Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Leslie-Anne Menzies, October 31st, 2017

Dear Ones,

As you witness all the amazing, challenging changes taking place on your Planet -Congratulate yourselves. YOU are the ENERGETIC connections responsible for all that is unfolding.

Through your awareness, as you wake up from the Illusion, you are no longer giving your consent/energy to what has been your programming of old.

Through your awareness and sharing of information, the WORLD is awakening so rapidly now. TRUTHS are pouring out and all that has been “hidden” or “stolen” from you is being returned.

There are so many hidden technologies which will soon become part of your everyday living that will make your lives so much easier. They are being freed up to allow healing, energy and power solutions and your world is about to be flooded with these amazing technologies once again, this will change the Earth in miraculous ways.

Now that you are awakening and no longer blindly handing over your power to anyone – change is happening RAPIDLY.

There was a time you could be controlled and manipulated therefore giving “consent.” You are now withdrawing your “consent/energy” and the POWER is being returned to YOU.

Well done Beings of Light.

The quotient of LIGHT has tipped the scales and shines so brightly now that the darkness has no where to hide.

So many more TRUTHS are about to flow out and we ask you to assist those newly awakening as it is a time for massive change and for those who are still coming out of the Illusion it will be challenging to adjust. Adjust they will, with your loving support and understanding.

Care for each other and hold hands as this is a time like no other.

Dear Ones, time to acknowledge the Oneness of ALL – treat each other with dignity and LOVE as times like these have NEVER been experienced before.

New territory for each of you.

Be the LOVE you came to be.

This is the chosen times, you are the chosen ones – wait no longer.

Dear Hearts,

Choose to move forward into this New Reality. Allow all that is unfolding to flow – do not engage in the old energies of anger/rage/frustration/ resentment etc – these feelings will flow from the newly awakened to be released NEVER to return to the causal body again. Time for freedom, cleansing, clearing, rejuvenating.

This is why some had to lead the way, to have the understanding that you have, so you were available at this time, having done the “work” to assist those just awakening.

There is no turning back now Dear Ones, all TRUTHS will flood out and will be shocking for many.

Much of what is being disclosed now is being “gently” rolled out to soften the impact for those just awakening but much will be quite harsh and you are needed to hold the space of LOVE.

You my Dear Hearts are the key.

Your energy and enthusiasm is helping to change the Earth and All Humanity.

Because of the LOVE YOU ARE – the changes are happening rapidly and progress is being made in so many areas of concern.

Because your energy is behind these changes all good shall be awakened.

Dear Ones,

Your THOUGHTS, your ACTIONS are now giving CONSENT to


And so it is.

You, Dear Creator Gods are the change you want for your New Earth and that is what you are giving your energy/consent to.

Miraculous times Dear Ones.



» Source – Channel: Leslie-Anne Menzies