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Archangel Michael via Ronna Vezane, November 1st, 2022


Ronna Vezane ~ Archangel Michael: Memory Seed Activators

November 1, 2022,

Archangel Michael November 2022 Message (text and video)

Beloved masters, there are a great number of brave StarSeed Souls who are MEMORY SEED ACTIVATORS at many different vibrational-pattern levels. This is so that the Memory Seed Atoms, which contain the new Aquarian Divine Blueprint, may be activated within pre-designated crystalline structures in the great caverns deep within the Earth.

Another part of the Memory Seed Activators’ Aquarian Divine Blue Print mission is to assist in the task of activating the newly created Sacred Sites or the specific, predetermined Ley Line conjunctions upon the Earth’s surface. This process has been designed so, at the appropriate time, the preprogrammed Memory Seed Atoms would be supplied to activate these Sacred Energy Centers.

It is a part of the Aquarian Divine Blueprint; a core creative process designed to occur between humanity and the Earth. Each and all of the activations, which will initiate the necessary changes for the evolvement of the Earth and humanity, are a cooperative effort amongst Gaia, humanity and the Great Beings of Light, under the direction of our Mother/Father God.

You, as Light Workers, are considered caretakers of the Earth. You came here to be a part the great transition into a new Age of en-Lighten-ment. There are Memory Seed Activations that began, many years ago, within the mid-plane realms of the Fourth Dimension.

This process could not begin until the vibrational frequencies of the Earth, and also a great number of human Souls, were attuned to the frequency patterns of the mid-Fourth Dimension.

As this transition, from the first four levels of the Fourth Dimension into the frequencies of the three higher planes of 4D occurred, there are many dear Souls who actually began to help activate the Violet Flames of transformation; along with some of the Memory Seed Atom frequency patterns of the New Divine Blueprint within the Earth. They also acted as the place holders during the early stages of the ascension process, by anchoring ASCENSION COLUMNS of Light at various locations around the planet.

So now we will move forward from there. As we have taught you in our past messages: The vibrational energies of the person who is doing the activation must have the Frequency Patterns that will trigger an activation of the stored Essence within the great crystalline structures. We have explained that most of these activations are not “time activated,” but “event activated.”

However, be aware that there are different levels of the activation process.

As people on the beginning Path began to move into the mid-Fourth Dimension, there were those who were led to take groups to the Sacred sites. That is the most popular way, and it is what you might say “The most basic form of energy activation of the Violet flame and of the Earth’s crystalline energy.” However, remember, there is power in numbers, and those endeavors have greatly assisted the Mother Earth in the initial process of transmuting the energies from within: the decompression, the clearing of the great caverns and the labyrinths, and great portions of the negativity that has compressed and contaminated Gaia’s Essence and her physical Being.

Now let us focus on those of you who are moving into and tapping into the Fifth-Dimensional frequencies and rarified environment. This is the more advanced phase of this Cosmic Earth / humanity Activation.

So, as an example: one of the great energy sources is Mt. Shasta, CA and there is another energy vortex within Lake Tahoe, CA. There is an ancient portal ─ a Sacred Site ─ known as Grimes point in the Nevada USA desert. There are many places such as these around the Earth. Many of them now intersect, and many others were connected in past Ages.

When one of these Cosmic Energy power centers is activated, it immediately begins to radiate the frequency patterns of Divine Light to the other predetermined components. Thereby creating the triangles and geometric patterns that will assist each portal to move solidly into place or to integrate the higher frequency energy more quickly and in a more dynamic way.

What we wish impress upon you at this time is that the STARSEED – THE GEOMETRIC PATTERN HOLDERS of the new Divine Blueprint are now, personally, in the process of having their own PRIME MEMORY SEED ATOM more fully activated. This is so they may gradually be brought to their full potential. IT IS TIME!

Due to the formidable negative events that are now occurring around the world, it is of vital importance that dramatic steps be taken to speed up the transition process, for the Earth and for all sentient Beings on Earth.

Each person was or will be guided to specific locations in order to supply his or her particular portion of the Geometric Pattern of the future at that location. The Crystalline Memory Seed Atoms are activated when these Prime Activators go to each of these Sacred sites — in a pre-programmed way and at a pre-designed frequency level – they activate a specific portion of the Divine Blueprint.

Then, over time, others will add their Seed Atom frequencies, and so the Memory Seed Atom crystals may begin to expand in Light Power and release more and more of the Divine Blueprint. It is like adding more programmed energy power. Or, “adding more electromagnetic wattage” to the source that is waiting to be activated. In addition, as each person transmits their programmed Memory Seed Atom energy to the Earth or to other Souls, and in turn, they will also receive the blessing of a Memory Seed Atom infusion or energy activation. There must always be a mutual energy exchange; whether positive or negative.

There are many of these Sacred carriers, and their unique vibrational patterns coalesce and blend as they activate the different Sacred sites around the Earth. The events on Earth and within humanity have progressed so that the time has arrived for the Prime Event to take place. The Prime Event is now ready to be “PRIMED.” It is time for all of the activations around the Earth and within humanity to take place. So the PRIME ACTIVATORS are now going to be inspirationally guided to these places, in order to add the components they embody: Memory Seed Atoms to infuse the Earth with the higher frequencies of Creator Consciousness for the new Age of Aquarius.

This Sacred process can be accomplished from afar; it is not restricted to the person’s presence at the physical location. You do not have to be physically present at the site. However, it is much more powerful for the Sacred location and for you if you are physically there for the activation. It is something that we can easily guide and assist you in accomplishing – we can ease and open the way. That is part of the process – the Divine dispensations that are being allowed at this time – for those who have made a commitment within the very depths of their inner Being ─ for that is what it will take to successfully accomplish this important mission.

So as you are aware, many of you are being brought together, and many more of you are stepping up to claim and fulfill your Divine Mission. However, many have also fallen by the wayside. They are not to be condemned; their time will come at a future “Clarion Call.” There is always a brave Soul ready to take their place, for this process will not be denied. IT WILL BE COMPLETED! IT WILL SUCCESSFULLY TAKE PLACE!

This Divine Activation is beginning to grow in intensity and to swiftly coalesce. The higher, more powerful Rays of transformation are bombarding and infusing the Earth and humanity. It is of vital importance that this process begins to take place at this time. So the inspiration and the Divine discontent that many of you feel are because your Path of Destiny is calling: THE TIME IS NOW.

So be patient, beloveds and allow your future to unfold gradually. You will be astounded as everything begins to fall into place. You have earned this Divine dispensation. Because of the radiance that you are now projecting out onto the world, you have earned it. The time that has been long foretold is upon you, and you shall prevail. You have proven that you are tried-and-true. You are much beloved.

I AM Archangel Michael.