Ka-Na Light Bodies are, through induction, becoming extreme energy in motion. It is energy as desire expressing itself and so your work calls forth now an even finer frequency. Imagine that if you will take vitamins for your physical body they must be such that they can be absorbed by the body to generate wellness, well-being, and better health. And so it is the same with the Crystalline Transition, its crysto-geometric frequencies and energies are indeed benevolent ‘vitamins’ of catalytic expansion for the light body.

The crystalline resonance now surrounds you in ways that allow you to absorb their pristine symmetries into your energy fields, transferring them, converting them, and amplifying them into your own work, into your desires, into your fulfillment and into all ways that touch earth and humanity.

All humans are individual crystals of brilliant light, each unique, no two like, but of kindred source, analogous origin. In the present, you yet struggle against opposing duality poles of diversity and uniformity. Still largely unaware that in source, you are a crystalline particle of vast plurality consciousness, truly of one family, of one divine source. In time you will come to terms with the meaning of this.

In the present dawning of the new crystalline era of the Earthplane, of the 144 Crystalline Grid, the earth has upshifted, and calls for you to transition in kind. Remember the very fabric of the Cosmos is sacred geometry. The crystalline vibration is defined in human terms as ‘impeccability’, walking ones talk.

Priority Reformation

Dear Humans, in the next two decades, leading into 2038 the love of power will begin to be displaced by the Power of Love. It will take time, but do not doubt it, for it is already in motion. It begins initially inside each of your hearts, and Dear Ones, that is happening now. The final trimester of 2017 was marked by a mega Total Solar Eclipse in North America, triggering earthquakes and hurricanes in its potent wake. The influence of the mega solar eclipse will continue well into 2018….and we tell you that the advent of natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes and such, will play roles in the re- prioritization of humanity.


Dear Ones, in closing, let us express unequivocally that we of the Angelic Realm are in a special role of supporting you, far more than you may realize. For you too are Gods in creation, sparks of the Divine becoming again as divine crystal stars of the All That Is. For indeed you are begat as the morning stars !

We love each of you, all of you, and beyond the veils you are part of us. We spin a light vortex of great honor and appreciation to you! We are sending this energy to each one of you in the ‘NOW’ moment that you read or hear these words.

Can you feel it, open your heart and receive what we send forth in love.

We sincerely honor you as you move into the final years of Earths Crystalline Ascension. And we tell you it is the Ascension of the Earth that will spawn the critical mass movement of physical humanities Ascension in two to three centuries. All in free will, all by choice.

It is a future of Ascension that you are creating…and we tell you that this period of less than three centuries is the blink of an eye. We salute you. You are on the appropriate path!

I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!

And so it Is…And it is So…

All Copyrights Duly & Fully Reserved 2018 to J Tyberonn & Earth-Keeper.