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Archangel Michael via Sharon Stewart, October 24th, 2021

Message for October 24, 2021 (Week 27) | Archangel Michael via Sharon Stewart

October 24, 2021

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the angelic warrior group.

The word this week is “go.” Those of you who are in on activities will understand what this means. We have a green light. Ensure that you are prepared with enough food, gas and that your pets are provided for. The ships encircling the U.S. are ships that are being kept out for reasons of crashing the economic system. You are beginning to experience this now. It will only get worse as these ships cannot dock. The executive order forbids it and we of the Light concur.

This is the time of re-empowerment of the people of earth. They have been dependent too long. You were not created to be dependent – you were created to be self sufficient. Dependency upon materials and money has left your creative abilities weak and so you were easy targets for exploiters. This is what has happened on earth but no longer. You must experience some pain going forward but this pain will strengthen you if you use it wisely. If you don’t, you will remain dependent. It is your choice. Begin by stocking up your shelves and learning to rely upon your wits. Be creative in solutions to problems you face and begin to exercise these long stagnating muscles.

Don’t believe that the governments will continue to support you when you openly defy them. They will not. Don’t believe that you will be robbed of the opportunity to strengthen your inner resolve and align with the Light. Your goodness lies in your ability to think for and provide for yourselves and others, not in expecting demonic businesses to do this for you. Think how your food has been poisoned, your drugs are keeping you dependent, and how your automobiles pollute the very air you breathe. Do you want this for your children? That they should become sicker than you are now?

A crisis is being perpetuated but it will ultimately lead you on a collective path of wisdom. And so it must be. We stand behind you. We stand with you in your resolve to change earth to the Eden that it must be.

This week we ask again that you hold Light and relay it to the divine fifth dimensional grid. Also when you continue to use this Light to strengthen the Light within your internet service, we find this would be the best use of your divine energy at this now.

The internet is key in this and it must rise in frequency. Allow it to support the ascension of those who choose to go to the Light, and allow it to never serve again those who continue in their darkness.

I am your brother, Archangel Michael. I am God, you are God, and we are Legion.

I bid you adieu.

Thank you Sharon.

Me: Thank you Michael. Also thank you for helping me with my downstairs ghost.

AAM: Yes, he has returned. He doesn’t come through the portal but claims your basement as his home.

Me: Tell him he can have it, I’ll be moving soon.

AAM: (chuckling) He has no intention of leaving this space. He is quite determined to stay as an non-embodied human on earth. He wishes not to go further and for this we must encourage him to leave.

Me: Is he native?

AAM: No, he’s a white man from about 100 years back. His name is Richard and he simply enjoys living in the area.

Me: He also likes blowing up the back of my neck, so maybe we should tell him he can find his true love if he leaves and goes to the Light.

AAM: (chuckling) Yes, and not to bother women like yourself who are not interested in him.

Me: Yes, there are many ghosts hanging around areas that were spots of war on the planet. I used to live in the battlefield area of Niagara Falls where there were soldiers who had died. Had two in that apartment and the constant feeling I was being stared at. I didn’t know how to send them over then, but I can talk to Richard and move him on.

AAM: Yes, and this makes a good point, there are to be no more disembodied humans roaming the earth as well as demonic entities. We are clearing them from the planet and from the lower astral plane, and this is the job of anyone who can do so upon earth. Closing portals for entry to the earth plane is also another task that can be carried out by lightworkers and light warriors who are inclined to want to do so. We must right earth back to its original Eden, and this cannot be done with ghosts on the planet who carry negative energies.

Me: Thank you, Michael. I agree. People need to move on, they can always come back if they want to.

AAM: Thank you Sharon, I will leave you now.

Me: Thanks, Michael.

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