Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Leslie-Anne Menzies, May 29th, 2017

Dear Ones,

Once again you gather to assist with the Healing of Planet Earth and of course yourselves. So much is being accomplished all over the Planet as you join with so many like minded souls, congregating in many corners of the Globe.

The ripples of LOVE AND LIGHT reverberate all over the Cosmos as you recognise the Divinity within each other and self.

Truly magical to witness Dear Ones. As you are aware, we are your Loving Support Team always ready to embrace your ideals and your willingness to “Step Up” and take back your Power, once so freely given over to others.

Dear Ones, the changes you are collectively initiating on the Planet flow out and each act of kindness is returned 1,000 fold. Each heart that opens to the Oneness of ALL THAT IS becomes an open channel for ALL to radiate to.

Dear Ones, you witness so many “dark” situations occurring but we tell you there is so much more LIGHT and goodness on the Planet. Focus on that, and watch how it is returned 1,000 fold also.

Start where you are – focus forgiveness on ALL you believe to be at “fault” – be it family, friends, partners, children etc. Whom ever you “judge” to be the reason for your unhappiness, wrong doing, etc.

Extend the hand of forgiveness. You do not even need to do this face to face. Your Thoughts flow with Intention.

Focus on a person or situation in your life that is causing you angst at this moment. Send that person LOVE/LIGHT with the Highest Intention and believing in the outcome.

Every time you “think” of this person/situation CHOOSE to send LOVE/LIGHT. This may take a few times to make the “shift” in your thinking and belief – it is truly worth the effort, if not for the person/situation , if only for you, who desire PEACE in your life.

Dear Ones, we remind you – YOU ARE ALL ONE – what affects one affects all!!!

Choose your thoughts and you change your situation. Imagine this person/situation and offer the compassion you would a small child who is in incredible pain – for that is what is crying out on your Planet Dear Ones. Pain is speaking very loudly and WILL BE HEARD and acknowledged UNTIL is is resolved – thats where FORGIVENESS is the remedy Dear Hearts.

Forgive others as you wished to be forgiven. Love others as you wish to be loved.

Dear Ones, the changing times are challenging for ALL – you can make a difference and it depends on your “thoughts” and your “actions.” Change your thought regarding a person/situation and ALL will change.


You can take this Quantum leap Dear Hearts, in fact you will see amazing benefits for all human kind when you do – and isn’t that after-all, what you are asking for?


And it starts with YOU.

What can YOU do today to change the WORLD?  Change how you view it, through forgiveness and watch how easily Peace returns to your beautiful Globe.

And so it is.

Channel: Leslie-Anne Menzies