Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Leslie-Anne Menzies, August 29th, 2017

Dear Ones,

What a powerful Astrological time has been experienced by all. So many shifts and changes have occurred, some felt most profoundly, others more subtly. Change did indeed occur on so many levels of your being-ness. Timelines split and flowed and continue to do so.

From the Heart of Consciousness of Source Energy, there is a “seeping” into your Individual Consciousness. In our previous message to you, we spoke of God’s Infinite Abundance, Eternal Peace and Well-Being for ALL HUMANITY.

This TRIAD has been “seeded” into the Collective Consciousness which allows YOU to choose these Patterns of Perfection to flow into your awareness, and through your Intentions to flow forth into the world of

As more Souls bring this awareness into their consciousness, it allows the Intention to be made Manifest in the ALL THAT IS.

You, Dear Ones, are being the LIGHT, you are the Co-Creators of the New Earth with each step you take, but more importantly with each THOUGHT you send out into form.

Your ‘THOUGHTS’ truly do create the reality around you. You are now so much more aware of how you are creating. New opportunities are also being seeded into your thought processes via your Higher Heart/Higher Soul. Your Heart has infinite capabilities.

In the past we have guided you to “place your hand on your heart” and ask the question and in that still, peaceful moment allow all to flow into your awareness.

Dear Ones for eons of time you have looked for answers from outside of self – you have given your power away to those you believed had greater knowledge and wisdom than you. May we remind you – you are the POWER AND AUTHORITY in your life and this has never been more true than this NOW moment.

Dear Ones, go quiet, hand on heart, ask the question to which you require answers. Your Internal Guidance System until now has been mainly dormant as you have been taught to trust other’s judgement, you were “told” everyone knew more than you. Your Internal Guidance System is just that: Your Individualised Operating Manual for YOU. The Unique YOU, like no other!!!

Time to fully TRUST your Inner Wisdom to just KNOW the best most perfect outcome for you. Each of YOU are a Unique Individual – you only need look at your fingerprints as an example – Only YOU have that set of patterns, swirls, sacred geometry. You are an Individualised Creation of the Creator – NO OTHER IS LIKE YOU.!!

Is that not an amazing awareness Dear Hearts. You are irreplaceable in Creation.

Dear Ones, honour your uniqueness, the Individual Creation that is YOU – that alone assures you – your unique Being-ness is required at this time to bring God’s Infinite Plan into fruition – it cannot be completed without you and your piece of magic you chose to bring to this time and

Stand tall Dear Hearts in your belief of WHO YOU ARE, WHY YOU ARE HERE. There is nothing “random” in God’s Infinite Perfection.

As always we stand tall beside you, honouring your decision to walk this path of GLORY, to wholeness.

Dear Ones, it has been a long arduous path BUT you have now reached a delineation point in your EVOLUTION and one we are proud to share.

Stand tall, shine on, let your Light be added to the Intention that seeds ALL HUMANITY, with  –


Make this a daily Mantra and watch as you manifest into reality that which you ARE.


Blessed Be, Eternal Beings of Love and Light



» Source – Channel: Leslie-Anne Menzies