Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Ailia Mira, August 24th

Dear One,

It benefits you to listen to your heart. Your heart speaks to you and it is always orienting you to that which will move your life forward. At times you don’t trust this. You feel drawn to things you feel are a detour. Are not taking you into what you want. But we tell you clearly: your heart knows the way. Your heart in the way we mean it, is your inner knowing, your connection to your own vastness. You have this light flowing within you all the time and as a result, you can always tell what feels right to you. This is because of the true divine essence which is in you and is informed. Your Source; the essence that is you, is always up to speed with everything in Creation. So when you orient within, in any moment in time, what feels true to you, what feels right, what you can think with enthusiasm, what you can focus upon with flow and no resistance, is what will work.

Isn’t this a relief?

You don’t have to plan or figure it all out. You don’t have to have someone else tell you their way because their way is not your way.

Your world is full of this idea of AUTHORITY. There are experts on everything and if you want to learn how to do something what do you do? Ask an authority. What a crazy idea!?! Why not ask yourself? Because there is a way that is for you, that is furthering you, in response to all questions. Now your way may involve learning and growing with another’s support, but only when it arises from within as knowing that this is YOUR WAY.

You see? The AUTHORITY is YOU.

A great breakthrough is on the horizon and it will happen when each of you starts to really get this – that you are the author and the authority for you. For you, alone. You cannot be the authority for another. Nor can another person be the authority in your life. Even if you let someone tell you what to do, who is giving that permission? It cannot be taken. It must be given, with attention and willingness to act upon what is expressed from whoever is made the authority. So you can make someone else the decision maker in your life and often you do this. But it is always you doing this. No one can make themselves this in your life without your express and ongoing permission. For you are sovereign even if you don’t want to be and even if you are unaware, this is an energetic reality.

One of the interesting things is when you find someone you admire and they tell you what people like you should do. Do you feel obliged to do it? Are you often expressing what they did? What they said you ought to fell or how they told you to act? When you do this, you then find it doesn’t feel right, don’t you? If you dare, you backpedal as quickly as you can which feels so much better. It’s a relief, isn’t it? It’s a relief to get back into accord with you! This is alignment with the power that is yours.

The power that is yours is immense. It is part and parcel of your sovereignty. You are alive and able to use your focus to make real and important whatever matters most to you and with this, you author Creation. You express and shape energy with information through intention and action that gives rise to new expressions. You are a Creator God! A genius in the way only you know how to be brilliant, for you see beloved ones – the light comes from within. So you when you are aligned with you and when you let yourself express as you, you are brilliant. How could you not be?

The world is opening up to your brilliance as you allow it to flow. There is, in the world, many wonderful connections for you. You were meant to be met and received for meeting and receiving and connecting are all one with creating, because you make and your making is naturally going to land. What you make is going to land perfectly for some people, or someone and this is already part of the wholeness that is your inspiration and your action to express for the recipient, the receiver of your gifts is one with the inspiration to make whatever you feel inspired to create. So there is this wholeness alive already in life and you are able to seize this and experience the richness of this when you gives yourself over to authoring your life as the authority on your own self and your own being-ness.

Life is meant to be an authentic experience. It is so much easier to do what is natural for you. Now, what is natural for you will never feel like laziness or not wanting to do anything. It may be that what you want to do is lounge around and bask in life. Think about it. When you “want to do nothing” it’s either avoiding what scares you (meaning you want to check out/zone out), or it’s wanting to bask, to rest, to listen, to be entertained, to nourish, pause and reflect. See? There is nothing about these ways of being that is doing nothing. Zoning out is resistance.

Now, now…we know the reason you like the idea “doing nothing” is because in your world there is so much pressure to be SOMETHING. Be something. Make SOMETHING of yourself. As if you are nothing and must make something happen. How silly that is.

So the light you are is streaming in. The light from the vaster realms of creation is pouring into your world and an Eclipse Cycle is upon you. All of this is going to make you want to be YOU in big, blazing bright lights and with pure alignment and ease. All of this energy is purifying your consciousness and when this purification is accomplished you will be present here as the Christ within you.

The Christ Consciousness is a frequency, a state of being in which you KNOW you are a Creator God, an essence expressing as the Divine through a unique and perfect soul template of being. In this consciousness, you are sovereign and creative. That is what’s next. That way of being is where you are headed. Luminous presence. Luminous planet. Luminous Earth and Humans meet Luminous Universe.

You see? That’s what’s up and where it’s all moving. That’s the momentum within the planetary field. The Earth has ascended. 3 times already and it’s making another move into higher frequencies and taking more of you with her. She is eager to express fully in this way and she is gathering up all in resonance and you can ride that momentum into freedom and light.

How? How you wonder, how can I ride into freedom and light and know the truth of my being? How can I do that? Oh – I WANT THAT!!! Your heart is singing out to this song, isn’t it. This whole transmission is a song that your heart already knows. See? You can follow your heart for your heart KNOWS THIS WAY HOME.

Concentrate your presence. That’s how. Concentrate your presence. Stop going out into other people’s lives and stories and live yours. Staying centered and being true to you and cultivating your alignment will concentrate your energy. When you concentrate your energy you feel more and more like you, in a way that you really like. Take care of your body and your physical well being and pay attention to how you feel. Your feeling state, your emotions are constantly telling you how close or far away you are, from the essence of your being.

It’s a process, really, of daring to be free. That’s how you cut yourself loose and get on the ride of all rides; the ascending planetary light stream of love. This Eclipse Cycle in September can take you far along this path into more wholeness as experience and knowing. You simply have to believe in yourself and in the possibility that life isn’t going to always be what it’s always been and act in accord with that potential.

Your inner being is asking you, nudging you, inviting you to write a new story. A love story. A story that will have you surging into brilliance and lighting up not just the world around you, but the world within you – All that is, and All that is ever going to be.

You are love!

I AM Archangel Michael