Artemis via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, August 30th, 2019

Artemis  ~   galaxygirl   8/30/2019


I am Artemis, keeper of the flame. Greetings, fellow initiates of the way, of light, of love. I embody the energies of the huntress. Many of you have served me as we served these energies together. I am portrayed as one of fierce beauty, as an amazonian warrior. Let us be clear. I am a protector of the animals. I am protectorate of the realm, defender of the righteous, the innocent, the forgotten. For too long has the hunting sport been misused, maligned. It is imperative that humankind begins to align more fully with the goddess of Gaia, of her creatures, her species, her kingdoms, her kinds.

Green, the color of the heart chakra, is such a vibrant hue from space. We see the green of Nova Gaia beckoning you all onward on your inner journeys. I am with my sisters Aphrodite, Athena. We of the feminine trinity see with fresh eyes of all seeing Source light. It is true. You have heard these words many times through this one’s channels. It is true. When out of the 3D humankind embodiment one does see clearly. One sees all of the missed arrows of opportunity, when one was too afraid to see, to really truly see the opportunity of love, of adventure awaiting them. This era is over, is past now. Nova Gaia gleams like a bright emerald or jade sparkling green in the near distance, a mirage becoming quickly solid. Best keep your footing as the energies twist and shift around. Keep your warrior stance. Ground the light.

I am Artemis, keeper of the flame. I am protector of the realm. I hold the energy of adventure, of pure love, of advancement. One cannot advance when standing still. One must continue to walk to continue on their journey. Arrows of love packed in the quiver, we extend our hands to you, in love and oneness. For we see you as you truly are, warriors and light bearers of the way. Initiates arise. Let us change the animal skins of the old ways of death and destruction to richly woven gilded fabrics of the most precious flexible metals, clothing you in light. Look in the mirror and rub away the film of forgetfulness. Look into the still pond. Who and what do you see? Do you see yourself as your 3D or 5D you? As your small self or your angel self? All lies within.

I am Artemis, keeper of the flame. Keep your heart-light burning strong and sure and watch the surrounding darkness melt into light. Explore the upper mountain ranges of love and adventure with me. You are well protected. Together we join arm in arm, hand in hand, facing the darkness within and without head-on, fearless. Tonight we see fear and say goodnight to it, forevermore. Be at peace with all of your selves tightly packed within. Send them love. Send them light.

I am Artemis, keeper of the flame of love, of curiosity, of inner determination. Ferocity of love, burn bright within the nearly awakened heart consciousness of these fellow initiates of the way. I embody love, the protection and defense of it. I protect Gaia and all of her kingdoms. I am returned. I walk among you with the others. There are many. We bring the light to this realm now, forever grounding the light, changing the codes, bringing peace, bridging worlds. And you, ground team as you have been called, are the other receiving end of this energy bridge. To this we extend our hands to our hearts in thanks and eternal gratitude. For the light has won. Defend the light! I, Artemis, have spoken. So be it.

~ galaxygirl