Archangel Metatron via Jeanette Svärdby, November 25th, 2018

Archangel Metatron

Saturday, November 25th, 2018

Channeled via Jeanette Svärdby at

Lightworker meeting in Rättvik, Sweden

We are many with you in this moment dear friends. It is I Archangel Metatron who speaks today. We want to bring forth to you the information that we consider is of the greatest importance right now for you to know. Much is now happening with you at all of your levels of your whole existence, and at the same time in your outer reality.

As all that you work with in your inside and transform to light you also take in higher energies. You become aware of whom you are. The love for yourself increases, the love for everything increases evermore.

This is happening also at the collective level, and also at the global level with our dear planet.

As higher levels of energies reach you within and open that which has not been accessible to you within you earlier – A new level of your self to experience and get to know again.

This also includes as I mentioned the collective energy, the collective consciousness that is raised in each moment the more you as humanity open up your hearts to the light you are – The strong energies that are sent down over you from outside and also within. The global energy is under major development, upgrading, currently.

This is happening all around the planet encircled in a crystalline network and the crystalline network is surrounded by divine the network, which also has been strengthened and upgraded. From the divine network all over these energies are sent to different places on the planet, different points on the planet, also into the planet as an upgrading of the energy of the energy of the planet, as the body she is.

She has within her body different places with large crystal like spaces where the energy of her body is held, and this energy in these spaces, at different occasions, receives strong upgrades. We have recently gone through such an upgrade of the Mother, as the body she is, around her body, as the earth crust she is and the energy layer is now in a major change pattern, causing the energy plane to fall apart, shaken apart and fall off, in order for a New Higher energy to take form.

This also impacts humanity as a whole as each and every one is working with Mother Earth during this time, who more or less have the task to convey the light through its channels to the body of Mother Earth in order to help her in her transformation, in her ascension to a higher dimension.

What is important to you during this time during this process is to be awake to your thoughts and to hold your thoughts in a higher dimension, which also means that you keep your thoughts focused on what you want, how you want your future to be, how you want to be and so on, as everything is created and manifested so much faster today.

It is the New Earth that is to be created, that is born, and you are helpers and co-creators in this birthing process, so keep your thoughts in a loving vibration.

Many of your old patterns that you have carried with you during a long time are now so to speak up at your surface, once more, strengthened so that you can see your patterns, so that you will be able to free yourself from them – from this that no longer is of any help to you as it does not benefit you. These are patterns and behaviors that you have carried as a weight, as a kind of limitation. So, be in peace with yourself and see yourself from a higher perspective. See your patterns, see how you react and act in various circumstances and there you can make new choices if you so wish – New choices based in love.

When I say new choices based in love I mean what is good for you, that is for your highest good, and that which is for your highest good is for everybody’s, the highest good for the All.

You are unique each one of you, worthy to be loved by yourself – you are perfection.

You can always make new choices, from a base of raising your consciousness in the connection with your hearts and walk forward lighter and clearer than what you have been, more awake than you have been.

Those of you who walk ahead, who have the role as leaders for others are now more and more waking up into this role, to assume this role as leaders. You will receive more information as you go along, about what you should do, act, if you should move to different places and so on – everything so that you will be there as more humans are now waking up in their hearts. Those who come to you feel the pull in their hearts, they know within where to go, whom to contact, seek help from and so on. It is already in their programming.

Know then that you have All knowledge and wisdom that you need in this moment for exactly those people that you meet.

Old programming that still is in your bodies, in your systems, that are playing out its role we might say, are being shut down gradually and new programs are opened up. You can see it as a new level of consciousness when I speak of programs. You are an advanced being dear friends, with many abilities with many abilities that not yet have been available to you, but gradually, the higher you reach in your consciousness, in your energy, when you reach a higher level of frequency, then more of your abilities will open up for you.

Many of you are at this place right now and can feel great confusion as you no longer recognize yourselves.

Know that everything needs to land in your whole body, in your whole system, and then have trust in what is felt within you, in what is shown to you in different ways – without in any way being judgmental towards yourself in what is shown to you. Instead seek your truth within, pose the question there, what is true and not, without in any way beating yourself down, and what is shown to you, which is yourself and what you possess,

Keep your vibration high and light also here. Receive what is shown to you, that which is given to you with joy, with ease and with gratitude, as it is you. You receive back a piece of yourselves, a new level of yourselves towards your Wholeness. You become more and more Whole.

As I mentioned much is happening at all levels and your physical body can make itself heard in this powerful process that is.

All you are, all that your body is, is being transformed to a higher energy.

The Mother is being born, also you are being born to a newer version, to a more whole version of yourself, more awake, more clairvoyant and more feeling than earlier.

You are moving towards a dimension of being, where you are in your Whole with All that Is, connected with All That Is. The adjustment to the higher dimension will need to take its time.



I ask you know to close your eyes and be in touch with your hearts, with the light within, your divinity, your original light.

You let this light expand and light up your whole being.

Imagine now that you stand in your own ray of light, anchored to the innermost of Mother Earth, anchored to the Source of All That Is.

You connect with you inner Sun, within.

You connect with the inner Sun of Mother Earth.

You connect with the Central Sun and all Suns that exist.

You let your breath deepen and strengthen your connection with these energies.

At this moment those that wish will receive these light codes, just continue in your receiving.


Energy transmission


Open up dear friends to a reception of what is waiting you, for that which is waiting to be opened, be opened for you.

Know that you are worthy.

Feel worthy and receive in trust, dear friends.

Let your inner sun shine from within and out through your being, Ra says

I wish for you to shine in your entirety as the light you are, in the power that you are and carry.

To be in truth to yourself

To live and act from your heart and your truth

To stand strong in trust to all that you are

Have the courage to let go of what is not beneficial to you

Dare to take step away, if you feel it is time.



We are with you and we love you.

In Love we Are.






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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