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Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon, July 22nd

Archangel Michael on Post-Reval Lightworker Entitlement

Arrogance 987I asked Archangel Michael in my last reading with him (July 22, 2016) through Linda Dillon, how to collaborate with lightworkers whose core issues had mushroomed after the Reval.

Steve: The biggest concern I have right now and I hope you’ll permit me to post this response from you is I continue to be concerned about the impact of sudden wealth on lightworkers, particularly those who still have core issues.

I worry that sudden wealth will (with me too by the way; I’m going to have to battle this one myself as well) magnify those vasanas or core issues.

What to do?

AAM: Let us also begin by saying that this is one of the reasons why we have been speaking so much about being the steward, the leader, the wayshower, to be the participant observer.

As you assume profile – whether it is because of money or notoriety or political power or financial power, it matters not – it gives you a sense of being elevated. We would encourage you to take the elevator to the basement.

Start there. What we would recommend is to stay anchored – of course always in your heart, but  – to your root chakra. Think of it in very practical terms.

Your safety and security – there are many formulas that you have on the planet to look at this – but once your survival needs are taken care of, begin.

You see, one of the reasons why you have been activated to the pubic chakra even ahead of your creation chakra is that that is the anchoring of creation in terms of Nova Earth.

This sense of false importance – there can be no room for this sense of arrogance, entitlement.

That somehow because you have been blessed, you are above. That is not the purpose. Think of it as putting you below. You are blessed because you are in a position to be of greater service.

Greater service and I speak to one, an artist, a musician who serves the Mother and because of that service, goes into the darkest places of chaos and mayhem.

This does not make me elevated. It makes me more willing to serve.

And so your question to your sacred self is, “Once I am taken care of, how do I take care of everything else that I believe and I know and I feel is in service to the Mother?” That is your guiding principle, your guiding light.

How do I become the voice and the servant and the expression of Love? In that, there can be no arrogance.

This is also why I have called upon, pleaded for unity amongst all of you. Because it is to give each other permission that if you tend to begin to take that scenic detour, you have permission to call each other on it in ways that are kind and loving and considerate but clear and concise.

How this is accomplished is by many of what you have thought of as consultations. There is collaboration. There is equality. There is a freedom to brainstorm and implement in ways that make sense, not in ways that elevate one and diminish another. That is of the old realm. Is this clear?

So when you are dealing with someone who is perhaps edging towards entitlement or a feeling of superiority, you call them forth from a place of heart concern to have that heart-to-heart conversation so that they remember because as easily (and this is not a threat – we do not operate in threats) but as easily as blessings are given, they can be taken away.

Steve: I think you’ve answered that question so thank you.