Love is our new reality

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Archangel Metatron via Natalie Glasson, September 15th, 2023

Greetings to you beloved beings of light. I am Archangel Metatron. It is a joy to be in your presence today and I wish for you to recognise your own presence as we connect.
There is a certainty in your presence. There is a certainty in your physical body, in your mind, your emotions and your energetic field as you allow yourself to be present, in the moment, with yourself. You can recognise a certainty; a confirmation of self, an understanding of your presence. However, it is important to also recognise that there may be an uncertainty as you connect with your energies.
When you allow your mind to begin to contemplate, you might find that there is an uncertainty in the fact that you feel that you do not know yourself fully. You might not know fully your energy field. You might not know the power that you hold within you that is ready and waiting to be used. You may not know what you’re capable of – the strengths, the courage, the confidence that you have. There also might be experiences of the past, or thoughts that bring fear to your being. Maybe you push those wounds, those pains, those thoughts away because you don’t know how you can cope with them, or if you’re strong enough to deal with, transform and heal these areas.
While there is a certainty in your presence and your grounding upon the earth, even within your own being there is an uncertainty, and we can recognise this uncertainty as a fear. A fear is when you are unsure of how something will unfold, or a situation, experience or being creates tension stress and a feeling of being scared within your being. This often extends from wounds – past experiences that maybe didn’t go to your liking or where you felt vulnerable or weak – powerless – and experienced suffering.
Fear has a wonderful way of protecting you so that things don’t repeat themselves. However, when we do have a fear, we often energise it and so it does get called into your reality. Often a fear is because we do not know how things will unfold and we also do not feel capable, courageous or strong enough to deal with the situation, the experience, the person, the being, whatever it may be.
Now, the unknown is often used to describe the Creator. The Creator is label-less, formless, in fact we cannot describe the Creator, in truth. If we do describe the Creator we are entering into illusion. We can recognise that the Creator is unknown and yet we have a sensation, a familiarity, a feeling connected to the Creator and connected to the expression of the Creator within your being, which feels very comforting, powerful and inspirational. There is almost this pull and push motion where we are curious about the unknown and it feels completely natural and comforting. We are uncertain about the unknown because we do not know what will manifest.
When you exist upon the earth it is natural to want to control your reality, even your being, and maybe even the people around you. It feels that everything is unknown and everyone is unknown, even those that you know dearly. How can you deal with this? It is overwhelming for the mind and the emotions.
It is natural to want to control your reality and your being as a way of safeguarding yourself, however, in order to really become one with the unknown and to recognise the comfort, the support and the benefits that are present with the unknown, there is a need to let go of the control. Once you begin to let go of the control, then the Universe of the Creator supports you. The Universe of the Creator has always been supporting you but you allow that support into your being and into your reality.
You may recognise greater inner guidance. You will also recognise that things occur within your being and your reality to build your trust so that you feel more confident, more able to move with the flow, more able to accept the unknown because you know that the unknown works in a positive, fulfilling way for you. And yes, there may still be aspects of the unknown that you fear because it is impossible to know everything and, in many ways, it is not your place nor your purpose to know everything about the Creator or the Universe of the Creator or even, to some extent, yourself because you are an extension of a greater energy. Your purpose in this moment is to recognise fully that extension and all that you embody in this reality.
When we release the control, there is a moment of surrendering to the unknown and that moment can feel as if you are jumping off a cliff. However, there is a certainty there that the Creator will support you, even if it is only 1% certainty. And with that 1% certainty, you open yourself up to trusting in the support of the beneficial energies in and around you – trusting that you know how to respond to yourself and your reality from within your being.
You can follow your inner guidance. You can connect with energies, with people, with situations. You can call forth what is needed into your reality. There is simply a need for that moment of surrendering – of leaving behind any form of control saying that this is the way it should be, this is the way things should manifest – and just being present with what there is in this moment and who you are in this moment. When you allow yourself to achieve this, that 1% of certainty and trust arises and you open slightly to the support that is within your being. You realise that the unknown is actually a canvas for you to dance within, or upon, to dance the way you wish to dance, so that you can feel fulfilled and supported. The unknown will become exciting, magical, inspirational and enlightening because the unknown is filled with so many treasures waiting for you to explore.
In meditation or quiet time, first, sit and recognise how you tried to control yourself or your reality.
Then imagine yourself at the top of a cliff or a mountain. Let go of all that control. Leave it behind. Jump and surrender. Imagine it in your mind. What awakens within you as you leave behind control and jump into the unknown? You might experience tremendous fear. Sit with that. Let it speak its message to you. Ask how you can resolve the fear, and then, what waits for you beyond that? That is where the treasure lies, as you enter into the unknown. It may be that there is a simple need to trust yourself, your own inner sacred abilities.
I leave this with you to contemplate. It requires much contemplation.
I love you dearly.

I am Archangel Metatron. Thank you.