Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Leslie-Anne Menzies, September 4th, 2017

Greetings Dear Ones,

Truly a time of New Beginnings:

The journey to wholeness awaits all. So much more is now back in your control and you can feel that! You are powerful beyond measure, and you are beginning to grasp that concept immensely each day. You are “feeling” more Powerful and Purposeful and you are now ready to step up into yet another level of your Evolution.

Decidedly more support is felt by you as we are radiating greater quotients of Light and Love to you. You then magnetise that into your Being, absorbing it into your cells and then radiating it out to others. A Joy to witness.

The quotient of Love and Light that now permeates your Planet expands exponentially. It is palpable. This radiation will continue until it vibrates within every particle of matter.

Dear Ones, your vibration continues to absorb this Love/Light from Creation and you are indeed “Lightening up” in every sense of the word.

Your old ways, old fears are being absorbed by the Light and transmuted back into LOVE.

You truly are LOVE BEINGS – shining your Light for all to see and radiate outward.

Dear Ones your radiation of the Vibration of the TRIAD we have spoken of, has been witnessed:


Dear Ones, we have informed you, that what goes out as a “Sound Vibration” is heard and responded to as it creates.

YOU are the Creators of your life, and because of YOU this is being anchored in your life and therefore bringing the changes necessary for your New Earth. The understanding of the LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE are very much apart of your reality.

You are anchoring your Power and Will and will no longer give it away to anyone from this day forward. You are regaining your Sovereignty as a true Being of Light and Love.

Dear Ones, you have always been powerful – you experienced amnesia for a time, but now your memories are returning and the knowledge of who you truly are is once again available to you.

We witness you “glowing” with the Light that you radiate inward and outward. You are learning to use the Light required for your own Being and then sending out the residue to those just awakening.

Remarkable things are happening in and around you as you see the mighty changes that are unfolding on your Planet. Staying out of fear is Key – Stay in the Light – keep shining that Light anywhere darkness still has a hold and watch as it dissipates.

Time to focus your Light and attention on the healing of your own Divine bodies and the New Earth that is unfolding before you. Your Star Sisters and Brothers are working with the Healing Chambers to assist your return to perfect Health and Well-Being. Call on them in your nightly

Even though these tumultuous changes are affecting your Planet – the Love that brings together ALL SOULS who are called to shine, has an incredible force that cannot be denied.

Through such times as these what truly matters is the LOVE YOU ARE and the LOVE YOU SHOW – everything else is replaceable – you are witnessing that!

Great Love is being expressed as never before on your Planet. Stand strong in the knowledge that LOVE HAS WON and you as the Masters of the New Earth are about to witness the greatest evolution of all time.

Such are these times:

Celebrating the LOVE YOU ARE.

And so it is.


» Source – Channel: Leslie-Anne Menzies