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Archangel Michael via Victoria Cochrane, February 14th, 2017

Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: Money – It’s a Matter of Energy


Money is a necessity on Earth and it is the cause of many sorrows, worries and anxieties. Lack of money can result in extreme poverty and is the biggest cause of inequity on the planet. Why is it that some people live in extreme wealth and attract it all their lives whilst many others struggle with lack of money and cannot turn it around?

Everything in the universe is made up of matter which is energetic in nature. It may be static or fluid but it all emits an energy. When people interact with each other they exchange their energy. The frequency with which they are each vibrating at will affect the nature of the interaction. When one person is vibrating lower than the other the exchange will be uneven and could result in a sapping of energy of the other person. The exchange of energy that is returned will also match that which has been given. Whether this is intentional or not, the interaction is likely to be unpleasant for the other person whose energy is higher.

The same is to be said with money, which is an energy form used to equalise the exchange. When a person’s vibration is low and whose expectation is that will continue to have no money, the return will be the same. When a person holds an intention and focuses their energy on it they will manifest it. Saying to oneself that you never have any money, that you are broke and can’t afford anything is the same as holding an intention. You believe it therefore you manifest it. The Law of Attraction states that what you give out will come back to you in equal measure. Thus you create your reality with every thought that creates intention, whether you know it or not. Change your intention and you will change your reality.

Try this meditation to raise your vibrations and to set positive intentions around attracting abundance and money into your life:

Close your eyes. Breathe in and out on a slow count of four three or four times, relaxing into your chair. When you are ready, breathe in, filling your lungs and expanding your abdomen. Breathe out and send your energy right down through your body, legs and feet and down into the ground. See it as light if that helps or just feel yourself grounding. You are now going to clear each chakra through your breath. See each chakra as dark and murky and breathe out stress and breathe in light, love and peace, clearing each chakra with every breath. Stay there until the chakra feels clear or the colour is clear, bright and unblocked.  On the next in-breath bring your focus up to your base chakra, breathing in light, love and peace and breathing out stress, anxiety and fear. When the colour is a clear red or it feels clear and unblocked, move your awareness up to your sacral chakra, again breathing out stress and bringing in light, love and peace until the colour is a clear orange and it feels clear. Do this for each chakra- base red, sacral orange, solar plexus, yellow, heart chakra green, throat chakra blue, third eye indigo and the crown chakra, violet. In your crown, feel it opening with every out-breath, expanding your awareness and your connection to the All.

On the next in-breath, take your energy above your crown to your soul star chakra. This is the gateway to your five galactic chakras and your entry into the energy of the Seventh Plane or the Creator. As you sit in this energy, see yourself surrounded by a bright, pearlescent white light. Feel the energy expanding around you until that is all there is. There are no colours or people, just a feeling of unconditional love and peace. You are now one with the Creator of All That Is.

This is the highest energy in which to manifest all that is good and positive in your life. You must watch your thoughts whilst in this energy, for anything you intend will be, so keep your intentions positive and always ask for your highest and best. Now it is time to manifest abundance! Remember that abundance comes in many forms, not just money, so you must be very clear in what you ask for. Always holds the intention that any abundance coming into your life does so in the highest and best way in the forms that you desire one by one- having a good job, living in the house of your dreams, driving a nice car, eating fantastic food—- see each vision and give thanks for your abundance, ask that it come to you in the highest and best way, then fill it with light until it becomes one with the light. When you have finished with each one give thanks and then say “It is so, it is so, it is so.”

When you have manifested everything you wish for, fill yourself with the light of the Creator and feel the love and joy of being alive. Give thanks for what you have and for the abundance that is coming into your life. Hold yourself in this energy and hold the intention that you receive a message for your highest and best. Then clear your mind and allow Creator to speak to you.

After you have received the message feel yourself coming back into your body. The light around you shrinks and your energy becomes centred in your heart space. When you open your eyes you are grounded, centred, peaceful and thankful for all that you have and all that is about to be!

I AM Archangel Michael