Archangel Zadkiel via Linda Robinsson, June 30th

Linda Robinson ~ AA Zadkiel ~ Oneness and Love

Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and we are being joined by a host of the Angelic Realm of Light. We are coming to you as a group to display the concept of Oneness and Love.
There is no division or separation in the Higher Realms. We are part of the great Oneness, just as you are. We each have our areas of specialty, just as you do on the Earth plane.
You may know each of us by a particular vibration or by our special area of work. Each of us is a part of the fabric of Creation. If one thread were removed, there would be a gap. One thread is not more important than another. Each thread is playing its part in the greater plan of Creation.  
When we join our individual parts together, we form a complete picture of the Oneness of Creation. The quality that joins us is Love.
Love is an overarching quality that underlies and unites every part of the fabric of Light that you call the Universe. Love is the strongest force there is.
As individual units of Light in the Higher Realms, we know that we are to play our part to the fullest and best of our ability because we are an integral part of the whole. There is no competition but rather cooperation to bring our Light to the fullest and brightest level possible. When our Lights are combined, you experience the Light and music of the spheres. When viewed from afar, this Light appears seamless because of the great Love and cooperation that we exude.
The time has come for you on the Earth plane to emulate the same qualities that are being shown in the Higher Realms. No earthly Being can exist alone. No earthly Being contains all the skills and qualities in exactly the same proportions. Each earthly Being has a beautiful mission to contribute so that your planet may support the greatest good of all.
When you realize that you have a unique mission, this may begin to stimulate a desire within you for highest good. You wish for your highest good and the greatest good of all. In reality, there is no real separation between you and your neighbor. It is only one of degree of mission.
Each of you plays a part in creating and maintaining your environment of well-being. If every person had the same occupation, many areas would be left wanting. Many parts of your daily life would go unfulfilled.
For example, a craftsman skilled in woodworking can design and build structures that protect you from the elements. These structures are also places of beauty that allow for the nourishment of the soul. Other persons may be skilled healers, while others are brilliant scientists who bring inventions that make your life easier. Others may provide business places where you are able to obtain goods and services. If any one of these skills were removed, your daily life would not contain the richness that allows you to move forward on your path.
The time has come for each of you to honor and appreciate yourself and each person who contributes to the greater good of the whole.
The starting point is to turn inward and focus on your Divine Spark within. This is the Spark of Light that resides in your heart center. It is the part of you that connects you to All That Is. It is the part of you that connects you to every other Being.
Your Divine Spark is composed of Love and Light. The more you focus on your Divine Spark, the brighter it will shine. It will increase the Universal Love you feel. It will begin to bridge the seeming differences that are outward appearances of race, religion, culture, or other factors. You will instead begin to focus inwardly from your heart center and your Divine Spark to connect with the heart center and Divine Spark of others.
As this occurs, a realization of Oneness and Love begins to form. With continued focus on your Divine Spark, you become aware that you all came from the same Creator and are all part of the great Creation. You each have your part to play in maintaining an awareness of the Oneness and Love that is part of each person’s role.
A desire for the greatest good of all can enhance this energetic connection as it spreads across your planet and throughout the Universe.
Beloveds, we encourage you to spend some time each day reflecting on this Oneness and the great Universal Love that connects you all.
We are with you as you blend your loving energies together in a great web of Oneness and Light.
Know that you are greatly loved.
WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst, along with a Host of the Angelic Realm of Light,
…and we surround you with Love.
And so it is.
All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson,
Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson,


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