Love is our new reality

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Arcturian Collective, Sananda, Mother Mary, Mother Gaia via Galaxygirl, May 4, 2018

Arcturian Collective, Sananda, Mother Mary, Mother Gaia for May 4, 2018



Arcturian Collective, Sananda, Mother Mary, Mother Gaia 5/4/18

Greetings, we are the Arcturian Collective. We greet you, humanity with great love and optimism for the bright future that you are currently in the midst of creating. We see timelines shift, be removed, reborn and restructured. We see probabilities and likelihoods based on mathematical statistics, and probabilities. We see you, humanity choosing light more often in your personal choices and on the whole as a collective more readily. We see this and it gives us great delight. It is true, much hard truth is coming down the pike for you all to process, to forgive. And please remember that you too have played your roles both of the light and of the dark in this hologram, it is true. So it is time to forgive widely, broadly, deeply and completely. It is time to move on and to move ahead. The time of grudges is no longer, (if there ever was a time for this). No, it is time for the Christ light within you to expand ever so much more and to encompass and to embrace completely your form into that of newness, blossoming brightly into rebirth. That is all for now. We are the Arcturian Collective. It was our pleasure to connect with you this day.

Greetings friends! I am your Sananda, here tonight looking down upon you all from the bridge of my ship, the New Jerusalem, overlooking your progress, and it is great and grand, my friends. The swamp is being drained, the minions collected and the darkness is being returned to the light. Shine your lights a bit brighter friends, in the coming days when truths begin to come out that are exquisitely painful and may place many a doubt on manys’ faith and previous understandings. It is time to shine your light brightly, to love deeply and securely and to fasten your seatbelt as Gaia is about to take off and zoom up, up and away! It is true. Embrace this newness, this new energy of change and of hope and promise for yourselves, and for your brothers and your sisters, human family. It is time to make a real difference tangibly with all those who are around you. And how do you ask we might do this? Love. Love exquisitely. Love profoundly. Love deeply. Listen well. Be there. Be strong, rest in me and I will guide you. I will l be there for you and with you, ever guiding and supporting as the spiritual bother that I am. I am always available should your load become too heavy. I will help make your burden light. We are a team. We are one. I am your Sananda, your brother in the Christ light, your friend, here to tell you that you are doing it and that we, the Company of Heaven are so grateful for your service, so thankful for your participation in this grand project. Currently you are on Project Clean-Up Earth and assisting her on so many levels to ascend with grace and with ease. It has not been graceful or easy for anyone reading these words or listening to them. We know this, we see this, and we appreciate your service to the All. I am your Sananda. I love you ever so much.

Hello, children. I am your Mother Mary. I too am here tonight with my beloveds and I am sending whispers of love for you all and energetic support sending the pink rose petals of comfort towards your weary forms now. Ah, there, can you catch one? Can you catch a petal of love sent from heaven to you? Place it in your heart space and breathe a sigh of relief, of comfort and know that we are tangibly near to you, ever present, ever caring, guiding, supporting you on your own ascension journey. I see you children. I see warriors with sore feet and a sparkle in their eye and strong hearts of hope and of promise. I see the real you. You are much more than this little human body, that may be frail and feeling old. You are eternal. You are an eternal being of light, with God’s spark and promise, with Source’s laughter and love all wrapped up into one great cosmic being of strength, of power, of purpose and of longevity – with a myriad of intensely emotional experiences to draw upon. You are wise, way beyond your understanding, way beyond your years. You are God, just as I am. We are one. It is time to become comfortable with this idea of oneness, of the god sparks that lie within each of you. You are creator gods of the highest order, of the highest caliber and oh children, I am so proud of you. Think of me when you see pink, the pink ray of love and light and of new beginnings, and be comforted deeply in your core. I am your Mother Mary. You children, are so loved and supported.

Hello children! I am your Mother Gaia, here sending my love and light to you. Picture the ocean with a rocky shore. Picture the waves pounding the rocks. The rocks stand firm, stay strong, and provide much shelter for the tender fragile creatures seeking refuge between them. You call them tide pools. I call them safe havens, love pools if you will. Anyway, they are one of my favorite places upon me. For they comfort, they nurture, they protect. It is time for you all, my children, to please take a lesson from the pounding waves, the strong rocks and the protected creatures nestled within and between and under them. Protect me. Protect my kingdoms. Protect your children. Protect my children. You all listening to these words are becoming my protectors. I desperately need you for as my body is changing and rising, much support for me will be needed. Ground into me and as you support me, your support yourselves, the collective. For we are one planetary body. We are one. I am your Mother Gaia. I see you, humanity. I see your woundings – do you see mine? It is time that we heal together as one. I am always here for you. Are you here for me? Assist and ground your energetic upgrades deep into my crystal core and we will both be strengthened. I love you and I send the ocean spray of eternal comfort to your tired faces, freshening up your sweet faces and cool sand to soothe your tired hot feet, my transmuting friends. We are one. We are one! I am your Mother Gaia. Thank you for your service to me.

We are the Arcturian Collective. It has been our pleasure and our joy to connect with our human friends and family tonight. Be at peace. And be comforted. We are the Arcturian Collective. We depart in pace.

~ galaxygirl