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Archangel Raphael via Ann Dahlberg, August 2

Archangel Raphael

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Raphael and I have a message for you today. Earth is now mostly in the 5th dimension. Many of you have surely felt the powerful energies that today affect the Earth. Depending on which step of development you are on it has provided different results. It has, however, resulted in that all of you have taken a step forward. Life has affected you in different ways, or the body has detached itself from negative energy. All this can accelerate for some time to come as the light is stronger than darkness on Earth. From periodically having stood still, it has now accelerated well forward.

The words accept and forgive are words that can help you now. You must, however, take them into the heart and feel its significance if it is to give you the power you need to move on now. Much negativity can come to the surface and with the help of acceptance and forgiveness it becomes easier to release. All that needs to be purified is purified now. The light penetrates everything and there is no way to escape its rays of energy. The resistance increases only your own difficulties. It will be easier if you go with the flow and accept and forgive whatever comes up. That is how you purify yourselves.

Do not be afraid of the dark. You’ve been in the dark so long that is inevitable that you would not have some darkness within you. That was partly why you made this journey. The most important thing is that you forgive yourself for both that which you know that you have done and what you do not know that you have done. The last can come in the form of grief that you do not know where it comes from. Forgive and comfort yourselves and let it heal. It is part of your work on earth today. When you heal yourselves, others will be healed suffering the same trouble. So think about the great deeds you do for each other every time you accept and forgive yourself. It is in this way we ease the burden for others who find it harder to get out of the dark or the unawareness. It was the task you brought as you went down, to voluntarily help others so that they could wake up. It was a big task imposed on you and you have shouldered it above expectations. We are very proud of you.

It can be very hard to wake up if you sleep deeply and have much that you need to clear out of the body and soul. By healing yourself you help others to heal themselves. Now do you understand the strong sense of being One. We either help or hinder each other. Right now it is leaning in the direction of helping, and it will be so. It can no longer flip over in the other direction, as the light is stronger now.

You are at the beginning of the new era, and you are now taking the first tentative steps into The Golden Age. You are the forerunners my dear children on Earth in this new time. Be proud, bring in the light deep into your soul and know that you have already won the battle over darkness.

May all my love follow you all the way.

With great love