Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Genoveva Coyle, January 3d, 2018

You have arrived and you are now consciously aware that you have never left home, because it is impossible to be severed from the Source.

Greetings dearest ones ! I am Mi-ka-el, Archangel of love, bringer of the truth, warrior of the peace and light, your brother, family and protector, your constant ally.

I am here to celebrate with thee this day! I am here to encourage you to let go of all the remaining untruths and to all that is holding you back from seeing and feeling that you are already where you have been working so hard to arrive…yes, you have arrived home, at last.

And what that really means is that you are home in that experience of being in unity with all of us and with All That there Is, the Mother/Father/One. But now while you are in physical form, while you are in that seemingly separated and earthly form, you are feeling and perceiving that you are separated but at the same time you are standing and being in the oneness as well.

Dearest hearts, you have arrived and you are now consciously aware that you have never left home because it is impossible to be severed from the Source. You know that you are always one with everyone and with everything regardless of how many veils you placed around you and all others. You desired to undergo separation, you needed to experience the feeling of being isolated and alone because you wanted to better define your wonderful self in this way.

In other words, you felt that you can better find and appreciate who you really are while being away from the Father/ Mother/ One, uncovering yourselves piece by piece and placing little or big parts of yourselves together according to a brilliant divine plan that you designed eons ago.

Being on Earth at this time of tumultuous changes and transformation, having to assist so many with their own self-discoveries, is but another small part of your divine plan, which nevertheless, is a great and extremely important catalyst to your rapid growth and expansion.

You have moments when you focus greatly only on some aspect of your mission; you have times when you feel stuck in your growth, but this might be because you think of your dear selves as small, or at least you tend to compartmentalize your self too much.

You can look into different parts of self and into a variety of connections and relationships you have formed with soul family, and set the intention to flow with the truth, and with that which is being revealed to thee in every moment that is for the highest good of all, even if you cannot make any sense of it. Accept it and love it, and then detach from it without much in the way of expectations, knowing that it will bring you more understanding when the time is right.

It has been said that you do not have to really understand and sit too long with that which you are accomplishing, nor do you have to ponder on it when you feel like moving forward.

Let go of trying to make sense of everything, but only strive to keep on the course of love and light in joy and in peace. You are teachers indeed, but not the kind that has to tell others what to do or how to travel their own journey, for you are the teachers of the heart sharing their experiences and not the “how to” rules and manuals, except when prompted by their higher self offering guidance.

You have chosen to be the teachers that show others how to hold on to their love of self and others while being seemingly separated from the Source, while they are going through their journey with compassion and kindness for their selves and for the entirety creation.

You are all part of the One, and you can all be in unity with each other and at the same time experience life as an individual spark of love with other ones, your family and friends, loving each other as there is no one else out there, as there is no other time than this now.

Congratulations my wonderful brothers and sisters! Well done dear warriors of light and truth!

I will leave you now with my infinite love and eternal gratitude for your courage and fortitude. Farewell.


» Source – Channel: Genoveva Coyle