Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn, July 24th

Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn: The Lion’s Gate 2016 and the “Master” Cycle that Commences ~ The Opening of the Seventh Dimension on Earth

13737635-826359590827701-7160957838025335879-oBeloved Family of Light, when you began this year of 2016, we did say to you, with much love, that 2016 would be a challenging year, and that you would need to embody your Mastery in a powerful way.  As the Lion’s Gate of 2016 approaches, you now prepare yourself for a New Beginning and to initiate your first major cycle of creation as an embodied Master and Alchemist.

What does this mean?  It means that you will take what is of low frequency and you will transform it and turn it into Golden Light!  Even though you may be surrounded by people who are filled with fear and anger and other low frequency emotions and who are making choices based on these emotions, you will make your choices from Love and Compassion and you will be the Diamond Light that shines clearly and magnificently.

Beloved Ones, now is not the time to give up or to step back.  Now is the time to fully embrace who you are, who you have become, and to step forward into the Emerald Light as a fully embodied Master, a Creator and Alchemist of Light.  In this time of chaos and challenge as the old falls away and the new is still to manifest, it is you who are here to hold the energy of the New, to be the New Earth, and to embody the Power and Empowerment of the New Earth Soul.

The Lion’s Gate and the Planetary New Year : A New Cycle of Time and Creation

On the 26th of July, you will enter into the Planetary New Year.  This is the Time celebrated by the Ancient Egyptians and the Mayans, as the moment when the Planet begins a New Spiral of Galactic evolution in alignment with the Great Central Sun and the Divine Cosmic Heart.  It marks the opening of the Lion’s Gate Star Portal, which allows for a powerful influx of Light Codes that will shape the form of experience in the coming year.  These Light Codes will lift you into another level of evolution and experience if you allow this process, but if you are not aligned or you are in a low frequency of anxiety and fear, you will simply continue to create at this same level again.

Beloved Ones, be open to this grand influx of powerful Light and Blessings that is coming to you as this Star Portal begins to open on the 26th  July, and culminates on the 8th of August on the 8/8, and then closes on the 12th of August.  Here is a “window” of Light and Opportunity for each one of you to step up and into a new level and phase of your personal evolution on Earth..

There will be many distractions in the outer world.  Many disasters and conflicts will occur that will ask for your attention and will ask you to align your energy with theirs.  Beloved Ones, it is enough to be aware of what is happening, but to focus your energy and attention rather on your inner processes and on the need to initiate a New Cycle of personal Creation that will express a higher level of your Soul and your Soul Essence on the Earth.

Decide for yourself who you are and what you will create in your life and on the Earth, and then focus on that.  Do not be drawn by the energies of anything that is not in alignment with what you wish to create.

Time Cycles and the New Cycle

Beloved Ones, in your Earth space of the Fifth Dimension in transition, you have experienced two creative cycles of 8 to 9 years, and you are beginning another now.

From 1999 to 2008 you created together as the first wave of awakened souls on Earth, together with the Indigo and Crystal children.  This period included the 9/11 event and the economic collapse of 2008.  Both events were aimed at distracting attention from the creation of the New, and keeping people on Earth focused on the same old creations of fear and lack that allows them to be manipulated and controlled.

Then, from 2008 to the end of 2016, you have been in the second cycle, where there has been a continuation of low frequency fear based “events” that are aimed at keeping humanity at a low frequency and preventing them from progressing to freedom and empowerment.

Beloved Ones, if you are awake and aware, you will see how these events always occur at times when a great shift is possible, so that fear and anxiety will prevent many from shifting as they are trapped in their own fears.  Do not let this happen to you!  Now, as you begin the process for the creation of the 2016/7 to 2026 cycle, focus on Higher Consciousness, Higher Wisdom, and what you desire to create for yourself and for the Earth as you assist in the manifestation process for the New Earth.

The Master that You Are and the Power that Flows through as the Seventh Dimension opens

You have everything that you need within you.  Over the past two cycles of evolution and growth, you have activated the Personal Power and Creativity that you need.  You have activated your Light Body and the 13 Chakra Energy system that you need to allow you to receive and integrate the incoming Light Codes.  You have opened your Hearts to receive the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness with its Love and Compassion at the center of your existence.

Then, you have received the Diamond Codes that allowed you to reconnect with your Galactic heritage, and the Emerald Codes that allowed you to reconnect with Nature and the Green Heart of the Earth.

More recently, you have begun the rewiring of your energy meridians that allows you to reconnect with the powerful flows of creative and intuitive energy of the Right Brain and to balance these and integrate them with the Left Brain’s ability to organize and create narratives.

Beloved Ones, this powerful energy that is flowing into the Planet right now is a torrent of blessings and creative abundance, but unless it is received in balance and integrated into your Light Body system, it has the potential to destabilize your energy field.  This Energy flow must then be received by the Pineal Gland Gateway, and then transmitted by the Right Brain and the Left Brain and then into to the Heart.  From there it must be grounded into the Earth through Manifestation and connection with the Earth Star and the Earth Heart centers.

Those who are not grounding this energy will feel this energy running “wild” in their system, and they will become aggressive, fearful, explosive and angry.  Those who have no connection with their Soul and Higher Self will feel lost, confused, anxious and unable to find their place in the world.

The whole purpose of your evolution in thee last two cycles has been to reconnect Spirit and Body, Heaven and Earth, so that your Body and Soul are One.

It is your Soul that will provide the center of your Being and your Life right now.  You are the Master, your Soul connects to your Heart Center in Love and Peace.  You manifest from Soul and Spirit into Matter, following the laws of Divine Creative Power and Balance.  You create a Garden of Peace and Creativity within your Heart and Soul that manifests around you.

Beloved Ones, do not seek for Peace and Harmony in the outside world, or in others, right now.  You are the ones who are here to demonstrate Mastery and to open the Gateway of the Seventh Dimension.  Those around you in the world are still struggling to understand the Fifth Dimensions, and the Magic of the Sixth Dimension, so they cannot at this moment be in that place of expansion where you stand now ready to move forward.

The Seventh Dimension is the frequency of the Master and is the focus and end point of the Ascension process.  For you, Beloved Ones, it means to be here on the Earth, in the midst of the turmoil and chaos, and to be in that place of Inner Stillness and Peace.

It means to be connected to the powerful Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence and to be able to direct this Flow into Magical Manifestation through Intention and Focus.  It means to live without fear, without expectations and attachments, but simply in the Flow of Love, Creativity and Divine Manifestation.

To live as a “Master” does not mean to be “perfect”.  It means to be who you are as a Soul in a Body, and to express your Soul in alignment with Spirit, in everything that you experience and manifest on Earth.

Beloved Ones, as these Gateways are opening, you are all most welcome to step across the threshold and claim your place in the Higher Dimensions of Light as they open to Earth.  These intense Frequencies of brilliant light and Luminosity will illuminate all that you do at this time.

And, as you do this, you will know and trust that you will always be safe and cared for.  Your Soul will protect you and Spirit will guide you, as you weave and create with the Divine Creative Intelligence as an Embodied Master of Light.

The Magical Gateway Opens

So, Beloved Family of Light, at this powerful New Year and Lion’s Gate, there will also be a powerful opening to the Seventh Dimension of Ascended Mastership available to you if you so desire to move forward in this way.

You will know that you are ready.  You will feel that you have mastered the Fifth Dimension of Oneness and released the hold of Duality and the Shadow on your Life.  You will be ready to embrace the Love, Creativity and Magic of the Sixth Dimension and to flow with the powerful Light Codes and currents without Fear.  You will be ready to balance yourself between Heaven and Earth, and to step forward as a Master of these Energies on Earth.

You will be ready, when the Gateways open, to express your Soul fully on the Material Plane as a New Human of the New Earth.


If you would like to learn more about the Planetary New Year, the Lion’s Gate and the Opening of the Gateway of the Seventh Dimension, you are invited to join Celia Fenn in an online Webinar Course Gateway to a Magical New Beginning : Planetary New Year and the Lion’s Gate 2016 Webinar Series

Please join Celia Fenn and Claudia Pureco  for a Planetary New Year Broadcast on Internet Radio from “Charlotte View” Radio on the 25th of July. The broadcast will include an Activation with Archangel Michael.

You can join at this link :

“Archangel Michael: The Lion’s Gate 2016 and the “Master” Cycle that Commences ~ The Opening of the Seventh Dimension on Earth,” Channeled by Celia Fenn, July 22, 2016, at


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