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“Area Z” – GCR/RV SITREP – Saturday – September 2, 2017

“Area Z” – GCR/RV SITREP – Saturday – September 2, 2017

Alright… just got final word from a Chinese source connected to the banking and a Republic source connected to the Pentagon that the RV table has indeed been “set” for release sometime over the Labor Holiday weekend.

We don’t as yet know when or where said party is said to be occurring, but we know the big table has been now “set” per our gracious hosts Elders/ AIIB/BOC/HSBC.

Looking forward to seeing what table I’m seated at personally.

The final time and day is said to be based off of several key factors, none of which are hurricane related, all of which are safety and media related.

There is an 8 window start time possibility beginning at midnight EDT Saturday morning, with all appropriate military precautions activated last night.

Supposedly Dunford has several simultaneous release strategies blending into one, a la “Area Z” or “Piccadilly Circus” was used for military assets gathering for Operation Overlord on D-Day circa June 6, 1944.

Even local top tier authorities were been notified as to what is going down and to be fully staffed for whatever may arise, including SWAT, Hostage Negotiating and Bomb Squad Units.

Praying this is not another massive pump fake, but one never knows we make it to the other side honestly. And even then it’ll be confusing with all the political drama that will be on-going covering up the secondary private exchanges (we’re the primary benefactors for the release obviously).

Ironically, we’re no longer keeping our eyes on the military news, and in stead focused squarely on the Trump resignation… as we understand his exodus is still the global flash-bang that will direct attention away from monetary reforms inside the United States.

We’ve been getting for awhile that Tuesday morning, September 6, 2017, will be the actual day when all redemption account hydration releases in full, even though primary exchanges will occur well before that day and time. Some upwards of ten years or more.

Boy it’s been one rough, lonely and spiritually brutal ride. Hopefully this is where we all jump off the RV bandwagon and step into our future human angel, greater good selves.

We shall see. We shall see.

Meanwhile, let’s continue to remain in steadfast belief and dare to play a historically heroic role as a selfless economic servant of others in dire need. There’s honestly no better fate than that. Sobeit.

God is with us