Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon, December 12th, 2017

An Hour With An Angel   December 12, 2017

Linda Dillon                      Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow                   Host, InLight Radio

SB:      Good Evening, everyone, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel.  I’m Steve Beckow, the editor in chief of the Golden Age of Gaia, and with me today is Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You, The Great Awakening and The Jesus book.  And Linda, today, the day of our pre-record is 12/12/17.  Now, that date means a lot, I think.

LD:      It sure does, and Archangel Gabrielle has been busy with me since the wee small hours of the morning.  This marks the end of the cycle of 12-12 as we’ve known it.  And the cycle of 12-12 was the time of completion.  So, let me give you a little history lesson.

On December 12, 1993, we had the opening of what we called 12-12, and it was a transition period. And it was intended to get us to the 11/11 portal opening the year before in 1992, into the transition to Nova Earth the Golden Age, the shift, Ascension full-on monty of living the love on the planet.  And, at that time, Archangel Gabrielle and the entire Council had said, “This is going to be a twenty-four-year period.”  Now, you can imagine back in 1993 to hear that something is going to take 24 years to complete its cycle.  Give me a break.  I’m in my early 40’s.

So here we are and during the night Archangel Gabrielle has been celebrating that this is 12/12.  And, I’m thinking, we have 12/12 that has been, every year, an intensification of those energies of completion and the time of plenty. And when she says time of plenty she has meant – plenty of chaos, plenty of change, plenty of turmoil, plenty of expansion.  So, it’s not just milk and honey; it’s plenty of everything that we needed to do to make this shift.

So here she is celebrating and I’m thinking it’s just another year of intensification. And finally I realized that this is the end of that 24-year cycle.  And, so no wonder everybody on the planet including the Council of Love has been saying that this is a time of really significant opening and shift.  This is why finally the penny drops and why Archangel Gabrielle in the last couple of weeks has given us a brand new golden grid as Nova Human Beings.  So, it’s really an exciting time.

Now, has she filled us in, has the council filled us in on everything that lies ahead?  No.  But, I do see that this amazing opening of being the people – you and I and all of the light worker community, all of our listeners – who are anchoring this new paradigm of existence, this new realm of existence starting this new chapter, is that we are right at that threshold.  So, in the last day or so she’s been telling us that we are entering this gap period where the new beginnings are emerging.

So it’s like, between 12/12 and January 1, you can really anticipate a lot of those pieces, the domino effect of pieces falling into place.  And you know and all our listeners know that the Council and Linda Dillon really don’t like talking about dates.  So, when the council does talk about very specific dates, it’s like – “pay attention.”  So, I for one am really celebrating and, with great anticipation, looking forward to what lies ahead.

SB:      Well, by the way Linda, anybody who has sighted a date….. because none of these events have materialized, so everybody’s in the same boat as regards to date.  In an earlier discussion, Linda, you were talking about some of the things that have happened to the body in the last short while, the various waves of love that have hit us. And I thought that was a very good discussion of how things are for us at this moment as we’re at the completion of this period.  Can you tell us a little bit about this?

LD:      And, you know, the thing about dates is that we don’t say like on October 1st you are going to win the lottery because we are just bound to be disappointed because the translation factor doesn’t always work.  But when we know we’ve been in a cycle that’s 24 years long, it’s really amazing that we’re even still standing because what’s happened during that – just think of all of the things that we’ve done.  Even going back.  You know, this all started in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence which has been a 30-year Ascension process.  That’s in and of itself is amazing, and during that time and particularly in the last few years we’ve had the repeated waves of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love; we’ve absolutely been cleared and infused with clarity and purity and grace and awe and wonder and inspiration.  And we’ve had the Tsunami of One from the Masters and that whole segment of the company of heaven.  And then we’ve had the infusion in the last little while of Porlana C from our star family.

As soon as you’ve entered the 13th Octave which we’ve done the global initiations for the 13 Octave – anybody who has been doing something with the Council of Love has been initiated into the 13th Octave – our DNA was not only upgraded, it was bundled.  Those 12 strands were bundled into a 13th and those activations of our DNA have been taking place over the past several years – the activations, the attunements.

So now we’re getting ready to really become, in physical form with our regeneration, our young attractive sexy bodies.  We’re getting ready to really be the creators and the co-creators of Nova Earth, really moving back into that creator race in the true meaning of the word – that space.  So there is so much that we have accomplished.  And I know so often, particularly as light workers and love holders we feel like we are just working our way through quicksand or sludge.  But in fact, so much has taken place.  And we’ve laid that foundation for the Cities of Light that come into form.  Not just to be hovering on the horizon of the ocean in Port St. Lucie, or Vancouver for that matter, but to really become tangible cities, new forms of government, new forms of societal interaction, new meaning of what it means to live in community and neighborhoods and families.

The whole structure of sacred partnership that we have been led through in the last few years has really shifted: how we looked at partnership and how we interact and what we expect when we really enter into a partnership, a marriage, a relationship.  It’s shifted so significantly.  Now, we’re learning to implement the Universal Laws, not in an esoteric way but in a really practical way of “What do we use to get what we want to experience, what we desire to create, what we want the world to look like – that world that works for everybody.”  It’s like we really graduated to a new level.  So, it’s like I want to be the one who pops the champagne cork and gives us congratulations.

SB:      That’s wonderful.  You’ve just given us a really consummate view of the future.  I hope you turn this into a webinar.

LD:      I think probably there is something on the back burner.  I also want to thank some of our listeners who brought to my attention that the link for the winter solstice webinar, the free webinar, on December 21st – that the link was broken.  So, if you went and tried to register and you just got into limbo, please go back and register.  We’re really looking forward to coming together and especially now because it’s like “What’s the news?  What’s the news?”

SB:      I know in my reading with Archangel Michael, he discussed some significant Ascension-related events coming up.  And I don’t like dates any more than anyone else because we’ve always had such not good results.  But the next steps are going to be wonderful.  The Divine Mother has talked about the heart opening, the planetary heart opening.  There are stages beyond that.  We’re heading into that period now.  It’s going to be exciting.

LD:      That is really exciting.  And when we move into that heart opening I don’t know how we could even really be creating tangibly Nova Earth without that heart opening, without that fullness of connection.

SB:      I agree.  If people miss your webinar can they listen to it later online?  Is it going to be posted?

LD:      Normally the webinars are a one-off.  But because I think this is really going to be a significant channeling from Jesus Sananda – it’s his Christmas message – I will have it posted if someone misses it.

SB:      Wonderful.

LD:      Yes.  I think we all need this encouragement.

SB:      Yes, I think that would go over very well with those people.  I’d certainly need to listen to it.  I think Archangel Michael may be expanding on what you said here.  Is this a good time to make your transition?

LD:      This is a perfect time to make our transition.  Thank you.

AAM:  Greetings, I am Michael, I am Mi-ka-el.  And yes, there are even some of you who call me Mike, which is rather humorous.  I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, warrior of love, bringer of news.  And, yes, I come this day, as I come each and every day and night to speak to you, to instill within the depths of your heart not only my blue flame, but the deepening of Peace.

Because my beloved allies, without this deep knowing – not belief, not sense of, not perception of – this deep knowing of peace, you do not ascend into the highest realms available to you.  No, I do not come as critical Archangel.  I come as gentle reminder.

Many of you would think or have yourselves believe that because I do not constantly speak of this strategic peace initiative that I have somehow set it aside or forgotten about it or somehow the Mother has said to me, “Don’t worry about it Michael it is all right.”  That is not of truth and that most certainly would not be of love.  Everything we speak of, not only what you think of as me, but this entire Council of Love, the entire Company of Heaven is completely interwoven, linked and of a unified whole.

So, while we have taken time and necessary time to speak of such things as the assumption of your Divine Authority, that does not mean that we left the undertaking of peace on earth within your sacred heart and upon this beautiful planet of Gaia, that we did not leave this aside.  The assumption of your Divine Authority is part and parcel of the anchoring of Peace in physicality upon this planet.

When I have been speaking to this channel and to you, dear Steve, I have mentioned the – not recent, but continuing – upheaval in what you think of or tend to think of as the area of the middle peace.

SB:      Lord, did you mean Middle East?

AAM:  Yes.

SB:      Excuse me.

AAM:  No, perhaps I am letting the words flow too quickly through this channel.

SB:      Okay, thank you.

AAM:  The Middle East which is simply what?  It is an area of Gaia that has been sectioned off and divided up into little squares or oblongs.  This is not of truth.  It is of tribalism.  It is of hatred and greed.  It is of the ultimate form of protectionism, of separation, of isolation, of lack and limitation.

And what does this create?  It has created an unholy and ungodly mess in which every faction, every faction is jockeying for power.  And we say power, not in the true divine sense of stewardship or leadership or the right use of the will.  We might as well say “abuse of power” because it is about control.  It is about keeping self-interest.  And even when you say that this is a national interest, this is protected certain faiths or beliefs, that is not so.  It is about control.  And you are seeing, particularly the example of Yemen, of murder and mayhem, of starvation and disease.

How does this contribute to the well-being of the people, regardless of what they call faith?  Whether it is Hindu or Muslim, Christian or Jew.  It does not reflect faith.  It reflects limitation.  It reflects a level of abuse that is so terrible that there is an allowance, a political allowance, to allow people to starve to death, to allow children to go without help.  How can this possibly be of anything that is related to believe in Source, God, One?  How can this possibly be related to love or peace, within or without?

The jockeying for power, yes, is the chaos absolutely coming to the forefront to be observed.  But the price.  The price of those who do not participate in the chaos, who are simply victims, and yes, they are playing the role of victims, suffering for where they have been positioned geographically is an abomination.  And it is an abomination that has need to come to conclusion.

Many of you say and I thank you that you send peace to this area and to all areas of beloved Gaia every day and to those who manipulate, control.  And we urge you whether it is a Sunday evening meditation or Wednesday morning love.  It matters not.  Continue to do your work.  And, many of you who say, “I do not know what else to do,” but who awake with bruises and scrapes and exhaustion and you do not know where they came from.  You are with me in these efforts to anchor peace upon this beloved planet and within the hearts of each and every human being.

So, it does not matter whether you are in Mosul or the Wailing Wall, you are with me.  And you are attempting and helping and doing the anchoring of this essence, of this elusive quality called peace.  Your beloved brothers of the star systems, the various forces who have been simply saturating every one of you and your planet with Porlana C, catching bombs, acting as boots on the ground in some of the most war-torn places – they are not simply restricted these days to the places where there are sanctuaries.  All of this has assisted.

But it is also the human factor, the Gaian factor.  As you are rising up both in your own nations, your own communities and that the collective of Lightworkers and Love holders and saying, declaring and holding the vision and the actuality.  If it is not of peace, if it is not of love, it is anathema.  It is to be avoided.  It has need to be destroyed by the Universal Law of Limitation and Elimination and the Universal Law of Transmutation and the Universal Law of Change.  Any universal law that you can think of.  But it must be accompanied by the physical presence of being that energy, of being the energy of peace.

I am not asking you, I am not inviting you, I am not even closely suggesting that you in fact hop on a plane and go to Yemen or Syria or Afghanistan or Israel or Turkey of all the places that are affected, including Saudi Arabia.  This is not restricted to one player or one belief system or one nation.  It is all of these.

I’m not suggesting that you place yourself in these nations – physically going.  But what I am suggesting is something that I have not asked of you before.  Send an aspect of yourself, not a physical aspect, but a mighty warrior aspect of yourself – not to partake in the melee, but to simply be the beacon of peace, the beacon of love, the beacon of hope in at least one of these upheaval war-torn places.

You say to me, “But Michael, I do not know how to do this.”  And I say to you, of course you do.  I have led you through a process of integrating your aspects and have encouraged you to bring all parts of your sacred self home and to integrate these into the strength and the presence and the divine authority of who you are.  And I am not suggesting that you deplete yourself by sending out many aspects.  That is why you are depleted in the first place.

But, send a part of yourself.  And if you do not know what I mean, simply think of your warrior self.  Think of yourself holding my sword and shield or a beacon of light.  And send that part of yourself and position your self either in a place of power or a place of poverty and squalor and simply hold and transmit the energy of peace.  Dear Steve, is this clear?

SB:      Yes, it’s very clear and you’ve answered several of the questions I was going to ask you.  It’s very clear, Lord.  I was going to ask you what we could do because the thought comes up that the only real contribution aside from sending money and supplies is to go there yourself.  So, can you direct your attention to that?

AAM:  Let us also suggest one little aside before I ask you to begin with your questions.

Many of you have this heartfelt belief and longing and a decent sense of responsibility that you feel that “Perhaps I should go myself.”  The difficulty is, particularly for those who are, yes American, is that so often your physical presence, the fullness of your physicality and your presence is seen not as supportive, but as intrusive.

The history of American dominance and interference in other nation’s affairs is such that even very often the man in the street, as it were, does not see that you come in the fullness of peace, in the desire to truly be what you would call an aide worker.  It is far more powerful at this juncture while you are in the transition to becoming literally one Gaian nation to send an aspect of yourself because it is mostly, not always, but mostly unseen.  So you are there acting, holding the energy, being the beacon, without creating this sense of interference.  So that is how we guide you to proceed at this moment in time.

The time will come, my beloveds, yes, the channel has talked about this time of completion.  The time will come when it would be no more unusual for an American to go and spend time either in Yemen or Africa then it would be for a Mexican to come and live in the United States.  That time is – you are at that doorstep. But holding the planet in unity is part, holding the planet in unity of love and consciousness and peace is part of that preparation, completion process.  Where do you wish to begin my dear friend?

SB:      Lord, I’d like to ask you what the role and what the efficacy of collective meditation is to bring about peace and unity in all areas of the world?

AAM:  This is an enormous undertaking and the efficacy, – particularly as you grow and expand, – the efficacy of group or collective meditation and might we say emotional and thought patterning.  Now we do not wish to divvy you up into segmented pieces, but understand it is not just the meditation. It is what you do before and after the meditation as well.  So, let us explain.

And this most certainly relates to my sister Gabrielle’s gift of the new grid of humanity – the golden grid of humanity.  And it is not simply an individual grid, which it is.  And it is not simply a collective grid, which it is.  And it connects all of you into the unified whole.  So, more than ever the power of collective meditation, of intention, of emotionality, of thought processes and attitude is extraordinarily strong.

But think about what Sanat Kumara has said to you about creation.  And, yes, of course the use of Universal Law.  When you come together in global meditation the intention of peace, of harmony, of love, of a world that works for everyone, sweet friends, is deeply established.  So, think that you enter into this sacred space with the strength not only of intention but of bringing it to still point – and your action is transmitting this all over the planet.  And far beyond, by the way.

And by the way, when you send it to what you have thought of as the far beyond it is also returned – magnified and returned to you.  So, think of it also as a mirror effect that takes place.  But that is another conversation.  So, what happens when you join into a collective meditation, the amplification effect is also very present.  And what you’re declaring and creating is that peace within and peace without.  Now, this also applies to all collective meditations.  There is an exponential multiplier effect.  So, it is not just one plus one plus one.  It is a multiplier effect, a squaring effect.  So, you know the magnitude of what you are doing.

Now I would also suggest, although we are speaking about peace, rain for California at this juncture would be a very good idea.  But I digress.  The power of the collective meditations is a squaring exponential effect.  Now, also understand that when you agree, when you agree that you are going to join a – whether it is a group of five or five million – a collective meditation, what you have already done is ignited in your heart that feeling of peace, that knowing, that divine quality of peace that rests within thee.

So, your being and the knowingness of your being is already in that alignment with divine mind, heart and will.  So, your attitudes, both before and after this meditation, your emotional composition, your approach to life is reflective not only of this desire for peace, this belief that peace is necessary.  You are carrying this throughout your day and this is what you are transmitting.

Now what I say to you, those who are of the chaos energy, because that is all it is, have no trepidation about expressing their alignment and allegiance to the chaos.  So, there are attitudinal expressions – whether it is body language or facial expressions or an outright verbal expression – of that it is all right to bomb.  That it is all right to flatten cities that it is all right somehow to make children starve.  They seem to have no control, self-control pattern about this expression.

Too often light workers and love holders feel that you are isolated.  Not separated from the love or each other or source, but that you are out there by yourself, a voice in the wilderness.  And when you come across such abrasive expressions of hatred, you are so taken aback you feel that someone has hit you with a sledgehammer.  And, very often you remain quiet because you are so shocked.  You are not obviously in agreement but you are so taken aback you feel literally as if you have been hit.  And rather than engage in what you think of as confrontation, you remain silent.

Silence, my beloved friends, is no longer an option.  No, I do not ever suggest to you that you engage in fighting, in abrasive arguments.  But understand that when you declare with your voice, with the entire energy of your being, not only disagreement because that just creates more disagreement – but when you express the truth of your being that that is not what you believe, that you do believe in peace, that you do believe in love, that you do believe in harmony.

You say, “I can’t say that. Mi-ka-el, they will simply dismiss me, they will jeer at me they will poo-poo me.”  Beloveds, it matters not. What you are doing is expressing through sound, sending the light inside the sound.  And, inside the light is the sound.  Just as we transmit through these shows to the entire planet, so you begin to transmit to the entire planet that you believe in peace, that you believe in love.  You do not engage in the confrontation.  You simply quietly, assertively, in the fullness of your Divine Authority, declare what you know to be truth.  And that control and abuse of authority never solved anything, never created anything substantial or long-lasting or reflective of love.  The time of silence is over.

SB:  Lord, am I correct in thinking that we’ve gotten more and more destructive, inhumane in terms of how we have engaged in warfare with each other?  The Nazi’s, when they went into Russia were about as mean as you could expect anybody to be.  But the bombing of Yemen for instance – we seem to go for civilian populations almost first.  I may be mistaken.  Maybe we go for armed forces first, but it seems like going for the civilian population is a close second.  We’ve just become more and more inhumane.

AA:     The use of violence has become far more pronounced.  And you have used the example of the Nazi confrontation in Russia which was extraordinarily inhumane, violent in much the same as the level of holocaust that they perpetrated upon the Jewish people.  But what happened in the Nazi/Russian confrontation is that very often it was person to person or group to group.  It was personal, and there were many situations where you literally had to look in the eye of what you perceived as your enemy and make the personal decision – oh, you could call it orders – but it is the personal decision to kill another human being.  That was abomination.  How can you quantify abomination?  But you are absolutely correct insofar as the magnitude of this abomination has grown.

The slaughter of innocents, of those who do not participate in the struggle for power, has grown.  The bombing of communities, of families, of villages.  Yes, in Yemen but elsewhere as well has grown.  And yes, they target the military but they also know there is a suffering quotient that is intended to be the breaking point.  This has been part of the history, the very long history, what the channel has informed you was eons and eons.  The inhumanity factor was supposed to be a breaking point that when you see, when you witness, such devastation that both sides say “This is enough.  This is beyond any level of human tolerance that we cannot perpetrate, that we cannot witness such terrible, terrible abomination.”

And what is occurring is that there is an ignoring of this level of inhumanity.  And we tell you not as dire warning, not as threat, but this simply cannot continue.  That is why it is so public and at the surface.  Any human being, regardless of position or faith, or social position, or structure, looks at this and is aghast – that it cannot continue.

And that is why you more than willingly send yourself, bilocating an aspect to hold, to be the defenders of those that cannot defend themselves.  Those of you who are the strongest of the strong, because it is a highly difficult assignment, you position yourself next to those murderers.  Yes, those that are called generals or admirals or president or prime minister.  You position yourself there so that this devastation cannot continue.

Many of you look at this with such sadness.  And yes, it is very sad and it is also very pathetic.  But you look at it and you say to me, “Mi-ka-el, how do we get from there to a place of peaceful Gaia where people are free and supported to follow their paths and their journeys where they are not interfered with and where they do not choose to interfere with another?”

In some ways, sweet ones, it is because it gets so bad, as it is right now, that in fact you say, “This alternative cannot continue.  This cannot work.”  And you are being given these catalysts on a daily basis.  We are taken aback at times that humanity can even tolerate this level of inhumanity.

SB:      Lord, so far we lightworkers are a little bit powerless in some respects but soon we will become stewards of the Mother’s wealth and our position will change.  After we come into that state of affairs what can we do as holders of love?  What’s the best agenda or program of things to do that would address returning peace to the world?

AAM:  You are given many blessings but there is also a misconception, and we are glad you have brought this up because you know this is an area that we are very close to.  Do not assume, as some of you do, that in financial wealth money equals political power and might.  Because it does not.  And that is a very important thing for each and every one of you to understand and deeply comprehend.  And to never get caught in that belief of your own power and might.

Those who are in this existing, warring, political melee, it is not just about money.  It is not just about business – which has a huge influence in all of this financial wealth and power.  But it is power for power’s sake.  It is the ego completely out of control.  Not even trying to be in control.  Completely out of control. And they will fight you tooth and nail.

Now you are not engaging in that fight.  You are staying twelve thousand miles, twelve thousand leagues away from engaging in that arena in any way shape or form.  You have to let it implode into itself, simply collapse into itself.  So that is the starting point.  And it is important to remember that and not engage or assume the belief that because you have money you have that kind of political clout.  You do not.  And it is not intended that you do because you are creating an entirely different paradigm and pathway. You are creating a new realm in which human beings can operate.

Having said that, there will be massive, massive aide efforts.  People, human beings, what you think of as those who are affected, downtrodden victims, cannot fully engage in peace within or peace without until they are taken care of.  It is so basic as in all of you are economic theories.  But it is also the plan of the Mother.  So, you cannot say to a human mother who is holding a starving child to think about the peace.  She may pray for peace but that absence of peace in her world is too strong for her to become an ambassador of peace.  So, the aide efforts of such a magnitude that they in fact simply displace the warlords and show that there is a different pathway, are going to be one of your first steps.

SB:      Is it possible for instance to give a universal basic income to everyone on the globe and for now we could say Yemen.  To give a universal basic income to all Yemen.  Will that simply be taken by the warlords?

AAM:  You would not wish to give a basic income.  First of all, if you are talking about all Yemenis, why would you give a basic income to a warlord who will simply use it to buy more missiles or bullets?

SB:      True, but now let’s relate that to something you said awhile back to me that I should give a basic income to everyone in the country and not just some people.  How do I reconcile that?

AAM:  It is a timing issue.  Because what happens is that those who have been, shall we say, in the warring faction, in the abuse of power faction – it is not about punishment.  Let me be extraordinarily clear: you do not punish or bring more hatred to those that have engaged in hatred and abuse.  This is about the bringing them to the light, bringing them to the love, and showing them that there is a different way.

So, when you bless, and we are just using this as a working example.  This is not a suggestion of how you proceed, but it is a very good working example.  So, if you bless the Yemenis, for example, the regular population, with enough to sustain themselves – which is an aid package that is not a bunch of aid workers coming in and saying, “We know what you need.”

It does not mean that you do not have people in place to assist with community development and infrastructure development.  Of course, you do.  But if you give those who are the regular population enough to live on, comfortably live on, then what it shows is that they want to be part of that support.  That, in fact, what they have used in the past in terms of control and abuse doesn’t work any longer.  Then you can bring them into the fold, as it were.  Do you understand what I say?

SB:      Yes I do, Lord.  Thank you.  So, I don’t know quite how to phrase this.  Can you talk more about the most useful actions that we can take once we become financial stewards of the Mother’s wealth – for peace?

AAM:  But I want you to know that one of the most substantial, productive stances you can take is right now declaring and holding the energy of peace.  Because that moves upon the global grid and far beyond to each and every person. Because really, before your question, how do we literally change the hearts of these warlords, of these people that believe that violence and force is the only way to accomplish what you want?  It is by transmitting upon that grid the etheric, unseen web.  That is why you have the World Wide Web.  It is an example of how transmission truly takes place.  So you are already transmitting.  You are already laying the foundation for peace and you are doing it through your energy fields.  You are doing it through the vocalization, the speaking of the words of peace.  And whether it is speaking at the United Nations or speaking in Congress or speaking to your neighbor, they are all one and the same.  So that is important.

The other thing is, as you become more fluid in your ability to share abundance, shall we say, in the true meaning of the word as well as the practical meaning of the word, is that what you are doing is being very low key.  You cannot, from the truth and the goodness of your authentic essential self ever walk into a country, a village, a neighborhood, or an interpersonal relationship and say, “I have the solution.”

This is a conjoint process.  Too often there has been in the history of humanity this belief that if you simply throw resources at an issue such as poverty, that it will heal the malady. And you have learned, and that was important that you have learned, that this is not necessarily so.  Does the support help?  Yes, but it is literally that old adage which is you also, at the same time, you teach people to fish; you do not simply feed them.

So, it is not an either/or.  It is the combination.  And the combination comes from consultation and cooperation and collegiality with the population that you are working with.  So, whether it is the south side of Chicago or the displaced migration of people, then you will see that it has need to be appropriate and in consultation.  You cannot simply apply a solution and think it will work.

There are many, many who have devoted their entire lives to addressing these kinds of situations and who have prayed and wished and worked for solutions and resources to bring about this peace that I am speaking of.  Now they may not speak the same language, and I am talking about the language and belief systems of lightworkers and love holders.  It does not matter one iota.  You use the expertise of those with their mission and purpose and devoted their lives to this kind of work.  And you employ them and you work in collegiality with them.  It is not about reinventing the wheel.  It is giving the resources to those who have committed their entire lifeforce to this type of work.

SB:      Quite a mission statement and handbook that you’ve given us, which I very much appreciate.

AAM:  And it would not be suggested, it would not be taking place if you were not ready, willing, able to step up and to create and co-create together and with us, Nova Earth.  It is time, my friend.  It is time for this abomination to end.

SB:      Thank you Lord. Do you have anything in closing?  We are nearing the end of the program.  Do you have any statement in closing for us?

AAM:  Yes, you know me well, my brother.  So while I tell you to dream big, to plan big, to not be hasty. Think of it in this way.  That you proceed softly.  That you proceed gently.  If you think on the Hanukah menorah you are lighting the first candle and waiting, and then the second, and then the third.  You do not rush it.  You are anxious.  You are on fire, ignited with the spirit and the authority of Divine Will.  But pace yourselves and form your alliances and your collegiality coalitions, and then proceed.

Go with my love and go with my blessing. Farewell.

SB:      Thank you, Lord.  Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
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