Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Börge Höglund, April 3d, 2019

Archangel Michael

April 3d, 2019

Channel: Börge Höglund


Beloved humans. You know that the Golden Era that is approaching is soon here. You must see how all humans change to understanding that light and love is the only choice of path for ascension to the fifth dimension.

You lightworkers, show you will to help those that are seeking. Us Angles and other light being can see the rise in frequency that is taking place faster and faster.

It is a wonderful time now when you and Mother is close to the Golden era. I tell you to be ready for the large changes that are taking place now.

There is much left to do and it must happen now. You have heard this many times, but I say so again. Everything old, that does not serve, will be cleared out, forgiven and given so much love that it vaporizes and disappears.

You must understand the majority of you humans must raise your consciousness to high level of light and love before the shift takes place.

Meditate and send light and love to all the water on Mother Earth, and raise the frequency, so that when everybody drinks the water they are raised up in consciousness.

Pease blessed humans on Earth.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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