Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Christine Burk, March 10th

Mornings with 
Archangel Michael
I come to bring you tremendous reassurance. Your fortitude is already legendary.  Now, together, let’s take the next step.  It is time to expand – further, wider, deeper.  It is the moment to swell your Galactically renowned faith and determination.
Up until recently, you have worked in pods (a warm nod to our dolphin family, who also speak in today’s New Earth Times).  For your Life Plan and your Earth Mission, you have held the vision of your inner guidance through extreme conditions, and you have been more successful than you yet comprehend.  What is occurring at this time, is that the projects of many such individuals and groups are merging to reveal the even greater Mission.  While some pods have worked with absolute focus on the RV/GCR or other areas of the financial reformation, others have been immersed in turning around the governmental system, the legal system, and so on.
I tell you this with certainty: each of the individuals who formed the groups of transition have had an overriding similarity in character – you all chose to embody deep faith and unwavering perseverance as you carried out your seemingly impossible assignments.  Remember the intricate journey you yourself have come through, which required again and again that you forge on in the face of a reality that said, “No way – what you are envisioning is impossible.”  Yet, here we are. You are triumphant.  You await only the final curtain call.
Well, your brothers and sisters have been simultaneously doing the same in other areas of global transformation, and they have been similarly successful!  So as you begin to hear of the surprising events and seemingly outlandish results of their endeavors…keep an open mind.  Do not get bogged down in HOW the miracles will now present themselves to you and to the world.  Decide to trust your human brothers and sisters, for they have proven as valiant, as steadfast and as triumphant as you have been!  You shall see!  We shall dance!
We continue to request that you express your experiences and insights to the Galactic Councils, as you are inspired.  We all work together with you as ONE team, and your input is welcomed and respected.  That said, you are not the same as you once were…you now energetically represent the success of your personal and group accomplishments.  Use this hard gained momentum to expand further.
Always always keep close the knowledge – so decreed by God – that this story ends in GLORY.  See all unfolding events through that lens along with inner strength of the matrix-defying accomplishments you and your pod have already brought about!  Cheer the accomplishments of other groups as they now appear in your reality. Every detail has been seen to, every detail, and you are held dearly and cherished in the palm of God.
With the love and devotion of your higher family pouring onto you,
we wrap you up in our arms and hold your progress steady as Earth reveals the long awaited changes.  Relish it.
 I am your Brother.
Archangel Michael 
(Channeled & Transcribed

 through Christine Burk 3/10/16)