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Archangel Michael via Sharon Stewart, October 2nd, 2022

Angelic Warrior Group: Week 76 Message | Archangel Michael via Sharon Stewart

Archangel Michael Group
Week 76 Message
October 2 2022

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior group.

As you can see, things are escalating however you are being affected at a daily level. It is of the most imperative nature that you understand the forces that are pitted against you and these forces are to be seen in many of the people with whom you live. They are not aware enough yet and still believe in the old system.

For this reason we will focus this week on the divine plan. The divine plan is to bring peace to the planet, love and abundance to all. Those who resist unfortunately are still strong in number around the world but to give them promise of these three things would be of great joy to them nonetheless.

Let go of the idea that you know the way forward, for you do not. Only those of the divine realms understand how this will play out. There is much interpretation of moves and counter moves, but release this please and simply focus on the end goal. You do not know how it will play out because you do not have all the information. When I say information I am speaking of energies that originate in the twelfth dimension and vibrate down to the third. Watch what is going on to see how you might be affected and take all precautions to stay safe but understand that all you need anchor are the three concepts of peace, love and abundance.

You may see that there is a common goal for many around the planet and this is the common goal of peace, however there are as many ways of achieving peace as they are people who hold this ideal. Humanity must unite in the grand plan and be of one mindset. Divisiveness must go. It cannot be tolerated any longer.

Only with the hundredth monkey effect will this be possible. Please focus on these three ideals this week and send your energy into the grids.

I am Michael. I am your leader. I am your sage. We are legion.


Me: By the way, folks, I’ve been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so you may not be seeing as many messages from me in the coming weeks. I’m expecting to have to have surgery perhaps even this week. The medications they’re giving me are knocking me out and I’m not able to do as much work.