Love is our new reality

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Archangel Metatron via Sanangel, March 7th, 2018

Archangel Metatron via Sanangel, March 7th, 2018


Do not be afraid my dearest. Fear is something you never again will need to experience – not the fear that you are used to. Everything is well, you are protected, guided and your contact with us is clear and strong.

You are already back home beautiful you.

What you experience are symptoms one could say, of the transformation of lower vibrating energies that you unawares have collected. Continue your work and you will soon be free from the heaviest energies that make your frequency sink.

Do not forget your heart chakra. Focus on listening and feeling. Thoughts are superfluous, but good pointers of what energies that are circulating in and around you.

Feel yourself worthy our help – you help humanity and Mother Gaia in a way that you not yet have the capacity to understand. You are worthy all the love that God can offer. Let go of yourself and trust the divine will, your power and the universal essence of total unconditional love.

Find your strength in your weakest moments, in the lowest and most heavy energies. Embrace the darkness and love yourself, forgive yourself and stand strong in yourself. A flower does not disappear from the surface of the Earth just because night falls and it no longer can be seen. Learn to shine through the heaviest vibrations and accept that they exist. Become friends with them, welcome them, laugh at them, all is well, all is well, ALL IS WELL!

Remember who you are. You have a force to be found in the darkness just because of your fearlessness, your curiosity and purity. Play with the darkness, gather it, take it to you, push it away from you and let it go and see were it goes.

Nothing can be lost, nothing can become lost, you and All are one and All is One. There is no fear and this is your strength, your greatest…..find it and cultivate it, love it, love yourself. Dear to let go of all people. You will soon see more clearly than ever, beautiful you.

We protect you, guide you, love you in eternity – God’s unconditional and divine eternity.

You are back home forever, eternally, loved and save.

Light and Love,

Your friend // Metatron