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Archangel Michael via James McConnell, February 18th, 2018

Archangel Michael


I AM Archangel Michael.

I AM pleased to be here with you at this time, in this moment, in this flux that is occurring within many of you. Many of you are feeling the energies moving through you. Many of you are feeling the energies all around you.

And all of you are beginning to realize that the time is near, the time is now. For we are all in this together. We came here together and we will leave here together.

That is not to say that you will all leave here, this planet, and go back home because you will have a choice. There is always freedom of choice. This is a free-will zone. You will always have a choice as to where you will find yourself. Whether it is continuing on here with this planet or moving up into ships going back to your various homes, what you would call your home, seeing many long-lost friends, relatives.

For many thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago as measured by this sense of time, but as you know you are moving out of this sense of time. You are moving into a sense of ‘no time’. And many of you are finding that seemingly time is speeding up and in your understanding it is. It is both speeding up and slowing down at the same time. You are all here, now, in this moment, in these moments to do what you came here to do.

Many of you find yourselves, all of you find yourselves now in this group. You are not here by happenstance, by accident. As you have learned now there are no accidents. Everything is being orchestrated. And you are here in this group to train, to learn, to begin to move about your mission. All that you came here to do you are now here to accomplish. The time is now. You are in the moment, the moments before the revealings become more and more to all of you.

To those that have eyes to see and ears to hear you have already been seeing and hearing. But for many out there that do not yet have those eyes and ears even they are beginning to get an inkling. Just a whisper coming in to them telling them that not all is as it appears to be and they are beginning to awaken. Consciousness is awakening across the planet. And as consciousness continues to awaken, the old paradigm, the old three-dimensional illusion that you have been a part of for so long is crumbling all around you.

And it must crumble. It must come down to be replaced by the new, the new understanding, the new love, the new consciousness, and the re-awakening of all that is to be, always was, and is now.

As I say, you are in the moments prior to this great awakening. When we say moments you might say weeks and months. But it is yet a relatively short time, as you measure time, for all is about to be revealed in many ways and coming from many different directions. For those of you that have been training and working within this group, have been working on yourselves, now is coming the time where you will begin to help to work with others, to help awaken others as you can as they are ready. And many, many more will continue to awaken and be ready just as you awakened some time ago. Just as the alarm clock went off for you, so too will it go off for many more. And as they begin to come into their own, begin to remember, they will reach out to you just as you reached out to us. Because all is a process of symbiosis. And as we say many times, all is being orchestrated and you, all of you, are a vital part of that orchestration. The full orchestration, the full concert cannot be as beautiful as it can be without the music generated by each one of you. Not one of you can be separated from this. Always know that. You are all vital parts to the whole.

I AM Archangel Michael. There is much more yet to come in the times ahead, in the times leading up to that next Advance (formerly called retreats) of yours. For we will be very much a part of the expression that occurs at that time. And much that does occur at that time will depend on everything that happens prior to it.

All of my peace and love be with all of you. I AM Archangel Michael and my Blue Sword of Truth is set upon all of you now as the Truth continues to come forth.


Channeled by James McConnell

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