Love is our new reality

Archangel Michael via Genoveva Coyle, January 11th, 2019


A woman sleeps under a blanket made of stars

Hold the trust that everyone will be following your trails of love – your loved ones, and then the entire human collective. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings! I AM Michael, I AM Mi-ka-el, Archangel of Love, bringer of the truth, peaceful warrior of the light and love, your protector and beloved brother, always by your side.

Do not ever forget that I am only one whisper and merely one thought away from thee, for I have promised to be with you in these chaotic times, to guide and protect you. I am here to reinforce the fact that I am protecting you, your home, your entire family – especially your sweet and strong children – for they are the future implementers and builders of the new world that is only now emerging.

And so, I would suggest that you trust that everyone is safe and mightily protected, even when it seems that, on the surface level, the events involving your loved ones are not going quite as expected, nor in a positive direction. They too have to undergo some of the negative experiences, lessons that have been planned by their own souls, so that they can better prepare for their purpose and mission. You need to remember that falling doesn’t always mean getting hurt, not every wound brings scarring, and some pain doesn’t lead to lifelong suffering, losing one’s way home, or wandering through endless loops of scenic detours.

Not in these days, when light and love is spreading like fire, and is being anchored in every corner of the Earth. Not when there are so many warriors of light, wayshowers, and leaders of love like you. Well, one has to try really hard not to see the love ways and then constantly choose the opposite and dense ways of the past. And there is one small detail that you tend to forget…that when it comes to your soul families, most of the clearing work has been done, yes by you, and at the same time, the seeds of love have been planted deeply. Not only that, but these seeds in their hearts have sprouted, and they are now growing vigorously, being watered, tended carefully, and nurtured by your love and light.

There is no room for failure dear hearts! Hold this vision and trust in the work that has been done at all levels by you, yes, in close collaboration with us, but, nevertheless, you are the ones who have been doing it in the physical realms and beyond.

Do not allow doubts to enter your hearts, and hold the trust that everyone will be following your trails of love – your loved ones, and then the entire human collective. Do not waiver in your faith! Stand tall and strong holding the light and the sacred space for everyone to go through their planned lessons and chosen paths, while you focus on your own journey! Allow me to deepen my gift of peace, so that you can proceed calmly and serenely as the New You!

Let me surround thee with a new layer of cobalt light, with an increased strength and impenetrable confidence, so that nothing will ever disturb you from your ascended heart-based stance!

You are loved and cherished, more than ever! Onward and forward dearest peaceful and loving warriors!


By permission.

©2019 Council of Love, Inc.