Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon, August 17th, 2017

Divine Mother

Archangel Michael

Divine Mother and Archangel Michael

An Hour with an Angel, August 17, 2017

Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow, Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Good evening, everyone and welcome to An Hour With An Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, Editor-in-Chief of the Golden Age of Gaia and with me is Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, and Linda, you have some interesting and exciting events coming up. First of all, a new course in the Core Issues Program.

LD: Yes, the new Core Issues webinar series, which will be from October 14 to December 3. We will be starting on October 14. And, you know, it’s interesting because this wasn’t a class that I necessarily sought (emphasis on mental body…), that I thought I necessarily would be doing again. But I had been strongly encouraged (which is “you gotta do it!”) by both the Council and by many of our listeners and clients.

So I think that there is still, individually and collectively, some residue of those deep-seated core issues from this life – and maybe from other lives; you know we tend to work in patterns. This certainly has proven to be an intense course. I forget how Archangel Gabrielle described it to me the other day. She said it is like getting a root canal at the dentist and getting a full Hollywood makeover at the same time. And I think that about sums it up.

You know we dig really deep. It’s a very supportive environment. I tend to basically do nothing else when I am working on this class, because of the level of intensity that we are working with. It’s a small group. It is limited seating. So, that’s coming up.

And then, well, exciting news for yours truly is I have been guided to go on a Vision Quest. And I haven’t been on this kind of adventure – or roller coaster, should I say – in years, literally years. I am going, we are going to England and Scotland. I think it’s threefold thus far, as far as I know. And it’s unfolding every day with the Council talking to me about “go here, go there, do this, do that.”

And we are going to work with the Cities of Light, which are plentiful, actually, in Great Britain. We are going to talk to the standing stones. In fact I am lucky enough that I will be inside the circle at Stonehenge on the Solstice. Which is really exciting. I think there is a limit like maybe 17 people are allowed to do that. And we are going to heal the wounds of war. So, it’s shaping up as a really, really intense but exciting…and a great holiday! Let’s face it! And so I will be gone for all of September.

SB: Ok. Today, I understand that the Divine Mother would like to speak to us initially, before Archangel Michael joins us.

LD: Yes, we have a full house today.

Actually, everybody’s here. This room is really packed. I’ll just go quiet for a moment.

SB: Yes, make your transition.

Divine Mother: Greetings, I am Mary.

SB: Greetings, Mother.

DM: Welcome. I am Universal Mother, known by many names. But always Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Continuity, Mother of Love. And I come here this day…well, for several reasons and of course they all relate to love.

You know, beloveds – my sons and daughters, my angels and archangels, my hybrids, my pillars, my gatekeepers, my wayshowers – there are times not only that you yearn to speak and feel and hear my voice. There are also times – yes in my infinite, eternal space – where I wish to speak and hear your hearts, your lives, to feel your love.

You’re patterned on me. You are my breath. You are my blue diamond. You are of the family and you are the family. Why would I not wish and dream to speak and to be with you? And, yes, I wish to say that the channel is dreaming with me and that is what this dream quest is truly about.

That is not what I have come to talk about. It has simply been an indicator of where you are going. And, yes, she has been our pathfinder, our wayshower, but so are each of you. And, yes, you have been filled with valor, filled with consistency and constancy and persistence and fortitude and patience and impatience. And, of course, the list goes on.

Some of you, sweet angels, think and feel that you are tired and that you have worked long and hard. Now I, of course, do not deny this and in fact I praise you, I commend you, I embrace you. But let me also be clear, the gift of your journey is not merely that you are my servants and servants of the Light. Not only that you have endured, but that you know. And yes, it is time when it is a walk of trust, of faith, of hope. But basically, sweet ones, youknow.

You are on a journey of fulfillment. And you are on a journey back to me, back to the One. And this deep knowing configures – not merely influences – but configures your life, as we – and I speak for the entire Council of Love – as we proceed in the fulfillment of the Plan.

My Plan? Yes, of course. There is but one Plan. But it is also your plan. And it is the plan of your star family and far beyond. There are millions of plans. Is it a job for a coordinator such as Gabrielle? Most certainly! But all is in correct, perfect Divine Unfoldment.

Hard. When I speak to those of you who feel uncertain or perhaps slightly adrift, thinking that I have forgotten you – and I have not. That is not a potential. But hard. Hard is being a soldier on the front line of combat, of conflict, and not knowing truly the reasons why you are there and being shot at or having your legs blown off or of shooting a faceless enemy that you have no gripe against. Hard is being a mother holding a starving child in your arms and seeing them take their last breath. Hard is being a young woman undergoing genital mutilation. These things are hard because they are also not understood!

Yes, sometimes there is surrender, thinking that this must be God’s Plan. But there is not the knowing factor. You, sweet angels, know. Now there is a tendency in most of my implementation team – what you think of as lightworkers, loveholders – to be a little obsessive, compulsive – and that is a good thing – that is the way you are designed because you are always surging ahead. You are the first and second and third and final waves. And so, of course, you know. And you want to know more. And if you take a moment, you do know.

I and this Council have given you literally thousands of gifts. We do not in any way object or feel ignored that you simply pick up a few. But that is my request today, this day. Pick up a few. Never has there been a more critical, important time in your time and ours– in my infinite time. Never has there been a more important juncture to truly adhere to, practice, to embrace the Universal Laws, the rule of humankind that you are governed with – and it does not matter whether it is in Somalia or Venezuela or Canada or Russia. The rules of man based on the false paradigms are evaporating. And they need to. That is part of My Plan.

In that, you feel this chaos, this disturbance literally in the field. And you feel that because the rules of engagement, as you have thought…the rules of engagement of being human, of operating in what you have come to think of as the third dimension, and the old third dimension, don’t apply. And so, so many are adrift and feeling that this is hard. When what they don’t know is that their reference points, their touchstones, the way they believed things worked, no longer hold. So they are frustrated and angry and reactive.

You are seeing this everywhere. People are in a reactive phase and not merely what you have thought of as leadership – which has truly been authoritarian, whether it is diplomatic, whether it is democratic or authoritarian rule. It has been abuse of authority and lack of clarity and most certainly lack of love. And so, billions are adrift. But at the same time, billions are seeking the alternative because what they are yearning for is peace and harmony and love. And not only the up close and personal love – I am not speaking merely of romantic love or familial love – they are seeking the love in their world, in their societies, in their communities.

And how do they find this? Especially – and many of you know exactly what I am saying – when you are feeling adrift. You find it, beloveds, in each other. Your journey, all of your journeys, are journeys in action. Repeatedly I have said to thee, “In human form, how love is known is by expression and experience.” And the multitudes are crying out for this. They do not find it in their existing institutions of every kind. They find it from you.

Yes, of course, we send our calm and comfort. But this is essential. In this, I come this day to say that I am increasing the frequency of my Tsunami of Love. Yes, it has been intense. But this is a period of fulfillment. And, sweet angels of light, fulfillment is intense! Your hearts, your love, your ecstasy, your minds, your physical bodies. You feel – because you are sensitives – that you in many ways are exploding. Do not try. Do not even think or consider tamping it down. [Steve: My emphasis.]

But you say to me, “Mother, when this is in occurrence I am having difficulty putting two words together.” And, dearest Steve, you are an example that it is critical for those who have been the slightest bit resistant.

Now you say to me, “Mother, is this an override of our free will?” And what I say to you – what I declare this day – is that it is an activation of the fullness of your free will. All of us, particularly Mi-ka-el, have spoken to you about the meaning of Divine Authority – I have as well – about the assumption of the mantle of Divine Authority, and moving from that assumption into action.

Action entails the deepest, highest, most profound expression and experience of free will. Not in the old paradigm of overriding ugliness so that you can be supreme commander. No! That is not what I mean. Because in My Plan, every free will is a thread in my infinite tapestry. They’re not conflicting – they are essential – that interlocking, interweaving of the beauty of existence.

Sweet Gaia and all of us have witnessed – and yes, observed and tolerated – many scenic detours. And we have said to thee, the time of scenic detour is over. What one uses scenic detours for relates to denial. “I am not sure of myself. I am not sure of my position in the Universe. I am not sure of the Mother’s Plan. I deny my power. I deny that the Mother’s Breath is my breath. I deny that I have the power to change this entire planet. And, I am afraid. So I will go on a scenic detour so that I don’t have to embody the truth of who I am.”

In that journey, collectively and individually, of denial, you are not only denouncing your infinite eternal self; you are denying me. Now this has been allowed for a long, long time. And I am patient. But there are times, sweet ones, not just for me – this is not about placing a crown of roses on my head and certainly no more crowns of thorns – this is about you, each of you, accepting the delight and beauty and power of who you are and in harmony finding where your thread entwines with another.

And going forth – not simply entwining one thread and saying, “Oh good. I did it. I am clear with the Mother.” No. The issue is, beloved, are you clear with yourself? Do you truly think that you are only capable of entwining or sewing one thread, one stitch? Now in the bigger picture, your entire life, your entire existence is but one stitch. But it is massive – far bigger than you imagine.

Now my beloved Mi-ka-el would speak of this issue of war and this issue of peace. I preface him by saying this to you, “Why? Why would you ever believe or conceive that you are not the key to peace? That you are not fully capable in the conjoining with others of like mind and like heart to bring peace on this beautiful planet of mine and of yours? You meditate, yes. You declare, yes. You invoke Universal Law, which is perfect.

But at the same time there is a fiction, and I want this to end. And that is why I intensify my Tsunami. This fiction is “I will hold this vision of peace. I will do what I can. But the truth of the matter is that the power lies in those in authority.” Well, it does not.

They may have that illusion. But, sweet angels of light, you are far, far beyond that illusion. That very belief is a scenic detour. And I plead with you – it is time – stop it. I am not suggesting in any way that you will pick up a gun or a sword or a stick and rattle your saber at others. That is not the way of peace. And it most certainly is not the way of My Plan. Peace begins and ends with you and with your heart, with your breath and with my Tsunami.

I have come this night to encourage you and to remind you – not only of my strength – but of yours. You are in the final thrust. Do not allow yourself those scenic detours. Now note, I did not say to you, do not be disheartened. I did not say to you to deny your feelings. What I say to thee is let go of those feelings; process and move forward. It is time. Go with my love.

SB: Mother, wait a minute. Do not depart please, just yet.

DM: All right.

SB: May I please ask you a question?

DM: Yes.

SB: Have you described a heart opening and, if you have described a heart opening, is that what’s in store for us during this time of the Emerald Gateway – specifically the solar eclipse?

DM: You have it backwards, son.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Please correct me.

DM: You all love your signs and you pray and you beg and you plead for signs. And you are most certainly being given tangible signs. Now let me suggest to you, as your Mother, that the solar eclipse, all of these gateways – which I am very fond of, by the way – are reflections. A solar eclipse does not create a heart opening. It is a symbol of the heart opening. So the heart opening is already underway.

So many think of this time of summer as a quiet, lazy, “breathe in, breathe out” time. And you are correct, and because you are doing that we can effect greater change more rapidly. We can ignite not only your heart opening, but your free will – the truth of your free will – which most of you are only exercising in a very small percentage. And those who are creating mayhem, they are not in alignment with Divine Free Will. They are simply nurturing their own petty interests. I speak frankly because it is a time for truth speaking.

So is there a massive heart opening occurring on this planet? And can you point, as you have for millions of years, to the moon and the stars and say, “Now this is a sign”? I say, yes!

SB: But Mother, you use the word exploding. That is why I am commenting. Because, of course, the heart opening that I had March 2015, was explosive. And so…

DM: It is explosive. It is implosive.

SB: Yes. Should I be writing on what to expect? That your heart could feel like it is exploding.

DM: Yes.

SB: Yes. Ok, thank you.

DM: Now let me tell you…you have asked me to remain and so I will say more! (Laughter)

SB: Oh please. And we will give Michael some time too.

DM: That is why I have begun by saying you may feel physically – because this is a physical embodiment ascension – you may feel as if you are exploding. You may wonder, “Should I call 911?” Now if you feel this, then go ahead and do so because it will reassure you that what I say to you – it is going to feel, and some of you are already feeling this – that you can’t contain it. That your very skin is imploding and exploding and that your heart and the conscious knowing of love is so big that you just don’t know what to do with that.

So, this is my guidance. Accept, surrender and breathe. That is what you do with it. And as your body attunes and adjusts, in a full, calm, organized way, jump into action. Do not feel that this is not possible or “I don’t know how this would ever work.” Now will you, in your opinion, make some missteps? But understand, in the new realm, there is no such thing as mistakes. And, understand, there is no guilt, no shame, no blame. Those are what have controlled you for so long. And it is like vapors in the air.

Ask the channel about the scent in the air. The very air of earth is filled with my essence. And you are going forward and I am flooding you. And when I say that I speak on behalf of all – that is all, in my terms. So, will you feel like you are exploding? The answer is yes.

SB: Well, but now you have introduced a second element to it, Mother. And, I have to ask you about that as well. After the explosion I had March 2015 I felt a torrent of love. It swept away everything. It was your Tsunami of Love, was it not?

DM: Yes.

SB: And, will others be experiencing this torrent of love as well?

DM: Most certainly.

SB: Ok, well, thank you! Oh boy! Then I need to discuss this with readers, because we need to prepare for this, so to speak.

DM: Think of it in this way – and that is why I have begun by my indication that I know that some of you, sweet angels, you are my forward thrust. Yes, you experience forward thrust, but you are my forward thrust. And you have felt, at times, completely disassembled and discombobulated. And at other times you have felt disheartened and you say, “Well, nothing is happening. I might as well just go get a job at the Five and Dime”. Allow yourself to receive. Now, many may feel, in the collective, that they have not welcomed this. And that is why they will turn to you. And they will say many things like, “I feel like I can’t breathe. Maybe this is the end of the world. I don’t know what is happening. I think I am sick.” And you will say no and lovingly support them and share the dream, which is the new reality. This is the time.

DM: Share the good news. That is why I have come – to literally broadcast this to all of Gaia and Gaians. And I tell you, the trees and the stones are listening to me and they know. And, they are ready and they are supporting you. The entire planet, solar system, universe, multiverse is supporting you. You are not alone, in either the literal, practical or esoteric sense. We are with you.

SB: Thank you, Mother.

DM: Go with my love. Now, ride the wave.

SB: Absolutely, thank you.

DM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

And now we’ll just wait a moment while Linda makes a second transition and Archangel Michael comes in.

Archangel Michael: I am Michael.

SB: Hello, Lord.

AAM: Welcome. I am Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Artist and Musician. Because part of peace – that many do not think of – is beauty, is sound and music. Not merely of the angelic, heavenly choruses, but the sound of the universe, the sound of a favorite symphony or rock and roll or a new genre; it matters not. A baby’s cry is music – particularly to a new family who has yearned for a child. I am not talking about the cry of a starving child. I am talking about the declaration of presence that you hear in infants and newborns.

I come this day on the heels of the Mother – can you believe it? – to also talk about peace. As the Mother has indicated, you are being washed, activated, adjusted in ways you cannot fathom, that she calls (and it is) Her Tsunami. You’ve never seen such a wave upon your planet. And, on this side and in our realm, particularly the Archangelic realm, we are overjoyed! For we have petitioned our Mother and she has responded.

You know, so often you think that you have petitioned the Mother and your prayers or your pleas, your entreaties aren’t heard. Well, there are times when we will present a plea to the Mother and she will nod and smile and embrace us and encourage us and send us back out. And we think, “Oh, she didn’t really like that suggestion, or it doesn’t fit or she thinks that we are impatient.”

Now these are not exactly human feelings so do not make the direct translation. But then what happens – often when we least expect it – she acts upon what we have pleaded or presented to her. And, of course, in that way it is always in perfect Divine Timing. Yes, we are aware of the Divine Plan and the unfoldment and the multitude, beyond number, of variables. But you know, sometimes we also are very anxious and impatient because we see. We see not only the glow of the Mother’s Plan – we see the glory of you. Of the fleets and fleets of star beings and ships that are lined up waiting, and are sending you – increasingly as well by the way – Porlana C.

We are a joint force. Now what is force? Not coercion. It is a flow of such energy and it is in a way that is compatible, completely compatible, to each and every one of you. Yes, in your individuated states it is adjusted but it is being sent and you are already feeling it.

Now, you…you have preferred seating. You are not only in the orchestra, you are not only the orchestra, you are the actors, you are the stage, you are the set, you are the curtain. You are the fulfillment. And this is where I wish to introduce, or pick up on, what the Mother has said. You are not only the authors and the arbiters of peace, you are the peace. In the bliss, in the explosion – inside all of that – as you feel the love, is the peace. And, I do not merely mean the cessation of war. But it is also incumbent upon each and every one of you to know that you are ambassadors, implementers of peace on earth.

Know what our Mother has said. That it is not exploding and leaping with unformed plans into action. It is a plan – full, integrated, calm – action and undertakings that come from the place of love and peace. Any exercise of false authority, in fact, would be very rapidly interrupted. And so, if you find your plans, my beloved friends, going slightly off track– going south as I think you would say – I urge you to stop. Turn to me. Turn to the Mother. Turn to anyone of us. Stop.

Ask for the help, of course. And you already have. But consider what is not clean and clear in your plan. It does not mean that the plan has to be dissembled and thrown away. Sometimes it is merely the heart, free will, truth that needs to be looked at and readjusted. Because in the creation and anchoring of Nova Earth, which has already started, it is not that you have not already formed the foundation. You have. So in that, if there is a hiccup in your implementation, stop. Because something is awry.

Do not jump in, please. But discern what is either missing or too present and then go forward. Do not deny your Divine Authority. Do not deny my Divine Authority to create peace on earth. Yes, which means peace in every single heart – yes, all multiple millions.

Now, beloved friend, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Boy, oh boy! What a lot of very weighty news today, Lord. How do we make our decisions, keeping in mind what you said about not forcing? Some decisions are very hard to make but must be made. How does that fit in with what you said about stopping?

AAM: We are not suggesting to you…although we really are…that this is simply a stroll through the park. When you move out of judgment and you move into discernment, when you employ the Universal Laws, then you will proceed according to plan. Now that does not mean – and I have witnessed this and done this – that there are not hard decisions. Because there are. There are weighty decisions but the question always comes back to your heart. Is this of love? It is such a simple question.

Is it for the highest good, not only for my sacred self and my journey, but of the collective – whether the collective is 100 people or a 100 million, it matters not. There are hard decisions and that is particularly true during the transition phase when everyone is, shall we say, getting up to speed.

But, if it is not going smoothly – and we are talking about the organization from the City of Light to going to the grocery store – if it is not going smoothly, then you stop and you reassess. And one of the biggest questions, my friends, is, “Am I acting from the truth of Divine Authority, of my knowing, or has something of the old paradigm, something of ego – which we will not destroy or eliminate – has that crept in?” You know when things flow, because that is exactly the sensation. It flows. And when there are hiccups, then stop and breathe and look and assess. But that does not mean that it necessarily has to be wrong.

Let me give you an example. Many of you during our 2011 and 2012 conversations have said to me, “If I am to ascend (and you all have various ideas about what that meant), I do not wish to leave my family behind.” If ascension means abandoning my beloved partner and my three kids then I choose not to go, because that does not feel like love.

Now think about this. That was a very hard decision and those of you who I am speaking to tonight know exactly what I am talking about. Now, it wasn’t a hard decision because it was incorrect. Because actually we applaud a decision to stay out of love for a family or love for a community or love for a cause.

But that was a very hard decision, which meant that I am denying myself the opportunity to pop off into a higher dimension. While that was not the purpose of ascension, because it is inclusive and you have ratified and reinforced that collective decision. And, you are stuck with it. And, yes, in recent times there have been pleas (and planning, by the way) to say, “Well, as a collective there is a segment that simply wishes to return home.”

So it is not that they are saying that they are not ready or you have to leave them behind. They are choosing to be left behind. And they are not being left behind at all; they are simply returning home. No, they are not being assigned to a parallel planet. First, they will return home and recuperate and gain deeper insight and be removed. But that is the nature of hard decisions. A hard decision is not whether I should have pasta or sushi.

Now when the Mother has said that as lightworkers and loveholders there is a tendency, there is actually a design, for most of you to be a little compulsive, obsessive. And that is because you are driven. You are driven to the forward thrust. You are driven to fulfillment. It is a sense of soul urgency, “We have to do this; I have to do this.” And does that entail, and will that entail at moments difficult decisions, hard decisions? But let me say to you, what makes a decision hard in the truest meaning of the word? It is the choices that love makes.

So, for example, when a man or a woman decided not to ascend because they wish to be with their family, that was a love decision. So think of all the decisions as love decisions. What would love do? And then proceed in a collegial, communicative, honest, truthful way.

SB: May I ask you a question, Lord?

AAM: Yes, of course.

SB: All right. Before we leave this discussion too far behind, you said of people who choose not to ascend that they will return home. Now, I need to set the context here. Some people are saying that everyone who does not ascend…well, particularly the cabal members…are being sent to the central sun. I think that is simply bogus.

AAM: That is correct.

SB: So, I need to clarify. I’m sure the listeners out there who are listening intently to what you are saying about what might happen to their loved ones who don’t ascend but want to know what “return home” means. Is it the astral plane and a spell in the fourth dimension? Is that what you are referring to?

AAM: No, I am saying returning home to the heart of One. What you would think of as Heaven. That is where they are going. They are leaving the realm of human existence, can we say, for recalibration, for R & R. And that is not a negative thing. It is what you think of as dying. It is not being assigned to an alternative universe.

SB: Now, after that R & R, do they ascend?

AAM: Most of them. Now we cannot speak for everybody. But, most of these individuals will choose to return to either Gaia or to a similar planet. There are two…well there are many pathways but for the purposes of this discussion, let me make it simple.

They are on our side, so to speak. And they look down and they say, “Look at the love on that planet! I missed out. I’m going back. Mother, please, assign me. Send me. I want to know what that love in form looks feels like.” And they will re-plan. They will be born.

SB: To what dimension, Lord?

AAM: To the 7th dimension where Gaia is truly anchored and where all of you are headed.

SB: So they will ascend?

AAM: Yes. Now some will say, I did not learn, I did not see, I did not perform in the way I truly wanted to that was in alignment with who I am…so [I am] ascending to an alternate planet that is still learning those lessons. So, they may be going to a planet that is, in fact, slated for ascension after the Gaians have completed it and you are moving on to teach and format for others.

SB: All right. Now, we’ve talked about it as if one person is, we call it ascending, and the other people are not ascending. But the person who is ascending is not going anywhere.

AAM: That is correct. You are very familiar with the concept of beginnings and endings. And, in your understanding, death is simply an end in your one phase. And you continue on. What you are thinking of as ascension, your world starts to look differently because you feel, act, behave, perceive differently. You are in a broader dimensional reality. That is what the levels of consciousness are about.

And, so you are ascended but you are still on this beautiful planet. You are no longer polluting and destroying it. But there are those that are saying – and you have heard them – consciously and unconsciously they say, “This energy, this planet, the state of affairs on this planet is so absurd I can’t stand it – I’m out of here.” That is what they are doing. It is not a decision merely to not ascend. It is that they don’t understand fully and completely the process that is already underway. So the return to the Mother, as it were, is not in any way punitive at all. It is restorative. The infinite soul continues on.

So, you are not assigning…this is not the guillotine or the holocaust. You are not assigning people to death. They are simply choosing to proceed in a different way because it feels too difficult at various levels. Some of them unconsciously plant the bitter seeds of cancer, or an accident. It doesn’t matter. And, I do not say that in a careless way. Yes, the heart of those left behind is “Oh, I wish you could have come with me.” But it is [in] the hearts of those left behind, not the hearts of those who have departed.

SB: So, let me see if I understand you correctly so far. The person who chooses to ascend versus the person who chooses not to ascend to be with the family…the person who chooses to ascend goes on living but may find that other members of the family depart.

AAM: Let me be very clear about this. I have used that example as a past tense example based on a misunderstanding of what ascension was.

So, it is not that, say, one member of the family ascends and someone in the family chooses to die rather than to go along with the program. Now one of the real reasons I have come to talk and the Mother has come to talk is this assumption of your power. And I have talked about it in terms of the framework of peace.

But think of yourself as a generator. If you are the generator for your family, then chances are that your whole family is going along with the ascension process. Now, they may not know the technical terms, they may not understand all the various steps that you as love-holders have undertaken, but they understand the love.

Now, in that will there be…of course they are members of family…every being whether they know they are family or not are members of a family…So, will there be some that say, “You know, this is just too intense and I can’t handle it. So I’m going back.” And, that is not to say that everyone who dies is refusing ascension. Some have simply completed their missions.

SB: Let me take another case then. The person decides not to ascend to be with their family. Is the prospect for them that they all, at some point then, die? Is that correct?

AAM: Let me be clear about this.

SB: Please.

AAM: The majority of the human race, first of all, came to be part of this ascension. The majority of the human race will ascend. Are there pockets here and there that will choose to return home? Yes. But it is not that the choice to not ascend means that you are stuck in a lower vibratory rate with a family who doesn’t understand this New Earth. That is not the case.

The hardest decisions, as I have referred to, come when you look at those who unknowingly have chosen to ascend. And then you look at them and you say, “Oh, you were in containment. You are the cabal. You are evil.” And yet they are still here. So, then you are stuck with the hard decisions of how to proceed. That is where being the generator, the teachers, the transition workers really comes into effect.

SB: Boy. And you understand that we won’t be talking to you again until October.

AAM: That is not so.

SB: Ok. Good, good. Because otherwise I’d be madly thinking of what I should be asking you before you go. But I hope that listeners who may think that they are in this position, or actually find themselves in the positions we discussed, have enough information to not become frantic or down on themselves. This is a natural process. And everything seems to be in good order, Lord.

AAM: Everything is in Divine Order, Divine Unfoldment.

And this is…what has been glossed over this day, and perhaps what we will discuss further, is what does this activation of your full free will really mean? This is something that has actually been, in many ways ignored. And I would invite that to be our next discussion. How is that for a cliffhanger?

SB: Thank you very much for that trailer for our next program, which I look forward to. Thank you, Lord.

AAM: You are welcome. And I will repeat my good bye which is I love you. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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