Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Kerstin, January 4th, 2019

Archangel Michael; Multitude and latitude 2019.

4 January 2019 Channeling with archangel Michael, Multitude and latitude 2019, through Kerstin Eriksson,

I am archangel Michael, and I love you just as you are!
I visit you and your planet so much I think I live here!
I am always where you are!
Your planet is my home, and your heart is my landing spot!
We share hearts, we are one in the essence of the hearts love.
I am a navigator, I steer wherever I need to go and I see you and I feel you!
Most of all I feel you!
Now you have entered a completely new year!
And what about this year that you call 2019!
This is a special year! And of course all years are special, and yet this year has a certain heartbeat!
This year is a hub, a middle in a propeller. This year has the specific energy of being a transfer into whatever you choose. Use this year well! Many doors exists in this year, as you can look upon this year as a round room, with doors all around the rounded wall.
So this year presents to you many opportunities!
What door speaks to you? What door are you attracted to?
What door would you like to open?
How can you make a choice?
Well you have walked through many portals in the past years, and I think you feel now that you are ready for something new!
You have cleared your space very well!
You have altered whatever needed to be altered, for you to continue to grow with your gifts!
And now this year presents itself as a giver of opportunities.
As I also mentioned – the doors, to be able to feel the doors, see them, and also choose one to open, if you so desire, I can recommend that you follow your hearts direction, what you desire in your heart!
You might have to ask yourself these questions;
What is making your heart warm with compassion, love and creativity?!
What makes you happy?!
What do you dream about?!
The door or doors that is all about you and your hearts passion, those are the doors
that you should open!
You can also choose to stay in the hub, in the middle and just take your time!
There is no hurry, just doors, opportunities, and if you need more time to just be, it is okay!
Whatever is you and your hearts true goal, will always re-create itself for you, over and over again, but in different shapes, so you will not really loose anything.
The doors are to be opened in the sense of joy and love
and you must know that you can trust love always!
Having faith in love is the very key to doors.
There is no pressure to do anything if it does not feel right to you.
Just relax and enjoy whatever you do!
In the core of your heart there is a receiver and transmitter that has its own intelligence and your specific love goal, is always there waiting for you, you cant loose it!
So I just wanted to say
I am Michael
I am all around
and I love you!