Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Victoria Cochrane, February 28th, 2018

Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters:

Living and Loving in Your Heart

It has been said many times that love is all there is. Many people may dispute this, but if the history of the world is examined, the absence of love has brought the greatest voids and turmoils. No person in the world can exist without love; love is the highest vibration of all because it holds no judgement and comes from the heart where ego does not reside. When a person gives love unselfishly and unconditionally, the effect on the people to whom it is given is immense. The connection formed and strengthened by love is unequivocally the greatest bond any two people can share and will override past hurts and traumas much more easily and quickly if it is reciprocally shared. When love is given but not returned in equal measure, an imbalance is formed that can create hurt and heartbreak for one or both participants.

The highest vibration of love is in the heart, which is connected to the universal all and the light and love of the Creator. When a person feels connected to the Universe, they will be able to access the immense love available to them, even when it is not forthcoming from those they are interacting with. If they are disconnected in any way, they will feel very alone and much less able to use the universal resources available to them to bounce back from grief, sadness and pain. The heart chakra is green for a reason because, when love is felt and sent to others from one person’s heart to another, healing takes place. If a person has been emotionally damaged by a love relationship, by their childhood experiences or by abuse, the strongest healing that can take place is for them to love and forgive themselves, and the place that needs the greatest healing will usually be the heart.

The heart chakra has the capacity to expand out to encompass all other chakras in the body, which number over 300 in total. When a person is operating predominantly from their heart space, their vibration will be high and the energy emitted will naturally attract other people to that person. A person who is in their headspace too much may become draining to other people because their vibration is one of ego and self-absorption. By focusing on what one is grateful for in their heart, rather than by rueing what they are missing out on in their head, one becomes aligned with the Universal Law of Attraction and all that is available. Love attracts love and, because the heart chakra and the Universe operate on love alone, the alignment is a perfect match.

Some people are naturally centred in their heart space, perhaps because they have chosen to be a wayshower for others or it is their natural disposition. For many others, focusing on love rather than drama must be learnt and practised, but no change can take place until any person in a state of doing becomes aware of their tendency to overthink, react to drama and to put their own needs above others. Some people may never awaken, but many more across the planet are in a state of becoming aware of the world around them and of how their love, or lack of it, affects others.

It is not easy to always be centred in your heartspace and to see everyone and thing from a place of love when you are a human living in a very ego-centred and driven world. Remember that you are human for the reason of learning lessons and you are not expected to always get it right! However, once you are aware that your thoughts create reality and your words and actions affect people and the world around you, then changes will happen because you will begin to control and temper your actions, interactions and reactions in times of stress or drama.

Knowledge and awareness are powerful tools for change and you can use them to change your reality and that of the world around you. Before you begin the normal ‘monkeys-in-the-head’ process of over-reacting, worrying or obsessing, stop, take a breath and breathe your awareness down to your heart chakra. See the issue as a colour and say to yourself, ‘I already know the answer and it will be resolved with love.’ Then empty your mind and sit in the energy of love and knowing; soon the answer will become clear to you. If you have been angry, staying in the energy of your heart and breath will be very calming and soon the anger should pass.

A broken heart is a sign that the person has loved deeply and trustingly without conditions. If the object of their love returned that love but has since died, the grief will eventually fade, but the feelings of love for that person will always remain in the person’s heart. If the love was for a person who broke the trust or did not return the love wholeheartedly, the grief may tinged with feelings of anger, remorse for having been in a relationship with them in the first place, or even revenge. A heart that has been wronged can lead to very low vibrational feelings indeed and lead one down a track that has nothing to do with love at all. In this case, forgiveness is the key because it will set you free and allow you to move on towards a love that is true. Holding onto the past will never be the answer to the future, dear ones. Letting go of hurts and wrongs from another is one of the hardest lessons but can lead to the greatest growth.

Love is the answer: to healing, to relationships, to resolving conflict and to letting go of the past. Listen to your heart, dear ones, and always remember that the greatest love of all must be for yourself.

I AM Archangel Michael