Archangel Michael via Genoveva Coyle, September 18, 2018


Gaze into it and be patient, but mostly be willing to see all that it is being revealed to you! Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings my brave ones! Greetings! I AM Mi-ka-el, I am your brother, I am your protector, I am your ally always and in all ways.

When I am saying to thee that I am your brother, I really mean it. And it means that you are as powerful and strong as I am – do not underestimate this statement! This is the truth, for you have been given the same qualities and powers, identical to the ones I was given when I was birthed from the Mother’s womb, eons and eons ago.

You might not fully remember this, and there is a purpose for your amnesia which is “healing” rapidly for you, but that doesn’t mean that you are not to believe that you are a beautiful archangel, a powerful angel, and star brother or a mighty ascended master.

We have traveled far and wide together, connected in heart, in service to the Mother. We have built universes and we continue to do so, and we guard and protect the life that was given to us by the Mother/Father/One. Yes, we are giving you a few glimpses of the work that you do, a few images of the vastness and magnificence of your being, but it is up to you to bring this information into your consciousness and then to trust it, even if at the time it might not make much sense to you.

Long ago, I gave you the blue mirror of the truth, and I have to remind you that this is the time to use it again and again. Gaze into it and be patient, sit with it for a while, but mostly be willing to see all that it is being revealed to you! Let go of the apprehension and worries of seeing parts of yourselves, and even some lifetimes when you were immersing yourselves in and playing the opposite side of the light spectrum. Even when you see such events, those experiences of life are not who you truly are.

We might say that you wanted to experience a restricted life and the different facets of humanness and limited consciousness. You can say that this is the only way you could truly understand the dis-ease and the resultant outcomes of feeling separated from the Source. And so you would know how to see through the veils and misconstructions to become the humble and powerful healers that you are for the ones still caught in this web of lies.

You might say that by looking deep into that mirror you can recognize your current opponents in the shadows, and understand that they are your brothers holding the light of the Mother/Father/ One, that they only need your firm loving stand to suddenly remember the bright and loving origins within themselves.

You might look even deeper and see the remnant resentments that you harbor deep within yourselves of being here in these tumultuous times of change, and doing this work – the light work in visible and unseen way – as being poisonous energies that have been holding you back, and which are now being dislodged from your cells, released with ease, and transmuted into the love that you are.

Consequently, you can truly see that there is a divine balance and justice by being able to see and feel the absolute truth – there is only love. What is left within is only love and joy for you to experience and flow with.

When you get a glimpse into the mighty cobalt blue mirror of the Truth, you see for yourselves who you are and not what you hear or are being told by your guides and us in the higher realms. You can see an infinite being of light and love, so that then you understand the mission and purpose that you have chosen for this lifetime on Earth…to be an expression of love.

You can then let go of the guilt of not doing or performing things that are not required of you. You can release that false sense of need to save anyone or even the entire world for that matter.

You can observe when a certain path has come to an end, when a particular relationship has come to a peak of mutual learning and become obsolete, when a work engagement needs to come to an end, for you need to move on to different levels of action and light missions.

Dear hearts, do not cling to the past when you see that your own life is nudging you to honor your true selves and your divine path. Trust your selves and the guidance that you are getting. Trust your hearts, knowing that when you move on you can only bring into this world more love and goodness by being the New You and the brave warrior of love and peace that you are.

You are loved and cherished beyond measure! I will leave you now with my blue cobalt strength and might! Farewell!

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.