Love is our new reality

Archangel Michael via Kerstin Eriksson, June 11th, 2022

Saturday, 11 June 2022

Archangel Michael: I love you!

I am Michael and I serve God. And I am old very old, I am the elder Michael.

At every sunrise I say a prayer for your world, Gaia because I love her so much.

I also pray for you because I know everyone of you.

But many of you do not think I do.

How could I possibly know everyone?

That must be impossible, you think?

Well, no, it IS POSSIBLE!

I really know all of you!

And how can that even be?

I know you because, I have always known you.

You are a soul foremost, then a human being.

You as a soul, have lived on earth a number of times, in different shapes, bodies, “costumes”.

Your body is the home for your soul, it is your temple.

I see your soul, and know it from a very long time ago.

Yes there are many souls, but you as a soul are connected to a tree, as sort of a tree, a soul-tree.

This particular tree is your soul-group, and there are seven different soul-groups on Earth. Seven trees, or rather branches of a gigant tree.

Your soul belongs to one of these branches, and when you meet a person from the same branch you feel a soul recognition.

And when you meet a person from another branch the interesting thing starts. This is when you can develop.

You come to earth to develop, your soul. Earth is a school. Or more like an university. You wanted to be born on Earth, to give your soul an extension of knowledge.

But at the birth moment you forgot all about it.

And why is this?

Why forget it all? Well that is the thing with it!

It is not easy. There is no book to read about it? You are actually here to learn about the most important thing of all.

And what is that?

It is not technology, it is not about money, or fame. It does not matter how you look. It does not matter if you can´t do your matematics.

God says to you all:

Love is the only energy that is FOREVER.

Love is the subject for you to study, very carefully.

When you are born into this world and you do not know anything, love matters though very much.

To be greated into this world by loving and caring parents is a blessing.

Always nurture love, always say thanks to all your food, all your beverages.

Always love your footsteps, love every breath.

Technology makes you love speed, driving a car, or plane or a rocket out in space, but what are you really searching for?

Your heart is always with you. You do not have to search for it or drive fast to reach to it.

I wish you, dear human, to be just as eager to discover love, just as much as you search for the newest gadget.

There are so many things you have not yet discovered because of your lack of interest in love.

So I say and my name is….well does it matter?

Love yourself, be grateful to every little stone on the beach, to every leaf on the tree.

Because you are a beautiful soul, a part of the Great SoulTree, and you belong to ONE family.

I call the tree Yggdrasil, the tree of souls.  And together you make the most increadible light and colors.

Just believe in love, believe in yourself. Your heart is the connection to me God.

Your heart is the phone. Your faith is the number, so dial me now and I will be in touch with you, in an blink of an eye.

I love you very much and I await your call,