Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Deborah Faith, July 16

You Are Now Being Prepared For The Floodgates To Open!

eeHow are you feeling Dear One? Are you beginning to feel the new Spark of Life growing within you? Do you feel a new bubbling energy growing inside of you that springs from the very core of your Beingness? This Sparkling energy is the Joyful energy of your True Self Dear One!

Things can only get better from here on out. Didn’t we say this year was the year of your Transcendence? In this magical year you will be transcending (rising above) your earthly ego bound consciousness and scaling hurdles even higher than before with very little effort on your part. Everything is happening now with ease and grace as you merge deeper with your I AM Presence in this now moment.

There is still some resistance, but do not let this get in your way. Take it in your stride. Notice it, observe it Dear One, but do not give it your energy.

You are becoming stronger and stronger Dear One, as you embody more of your Divine Self. There is no letting up now. The energy you are now capable of holding will only become more powerful as your energy field expands to hold higher frequencies of Light as this year progresses. You are now being prepared for the floodgates to open, so to speak, with the Lions Gate alignment on 8.8 and the Eclipses and Equinox alignments expected in September.

Yes, Dear One, we are beyond excited as we prepare your way Home! You have worked so hard for this and now you are finally beginning to feel and reap the rewards.

Express your Great Love and compassion for those who are currently suffering in the world. Give them your precious Love Dear One. You may wonder how much difference one person can make, but know that your Love is powerful and has a domino effect. What you do for one, you do for another. Love is transforming and healing and is the only pathway to peace. Know that every effort you make to express your Love is magnified one hundred fold by your Higher Selves and the Beings of Light who are guiding and supporting you. Let this be of some comfort to you Dear One. You are not alone. We feel your pain, and we weep with you.

Know that we are close to you, closer than you realise. BE withIN your body (focus your attention INside your Body) so you can feel our Presence as we wrap our arms around you to comfort you. We love you more than words can express.

It is more important now than ever that you make every effort to stay withIN your Spiritual Heart.  This is where you will feel our Love for you. This is where you will feel at peace and experience true comfort and the Unconditional Divine Love that is your birth-right Dear One.

Let us help you feel our Love now. Close your eyes for just a moment and focus your attention withIN your body and on your Spiritual Heart chakra. Breathe deeply Dear One and with each in breath, feel yourself becoming more at peace. Imagine yourself being wrapped now in the soft pink feathery cloak of Divine Love. Feel the warmth and comfort enfolding you, holding you close in the Arms of Divine Love. Know that you can return to this feeling at any time you wish.

We love you and We wish you a most magical day.


Channel: Deborah Faith

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