Love is our new reality

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Arcturians in our Shoes via Suzanne Lie, Part 1, April 9th, 2018



Arcturians in our Shoes

A Conversation with the Arcturians


The Arcturians/Sue:

Greetings, we are the Arcturians, and we are here within our consciousness, as well as within Suzille’s and Shawnna’s consciousness, to have a bit of a conversation.

Shawnna, would you please begin by asking your question, and we will answer it through Suzille?


Yes, well thank you for joining us, as always. We appreciate your guidance. We thought it might be interesting to ask you a question and seek guidance and inspiration in these times when we’re surrounded by distractions and chaos.

We were curious to ask you from your perspective, that if you were here as humans in this 3D reality, what would you do to insight change and to focus upon the reality you wish to bring about?

The Arcturians:

Well first off, Gaia is a free will planet. And unless the people, the majority of the people of Gaia, were to ask us, “Dear Arcturians, Dear Pleiadians, Dear Antareans, Dear Sirians, would you please come and help us?”

We would be there.

But, Gaia is a freewill planet, and we have not been asked in that manner. The manner in which we have been asked is that people have set up calls, usually to one of us, meaning the Arcturians or the Pleiadians. The Arcturians and the Pleiadians are the primary ones that are asked because there are many of them/us who have chosen to take earth vessels within this now.

We have taken earth vessels to best assist you, the earthlings, to remember that you are multidimensional and that you are also your Higher Dimensional Expression of selves, along with our third Dimensional Expression of selves—without that knowledge physical life can be quite lonely and frightening.

And that is part of the reason why there is so much conflict. It’s that people feel so alone. They feel abandoned, and they don’t really believe in their own Higher Power or in their Galactic family, or even in what humanity has called God.

Because they don’t believe that there is anything bigger, stronger, wider, more evolved than them, they can pretty angry, sad, hurt and alone.

This is why we asked you many times to put aside a certain time and a certain place for as many days of the week as was possible. In fact, made a schedule and determine to keep it. As you return to that same place, at that same time and meditate to connect with us, who are also your higher self, we the Arcturians, as well as our greater Galactic family, will answer your call.

However, since this Fifth Dimensional Conversation does not easily remain in your third dimensional consciousness, we ask that you make sure that you document whatever information you receive.

We Arcturians are very pleased to speak with the members of our Galactic family who have been so brave to go down to Earth to take an Earth vessel. But, unfortunately, so many of them forget. Did you have a question or comment about of what we’ve said so far?


Yes, and going back to that statement that you’ve shared about asking for that assistance and saying “Please come help us,” How do you suggest that those of us that are aware, and ready to ask for that assistance directly, how do you suggest that we do that? Do we just each just sit down in our meditations, and say “Oh, we could really use some help right now,” or is it more of a concerted effort to organize and create ….

The Arcturians/Sue:

No, all you have to do is simply ask. You can ask while you’re driving in traffic, you can ask while you’re standing in line at the grocery store, you can ask while you’re changing the baby’s diapers, or you can ask while you’re walking in the woods. Any time you want to ask, just ask. Just say “Hello, I am here, and I want to connect with you within this Now.”

But then you have to remember that if you cannot hear us, it is not because we are not answering you, it is because your consciousness has to be aligned to a high enough frequency that you can take in this information that is from the Fifth Dimension and beyond.

Many might be able to hear a hum, or a noise, or have a feeling, but that’s all they can do. What we say is keep up your schedule of calling us at the same time and in the same place, because your body is the one who will collect the message because your body is based on cycles. Everything in your body is based on cycles. How many times does your heart beat, how many times do you swallow, how many times do you cough, how many times do you blink your eyes?

All of these different things are happening within your physical body. Therefore, if you can take the time to align yourself first with the planet, and then with the desire to communicate with a Higher Being, it is helpful to say, “I am ready to bring all of you together to be within the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond.

We understand that this  sounds easy. But it takes discipline and dedication to do. How do you begin to do this?  You do it with your breath! What will assist you most of all is if you start off with a regular breath on the inhale and make your exhale twice as long. And then you take a longer and longer inhale, which makes for a longer and longer exhale.

What happens is that you become focused on your own life force. Because breath is your life force, and the chatter in your mind goes away, the emotions in your body go away because you are just focusing on what you bring in, and release, and bring in and release.

In fact, you bring in and share. For every time you exhale, you’re not just releasing the breath, you are sharing your breath. Most people do not not realize that their breath is also filled with their emotions, their thoughts, their feelings, their desires.

Would you like to comment on that Shawnna, or perhaps ask another question?


Well, I think that’s definitely a helpful reminder for us to reset and expand our consciousness if we ever feel distracted or ungrounded. It’s definitely a good practice.

We now have this advice to focus on asking for the assistance and information, and when we place that request in our consciousness and amplify it with our love, we can share with our long,  slow breathing.

These are things that we can share with others. So in that way, it grows organically, and more and more people become aware. Also, then fewer people are lonely and feeling despondent or abandoned. They will also start to feel a deep connection with the higher frequencies. As more and more of us do this breathing, it will have an exponential effect.

The Arcturians/Sue:

Yes, absolutely. Another effect is that it puts you into alignment with your body, and so those who are listening, we ask that you put one hand on your stomach and the other hand on your intestinal area below your belly button.  Then, as you breathe in, feel what happens to your body, and as you breathe out, feel what happens to your body. In this manner you can even get to the place where, as you breathe in, you pull in Light and Love, and as you breathe out, you release Light and Love out into your reality.

When you feel how that energy comes in, and then you share it with your exhale, you also breathe in this in this energy field with your inhale, then you hold it for as long as you can and as long as it is comfortable. Then, share that gift that you’ve received, so that they too, can share their gift with others.

You can begin this process by asking your Higher Self to assist you. Because one of the things that flashes through you within this meditative breathing is that “I AM ONE.” Furthermore, when you go through your experiences you will become more aware how strong you are, how much you have to share with others.

You also remember that your earth vessel is just the body that you are wearing so that you can assist Gaia. What you also remember is that you are your breath, and without the breath going into and out of your body, as you expand your “sense of self” beyond the confines of your physical body.

Whenever you have breath exercises, you pull your Higher Dimensional Self into your physical body, and when that Higher Dimensional Self comes into your physical body, it begins to activate the Kundalini Force.

The Kundalini is located at the base of everyone’s spine, and it is an energy field. It’s humanity’s ascension energy field, and basically it is a force of Transmutation, such as the Violet Fire, and it is also a force of Unconditional Love, such as the Blue Fire.

So if you take a moment and send your breath all the way down to the base of your spine, and feel how it connects to your legs and how your legs connect to the planet and/or you can sit on the planet, sit on the ground or on the dirt, on a rock, in the tub, on the beach, wherever you are and however you breathe and move to merge more and more deeply with Gaia. You can also say:

“My body into yours, Gaia. Your body into mine, Gaia. My body into yours, Gaia. Your body into mine.” 

You can deeply ground yourself into Gaia in this manner. As you bring in this Higher Means of Breathing, you will be breathing in a new life. When you breathe in the Higher Frequencies of breath, you begin to use your higher and higher chakras to accept the Higher Breath and share the Higher Breath with others.  In this manner, you are preparing your body to resonate to Higher and Higher frequencies of reality.

You can practice this exercise by sitting still, especially if you are in Nature, and/or if you put your back up against a tree, or sit on a rock, or sit before a flower garden, you will feel ONE with Nature and ONE with Gaia. Then you can go into your primitive self, the self that IS a member of the planet, and has actually evolved into of yourself.

Shawnna, did you wish to say something?


Yes, I was going to say how valuable it is, and this is also a helpful tool for us to maintain that groundedness when we go into nature, and we set our consciousness to the natural flow and rhythm of the planet and heartbeat.

That’s also very helpful whenever we have all these intense energies, even from the Sun, coming in, and we can sense that within our bodies in different ways. And I’ve found it to be very therapeutic to go outside and sit under the trees in the sunshine.

And I think the more we share those habits with other people, as well, I think that uplifts many people and they remember that, “Oh, goodness, I can simply go outside, get some fresh air, step away from my social media, step away from the computer, and realign to that natural state.”

The Arcturians/Sue:

Yes. It is that realignment, and Gaia very much needs that realignment. Because anyone who is aware of any of the news that is going on, Gaia has been suffering a lot. There have been a lot of disasters that have come onto her body, and a lot of pollution that’s gone into her body, and lots of bombs and wars.

Gaia needs help, because humanity is frightened, and when humans get frightened, they are very often get angry. When they get angry, they want to go out and fight with something or someone. And that makes for a very low energy field of fear and anger.

Fortunately, that energy field, all of the Elohim feel that energy field, the earth, the air, the fire, the water, and work to assist Gaia with their Deep Love and Dedication. They also remember to remind humans to transmute their fear and not allow it to go into Gaia. Humans can remember to say, “Oh heavens, Gaia has fear. I guess we need to have fear, too. We need to help. How do we get rid of our fear so that we do not infect Gaia with it?”


Hmm. Just a simple question, is it helpful if we even state that intention and ask Gaia how we can help her?

The Arcturians/Sue:

Anytime that anyone honors the planet enough to think that she can hear you and will converse with you. First off, that you honor yourself enough, that you believe that you have that innate power to communicate with the entire planet.

Even if there isn’t a communication, the mere fact that a human can acknowledge that they have that ability, and the mere fact that Gaia realizes that there are humans that are on Her side is so helpful for all life.

However, if you were to put yourself into the role of planet Earth, and you looked around at the things humans are doing, would you feel like humans were on your side? Would you feel like that, Shawnna?


No, it’s actually the opposite.

The Arcturians/Sue:

That’s right, Suzille doesn’t feel like that.

Just imagine, if everybody could feel like, “This is my planet that I love, and this is my family.” In the same manner that you would love and care for a beloved family member, you would love and care for your beloved planet. It’s just a natural thing. If someone that you love calls you and says, “Oh, I really need your help.” You’re going to help them.

But do you know how many people hear Gaia say, “Oh, this horrible thing happened, and I really need your help,” how many people being amongst the ones who heard Gaia’s call will actually find a way to help Her?

Fortunately, there are many wonderful humans that have dedicated themselves to Gaia, and they have been doing amazing work. However, in the scheme of the billions of people that live on the planet, these helpers of Gaia are a very small percentage. But even that small percentage is very important.

Fortunately, when someone changes from selfishness and greed and move into a higher state of consciousness, they can make a great contribution to Gaia.

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