Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Meredith Murphy, September 20

Meredith Murphy ~ AA Michael ~


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Greetings Divine Friends,

The Equinox alignment approaches and you are already feeling the immense possibilities of this energy. Your Divine Self is already facilitating your divine unfolding, in accord with these energies, making use of all that is beneficial for you. Today we share a status update with you, reflecting on Life on Earth as we see it.

First, take a moment now and let yourself orient within to all that you are. Let yourself relax. Close your eyes for a moment and telepathically call upon your Divine Self, the fullness of your being. Invite your Divine Self to be with you as you read this message. Ask your Divine Self to give you a clear and strong sense of inner knowing, letting what is true for you, ring out and strengthen your sense of self and clarity.

The time is unfolding for those of you awakening on Earth when you will live increasingly in accord with the higher realms of your being. This promise of ascension is being furthered by your awakening and your lineage participating with your invitation and attention, in your embodied evolution.

The light that is you knows how to do all of this and is further supported by the planetary Logos — the Buddha, and his cohorts in supporting Earth, the Gautama Buddha, and Sanat Kumara. These benevolent fields of loving energy are devoted to Earth’s return to Oneness and with this allegiance, they continually emanate waves of expanding and enlightening energies to Earth. These transmissions are circulated in the crystalline Earth grid and available via collective consciousness as they are grounded in human energy systems. You can further expand the access of these liberating energies by consciously connecting with the planetary logos and the crystalline Earth grid and intending to receive, integrate, emanate and ground the ascension transmissions.

Life on Earth is accelerating. It is accelerating because the frequency fields of the planet and more and more human beings are increasing. As you build your capacity to hold and emanate more light, you enlarge the potential for life on Earth.

The Divine Self that is the Source of your being here is guiding this entire process. More and more of you have awoken and grown in self-love and so with this, you are more and more aware of the immense value of your expanded self. This shift in self-love that is taking place as more and more people value and cherish their ability to love themselves is a pivotal change. This change in the way you and many others are relating to themselves — with more love — is making the possibilities for expanded consciousness in human form, a reality.

Life on Earth is also expanding. This means that the energy fields of each being are taking up more space. Isn’t that interesting? The sense of Oneness is becoming more available to you as more people are allowing their energy field to expand and in essence, open up. We’re not speaking here of releasing your sovereign, concentrated presence; we’re speaking here to the quality of a human energy field when one is becoming more love-filled. As one becomes more love-filled the quality of this unconditional presence eliminates ideas of safety or protection, fear or need to push others away. With this increasing confidence in one’s inner connection, humans are recovering their capacity to be sovereignly present and open. This is a big shift in your world.

Life on Earth is meant to be experienced as free and with a tremendous sense of adventure. You came here knowing that you would encounter great diversity and that you would be endowed with vast liberties. As you reclaim your inner connection, you learn how to give yourself permission to live with more freedom.

There is tremendous freedom available in your world, and yet most of you have not experienced this. It is your inner ideas and beliefs that have interfered with your capacity to enjoy this freedom. We are overjoyed to witness the release of these limiting ideas and the replacement of them, with more positive and even unlimited thought-forms.

Many of you still have memories within you of the immense love and light you have experienced in higher dimensional experiences and from childhood when these other aspects within the hierarchy of your own consciousness were still accessible. These memories are beginning to return. There is a sense of reconnection occurring between your early life on Earth and your current presence. This is a powerful establishing of your own flow. It is a unifying of your own energy field that is facilitated by your Divine Self and by your expansion.

You are increasingly inclusive and increasingly learning to be unconditional in relationship to your past. You are here to transform the lineage from which your physical form was created and this is beginning to occur as more and more of you are clearing limiting beliefs and seeing the way they ripple throughout your family lineage. As you love yourself, you are transmitting compassion, kindness and loving energy throughout your family lineage. This is revising past points of focus in Earth’s collective timelines and with this resolution Earth’s ascension progress is further accelerating.

As you can tell from what we are sharing, there is great momentum here and all is well. Life on Earth is exquisite, and it is becoming increasingly magnificent. Kudos to those of you orienting to the emerging expressions that demonstrate the truth of your being and the beauty of your inner knowing. You are furthering the life on the leading edge that will expand possibilities for Earth and human beings now and in the future.

During this potent cycle of Eclipses and the Equinox, we invite you to work closely, regularly and with great openness and trust, with your Divine Self. Stay in a state of receptivity and peace. Smooth out any challenging emotions and remind yourself of the temporary nature of things. Any discomfort can be eased by your attitude. How you approach and view your experiences as you well know, is significant. Choose to empower your exploration of the potentials in play, with an elevated, positive mindset, as much as possible.

Lastly, and most importantly, regardless of how life has been for you up until now and even if you are experiencing a lot of wonderful things, choose more good things. Choose and draw to you mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually — all that you wish to experience. Generate a sense of capacity around your ability to imagine and create. Practice this until it feels natural. Practice turning inward and feeling good. Practice thinking about what you want to experience and what you love and what you find beautiful and what you want to receive and feeling your way into alignment with it all.

You are a powerful and amazing being.

All you need is available to you. The world around you is filled with love and knowing in response to your presence. Make yourself available to this level of experience and you will light up with love.

Acknowledge all you have created and received with love. Cultivate feelings of self-appreciation and know as you love yourself you will be able to love all that is.

To your return to Oneness and your birth into light.

I AM Archangel Michael