Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Leslie-Ann Menzies, September 25th, 2017

Dear Ones,

Once again it is time to take a lesson from Mother Nature, and in particular the TREES.

See yourself as a magnificent Tree, sending your roots down firmly into Mother Earth, feel the stability. Now bring that stability up through your whole body, then out through the Crown Chakra, aligning with the stability at the centre of the Galactic Core. Stability from above and below. Truly anchored. Again as that Tree, allow yourself the flexibility to bend and move, with whatever is flowing in and around you. You need to maintain equilibrium right now and grounding is ESSENTIAL. Your whole Be-ing will thank you with this one little exercise.

Nature can teach so much. It is time to fully re-member your connection to ALL of nature and the sensory clues provided. Talk to the trees, flowers, birds, insects – ALL have a message for you. It is truly time to “take the time” to listen with the senses you have for eons shut down, when you chose to become separate from the ALL.

Now you are re-membering your connection once again to the ‘ALL THAT IS.’


You and the tiniest of insects are ONE. Re-membering this will have a mighty impact on how you proceed from this moment forward.

When you fully embrace your ONENESS – One with ALL – magical shifts of perception will happen within and around you, affecting not only YOU, but the ALL.

Dear Ones, you are beginning to re-member so much of what was, and are now calling it back into your awareness and your moving around space.

Miraculous shifts and changes are happening all over Planet Earth, as you and the Mother make this magnificent transition into the New Mode of Be-ing.

Humanity is waking up and taking personal responsibility for what is happening and no longer relying on main-stream anything to tell them how their life need be.

With this personal responsibility comes great gifts – freedom, wisdom, choice, amongst others. Taking back your sovereignty – re-membering who you are and why you came allows greater opportunity to embrace the life of your dreams.

As Co-Creators you are once again trusting your ability to “Ask” or set your Intention and it shall be received.

So many innate abilities re-surfacing that you had in fact “hidden from yourselves.” Now as your consciousness is re-awakening and you are re-membering, great changes will flow forth onto the Planet.

Re-membering you are ALL ONE is the catalyst for no more wars/fighting. Also the Abundance will flow and be shared by ALL. New or re-membered techniques will allow for magnificent healing to be achieved by all Be-ing’s.


Because of YOU

++PEACE will reign on Earth for ALL

++ABUNDANCE will pour forth for ALL

++PERFECT HEALTH and WELL BEING will be manifested for ALL

Intention is everything Dear Ones – YOU are the Creators of this New Earth.

Hold these intentions, envision the Earth, where these are the greatest possibilities and more.


Dear Ones, you have all strived for this reunification and realignment of the ALL. It is now time to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Hold each other hands and hearts – anchor these affirmation of PEACE, ABUNDANCE, PERFECT HEALTH into the Earth as you do your daily “Tree exercise” and watch as all
Be-ing’s flourish in the abundant, glorious LIGHT that now permeates the Earth.




» Source – Channel: Lezlie Anne Menzies