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Archangel Zadkiel via Linda Robinson, March 30th, 2017


Greetings Beloved Ones, this is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Archeia Holy Amethyst, and we greet you with Love and Light. Today, we wish to discuss staying focused during change.

Many energy shifts are continuing to reach your planet. When this occurs, the existing energetic pattern may be affected. The energy is still there, but the form it takes can change.

Things may change form in the physical, mental or spiritual areas.

Many forces are at work during these shifts. Interests that have previously been a passing thought suddenly come to the forefront in your awareness, and you may feel a real call to explore them.

The reverse process also can occur. For example, you may decide to change a course of study. Something that has previously held your interest may feel complete, and you may feel drawn to study another related topic or to change your focus completely. The energy you had devoted to your studies is still there. You have just shifted the topic or focus of your studies.

At times, the strength of the energetic shift in forces can be quite strong, and suddenly you may feel as if you are being pulled off-center.

You may have others around you who would like you to explore an area to which they are drawn, or you may feel that you should study a certain path but are not quite drawn to it.

You may also be aware that your time is very precious and that your top interests need to take priority.

During these times of energetic shifts, it is important to take some time out to explore how you really feel and what is right for you. This process of discernment can be used whether you are considering a small change in activity or a larger focus.

One way to approach this evaluation is to take some quiet time away from all other activities. This can be a time early in the morning or later in the evening when outside energies have subsided, or it can be whenever you have uninterrupted time to turn inward. This is your time to sit and be with yourself.

As you sit quietly, close your eyes and allow your attention to turn inward. Notice how you feel throughout each part of your body. Pay particular attention to your heart center and your solar plexus. Determine whether you feel relaxed or tense in those areas.

Then think about one of the choices you are considering. Picture that choice in your mind, and imagine yourself doing that activity. Notice how you feel in your heart center and in your solar plexus. As you picture yourself living that choice, do you feel happy and relaxed, or do you feel tense? Notice where you feel this in your body. As you take another look, consider further how you feel. Does picturing this choice make your heart sing, or do you feel neutral, or do you feel a sense of dread? The way you feel in your body will be one indicator as to whether this is a choice you wish to make.

You can repeat this process if you are considering more than one alternative and then compare how the different alternatives feel.

Once you have settled on a choice that feels right to you, consider whether it is a good fit from a logistical perspective. When it is a good fit logistically as well as on a feeling level, you are likely to have a greater sense of peace.

When you have a good fit both in feeling and logistics, then you can move forward with your decision while maintaining your focus.

You can picture your choice and know that it is the right energetic fit for you at this time both on a feeling level and on a logistical level. You have determined that you feel good about the choice and that it is logistically sound.

As you continue along your path, you may wish to do a periodic review of your activities to stay current with your interests.

When you ask that your choices be aligned with highest good, you are sending Love and Light for the benefit of all.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are staying focused during change. We are with you as you review your choices and as you are working for highest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Amethyst

…and we surround you with Love. And so it is.