Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Victoria Cochran, March 11th, 2017


Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: The Vibration of Love

The Vibration of Love

The world turns, but it continues to be in turmoil. Her heart beats more strongly and her energies are more vibrant than ever before, yet wars continue to rage upon her and terrorism has taken a turn for the worse. The weather upon the Earth has become unpredictable and out of character with the seasons, which is not all as a result of climate change as some may think. Take heed that the vibration of hatred will only return the same vibrations to the Earth, resulting in tumultuous energy affecting weather conditions around the globe. Not only that, the energy of hatred becomes self-prophesising as the vibration is so low it cannot be transcended by rhyme nor reason. People become trapped in a cycle of revenge and retribution that may ultimately lead to their death, entrapping their soul in a karmic cycle for much longer than their soul contract may have originally contained.

When people allow anger to take over, they think with their head and not their heart. The problem with that is that the head is controlled by the ego which does not always speak the truth or allow the truth of others to be spoken. Humans reacting in anger will always reap what they sow through the reactions of others, and the Earth will respond with the same voice and frequency through her climate and environmental conditions. Do not blame the weather for the destruction that occurs as a result of the choices of Man that are made in the vibration of hatred, for she can only reflect back what is already given out.

Can you not remember that you are all made in God’s image and that very image is love? When humans speak and act in the vibration of love, the Earth will respond in kind. When people can let go of ego and see each other and the world through your Sacred Heart, the changes that will occur will be truly wondrous. For many it is already happening as they open their consciousness to the higher perspective of their Christed-selves. To see through the lens of love is to be able to accept that differences are all part of the same Divine wheel, making up the one true God, the Supreme Source, the Creator of All That Is. To do that is to accept that there is no separation of any man, woman or child that makes them any different, less important or any less connected to the Creator than any other human. The vibration of love is one of total acceptance, tolerance and equality for all in the energy of The ALL.

When you live in the vibration of love you will receive it back in equal measure. It may not come from those to whom it was directed, but it will come. The difference one person can make to the vibrations of the world would astound you, as no measure can be made of the impact of sending unconditional love from one’s heartspace. However, if hundreds, thousands or even millions of people are aware enough to send love, even with one intentional thought, the results on the vibrational frequencies of the world will become noticeable to the human eye. Mother Earth and the elements respond to love energy through her weather patterns, the intensities of the colours in her sunrises and sunsets, the rapid regeneration of plants and animals and in the very nature of human interaction. People become much calmer and more tolerant when their surroundings are serene and beautiful. Only love can create beauty, whereas hatred and similar emotions can only create darkness and ugliness.

The vibration of love is the vibration of the Creator. It is only through love that true ascension can occur. Ask me for help to raise your vibrations and to magnify the love you send to the world. Together we can truly create miracles.

I AM Archangel Michael