Archangel Michael via Susan Leland, June 14th


Archangel Michael:

“See the Truth of
Who You Really Are!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference

June 14, 2016

“I am Archangel Michael and you have just heard proof!*  In this Company, we are calling the Age of Aquarius the Golden Age, but they are one and the same.  And the Truth is, it has dawned. It has begun!  It is known throughout your solar system, galaxy and, yes, even the Universe, in all of the Higher levels of Dimensionality.

“And what you have heard in this Gathering – and from these messengers** standing before this Gathering – and what you will hear afterward, is CONFIRMATION OF THAT TRUTH!  This is the destination of Planet Earth because it is its destiny.  It is time for this destiny to be fulfilled and that is Truth!  And you all know it!You all know where Planet Earth is heading.  You all know about the Golden Age and all of the wondrous, wondrous miracles that each and every one of you are here to create – to bring it about and to live it.

“So I shall not expound on that during this wondrous time that I have with you. I choose instead to take you inside of yourselves, to discuss Inner Truth.  Now I see all the way into you, into your beautiful Hearts!  I greet you, as Divine as I, and all of this Company, in the Realms where there is only Light and Love, and all that Love expresses or creates.  And I see this Truth even in your third dimensional selves which are largely illusory.  But if you will look inside, see that Truth shining bright in each and every one of you!

“And here, please, accept Excalibur from me and wave it.  Wave it for your own selves.  It matters not your age in physical years. It matters not whether you are, what you call hale and healthy, or whether you have some disharmonies or diseasements within your physical selves.  See yourselves as the Universe sees you.See yourselves as you truly are, in the Higher levels where you exist – you always have and you always shall, because your Light, your LoveLight is eternal!!!  Connect!  Let Excalibur aid you if you so desire.  Or call upon any of your Guides.  Call upon your Higher Selves to connect and join together, that you may see the real Truth of Who You Really Are – start here!

“You are going to hear many, many more Truths of the events – the real events which are happening in the World.  I shall not digress from my focus to comment upon them other than to say that, yes, there are still black ops operations taking place, which are controlled and perpetrated for the purpose of instilling fear.  And I shall tell you that all those who participated in Orlando are to be greeted and remembered with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, as they are here and as you have already joined in in these Higher levels.  These events are about to end once and for all!!!

“Just as Ashtar was discussing,*** those phonies presenting themselves as knowing it all are being removed from the stage! So rest easy on that.  Do what you can to get the Truth out and look within your selves and see the Truth of Who You Really Are.Start there.  Who are you?  What is your mission and purpose here?  Well, you know, it is to be a Lightworker, as they say.  You KNOW it is to find Joy, to express Love, in Compassionate, Forgiving and Grateful ways.  It is to be a messenger of LoveLight to all of the World.  It is to bring in the Golden Age!

“When you look deep into yourselves, do you see that shining bright?  You are still human in part.  And that part of you which is human deserves to know the rest of you which is Divine, unencumbered by whatever situations you may find of the third dimensional nature when you view yourselves in the traditional looking glass or mirror.  LOOK DEEPER!

“If you stand in front of the looking glass, see the Light that shines forth from you.  Again, take Excalibur and wave it, that you might see that Truth within yourselves.  Close your eyes and look through your wisdom eyes.  Invite your Guides to stand with you and show you Who You Really Are.  In other words, make this your quest, your mission of discovery.  Discover yourselves, my most Beloved Family!!!

“And some of you are indeed angels.  You have angelic genetics within your human bodies.  Do you know that?  Have you found that yet?  And what about those of you who have the genetics of one or more of the starseed civilizations within you?  Perhaps you are Kumaras from Venus, or Arcturian here on leave from the Great University.  Perhaps you are Pleiadian, coming from the stars to begin a new civilization here which you call ‘long ago and far away.’  Perhaps you are an Ashtar Commander right now, in your Higher Dimensional beings!

“No matter!  Get to know yourselves.  And as I have said, you are welcome to Excalibur to help you to discern.  And you have many, many ways beyond that.  You see, Beloved Ones, your own knowing is so important for the upliftment of all of Planet Earth, because it is a consensus arrived at by knowing yourselves and thus empowering yourselves to know each other and to see the Lights shining in all of your brothers and sisters of Humanity – and beyond!

“All of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms hold the Light as do you.  And when these Lights come together, the Planet lifts up!!!  So it is to begin by knowing yourselves – knowing and accepting and allowing that you are Divine creators.  You are Masters walking in human bodies, at least in your so-called ‘waking time!’  And even then, sometimes you choose to uplift out of your human bodies which are, after all, somewhat restrictive and constraining.

“But the more that you recognize the Truth and the LoveLight you each hold within your entire energy fields – not just your physical selves – the more you are progressing in your own evolving.  You are actually empowering the transformational transmutations of your physicalities which, of course, is critical for your Ascensions – individually and for the entirety of Planet Earth to ascend as well!

 “A wise Master gave two words.  They are most empowering if you understand the thoroughness, as I have been giving you a description.  And the words are ‘Know thyself!’  He is known as a master teacher, a philosopher.  Of course, his name is Socrates.The world wasn’t quite ready for what Socrates was teaching and so they punished him.  This in itself is an age-old program. And yet I can tell you that this fear of being punished for what you know, much less for what you share with someone else, has truthfully been a huge deterrent to the evolution of Humanity and all of Planet Earth.

“When you know yourselves, when you know that you are Divine Master Creators of whatever reality you choose, then you are beyond these untruthful illusions!  And I can go on and on and on with examples of untruths.  But we are not here to focus on untruths.  We are here to simply forgive and be grateful for the wisdoms – and LEAVE THEM BEHIND!  They belong in the third dimension – they do NOT belong where Planet Earth is going, Beloved Ones. They most certainly do not belong in you!

“So look deep inside.  See the Truth of Who You Really Are!  And if there be any little dark shadows anywhere, use the LoveLight.Use Excalibur.  Use the Violet Ray.  Invite participation from any one or more beings of LoveLight that you would choose to call upon, and embrace yourselves!  You are all Gods and Goddesses.You are all Divine!!!

“I know that it is sometimes challenging and difficult.  And so that is why I asked to come here and be with you, because this is a most momentous Gathering.  This is a ‘turning of the page,’ if you will.  This is a moving into Higher Dimensional levels.  Even though they incorporate and include a part of 3-D, at least -it is still moving up into Higher levels where there is even more LoveLight for all of you to share with each other, because you are taking in more LoveLight unto yourselves, even as we speak!  You are amplifying the LoveLight You Are and welcoming even more in by opening to receive it, by believing that you are, and always have been, beings of Light – even when it has seemed to be somewhat dim in time past or in past lives.  I can assure you that the Truth of Who You Really are has always shown brightly, as has Planet Earth, because you have been here and you are here now!

“And so we honor you, honor you with Love and thanks, far beyond any mere words I can express.  Open your Hearts and feel it coming in from me and all the Beings of Love here gathered.  Accept it as your Divine Right, as you have ordained that you be in the knowing of it, that you understand that you are an individual and yet One with all of us in it!  Feel it, and feel it stirring within your own Hearts, within your own fields of energy, within your own beings!!! 

“And know that we have together taken another step in this Grand Mission of bringing the Truth of Love to all of Planet Earth, below, on and above – and sending it out in all directions to all of the Universe beyond!  Thank you, most Beloved Ones, for your Oneness in our LoveLight!  And so it is.  Namaste!”

*   Archangel Michael chose The Age of Aquarius for his introductory music:
**  Recording of this call:
*** Ashtar’s transcript:
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, June 14, 2016.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2016. 


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