Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Genoveva Coyle, September 19th, 2017

Trust yourselves and the world around you will be reflecting back that trust!

Greetings my dearest brothers and sisters! I am Mi-ka-el, your beloved family, protector, and companion always for I have made this promise to you and to the Mother a long, long time ago…to be with you and guard you with my light and love until our mission is completed, until the very last and final human soul on Earth is free, whichever way they choose to become so.

And so you see, there is no time that you are not closely watched over and kept safe…you and your entire soul family! I know you have an absolute trust in me and in all the legions of light that are out there with thee, in the deepness and in the lowest of the density to assist and keep you company and to attempt to make this journey fun and playful – as it should be.

The questions is, “ How much do you trust yourselves?” You are extremely hard on yourselves for not doing this or that, for not going through this lifetime the way you might have expected, especially when you compare yourselves with the ones that seem to have a smoother and less eventful

Dearest hearts, you just don’t know the entire picture and the complexity of the Divine Plan, but this is exactly as it should be! When you judge yourselves harshly for not measuring up to whatever you might believe was set for you to accomplish and achieve, then you are hurting yourselves unnecessarily and the unfoldment of your missions slows down.

Be at peace beloveds, for I am here to reassure you that you are on track, that you are exactly where you were meant to be at this time.

Trust yourselves and the world around you will be reflecting back your trust and confident demeanor. Keep your heart wide open and use the knowing and the wisdom that comes from within to access and briefly analyze whatever comes into your awareness.

There are situations that arise on your path, there are people that are coming to you and challenge you greatly. But, do understand that you have every single piece of information that you need, and the tools to see the truth and the solutions to the challenge, and then to swiftly move through it and advance on your path.

Each and every one of you, my brave warriors, are here to work on dismantling the programing and the very foundation of the old and suppressive third dimension that was heavily manipulated and misused in hurting and enslaving humanity for so long. And so, when I say to thee that you are advancing and moving forward on your path, it really means that you are being entrusted and given the Blue Flame of Divine Will and Power to go lower and wider into the density where the light was almost forgotten, for there are many that need that loving hand and help.

Trust your knowing and your intuition to guide you through these unexpected rescuing missions. Use your internal guidance and the Blue Flame of Truth, the Silver, and the Golden, it matters not, but do not doubt for one split second that you are being misdirected or off your path. It is your deepest desire to serve and the intent to be love at all times that is taking you wherever you need to be and at the same time it keeps you safe, regardless of what your ego might say to thee.

You do understand that your ego is always teaching and showing you where you are still in fear and what else needs to be let go of, released and transmuted, and so be grateful and gladly welcome his/her input.

Endeavor to lighten up and realize that there is no enemy out there, but only misunderstanding, lack of awareness and misperception of the tough and unconventional teachers that you have chosen. Have more fun, play, laugh and dream big while seeing this current journey on Planet Earth as the most exciting and fulfilling lifetime of all, for indeed it is, and you would not want to miss the ride.

You are loved and cherished more than you will ever imagine.



» Source – Channel: Genoveva Coyle