Love is our new reality

Archangel Michael via Kerstin Eriksson, July 24th, 2022

Archangel Michael Trust me!

My dear friend I am Michael and I love you.

I need to talk about something important today!

It has to do with trust.

And what about trust you might think?

Well, down into the most important core of love and of what truly matters, I need to say:

Please listen to me! Your boat has been rocked very much the latest time and you have almost gotten used to the rocking. You have actually almost forgotten about me!

You have been used to caos. And not love.

Love is what matters, always. But the caos and turbulence have created a crack between us.

And, you can only grow stronger in this situation.

Yes I mean it! You will grow stronger roots and your stem will grow higer up into the air, and your branches and leaves will flourishe.

Just you wait and see!

You have been thourogly shaken as a means for you to let go of your faith in love.

It is the strategy of the bad guys.

They need you to forget who you are.

They need you to forget about love and compassion.

They need you to be lost, and seeking again.

But we are already anchored together I promise you!

I love you very much and I know that sooner than you ever can believe you will be right on track again, where you truly belong.

You belong to love always, and the energy of love awaits you.

Actually you are made of love. But your memory have a temporary glitch, becaus of all the rocking…!

You see, love is forever, and the fear that the bad guys are spreading constantly, it is only temporary.

Just please dear friend have faith in love!

I love you