Archangel Michael via Ann Dahlberg, December 9th

Archangel Michael

Friday, December 9th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Michael and it is my sword that is sweeping across Earth. It is a sword with a strong light. It races all over and creates justice on our Earth today. Its holy fire spares nobody. Everybody will have to examine their hearts. You are in a turbulent time of darkness and light that are battling each other. The dark has evermore given way to the light and its bright shine. The light has the truth in its womb and it is the truth that becomes a new precept. When the truth is apparent for you you will understand that the time is here. The truth can be hard to take in, but in its wake a great liberation is coming. It is a liberation that is both individual and global. One has to dare to see in order to let go of all the darkness that has come to the surface. The light cleanses all the darkness and stays if that is your choice.

Understand that the light is already within you and all around you. You just have to invite the light and let it take care of all that is old and outdated that is still there. See everything with love and understand that you have much love all around you. Sit for a while and think of what you have with love in your heart – All that gives you joy in life and you will understand that you have much to be grateful for in your life. Unfortunately we often focus on problems and concerns and we forget all that is good, which we already have. When we do the opposite – focus on the good that we already have – this will then be strengthened and be a larger part of your lives. This can be something to seriously ponder. What do you want to strengthen in our lives – joy or worries. I believe everybody knows what it is they want to strengthen, but they do not consider that what they focus on is what they will strengthen. It has become a pattern that we want to complain about something today. It appears that it is not allowed that things are good. What is it that you are afraid of? Are you afraid that the positive will disappear? Are you afraid of not fitting in with the crowd? Why are we not allowed to be happy and glad for what one has, regardless of it is large or small. Gratefulness is a gift to one self and others. Be grateful for all that you have and all that you receive and more will be given. Gratefulness is a blessing that can be shared with all.

I am deeply thankful for all that is happening on Earth today. With much gratefulness I can see all the hands that are helping to change our Earth today. They have dared to take in the truth and understand that it is their responsibility to help Earth so that the light permanently can take hold in order for us all to be transformed to a higher being of light. Earth is on its way and you are too. All who choose to come along with our Earth now have the opportunity to do so. It is you who choose if you want to live in truth or not. The answer is within you. You can hear it if you send your thoughts there, keep still and listen. It is a fantastic opportunity, dear children on Earth. Be observant in regards to what happens within you and outside. Take in and try to understand what life wants to teach you. It can be something small as well as something major that happens, this “something” might want to tell you things about yourselves or your situation that you need to think about or possibly change. Life is our taskmaster. Lean to master life and you master yourselves and your path up to the higher dimensions of yourself.

I leave you now with much love in my heart.

Archangel Michael






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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