Love is our new reality

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Ascended Christ Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, February 19, 2020

Ascended Christ Collective via Galaxygirl | February 19, 2020

Ascended Christ Collective 2/19/2020

Greetings beloveds, we are the Ascended Christ Collective. Peace and deep hope we offer to you today. Infused within these words, like dripping golden honey, so too our light permeates your consciousness and understandings of new beginnings, of new hopes, of the deepest of joys. For truly you have some inkling of what the next dimensional octave may be like but in reality one cannot fathom on a deep level. You are bestowing rising humanity a great service by lending your light, by offering your strengths, your experiences to hold yet more light codes and to ground them and share them with the others. You enrich the ascension vibratory rate with each meditation, with each well wish, with each action of love.

We are the Ascended Christ Collective. From beyond time space there we are. We form the fabric of the universal experience of consciousness. For all is alive, glowing, swimming in the universal codices of love, of light. From well beyond the depth of human experience, there we are surrounding the pain of loss and separation, infusing it with yet more light, with yet more love. For the depth of pain experienced in this realm is not to be underestimated or under appreciated. As humanity has extended into the depth of experiences so too shall humanity rise again into the uncharted heights of new joys, of new discoveries, of new freedoms. (I am seeing shackles breaking, veils lifting, rusty hinges snapping open. I am hearing happy cheering. I am feeling the vibration of freedom, liberation, deep joy). Source is blessing us with these interactions with ascending humanity, for we are you, you are an aspect of us embodied. We expand, we grow, we live, we see, we feel, we experience. We experience Source when we experience each other. For that is what we are.

We are the Ascended Christ Collective. (I am seeing a moving woven transparent fabric of vibrating light that is flying through space. It is alive and I can feel the joy of freedom of movement, more than we can have in these physical forms). It is true, that consciousness in its vastness could not be contained, for the drive to experience was too vast. Consciousness split, divided, grew, expanded. Consciousness upon layers of consciousness like infinite layers of water. And yet the breath of the All enwraps the experience in light, in love, in further experience of deep creation. You are not to understand these images for you are experiencing this from a singular physical point. You are within a network of multidimensionality of coinciding timelines, dimensional realities that coincide and interact with your own vortex of creation, of perception of truth. We do hope that you you feel the immense complexity of the situation that you find yourselves in and yet, the simultaneous existential simplicity of love. Source, Creator, All, all is love. All is a tapestry of love. We are an aspect of this love.

We are the Christed consciousness of pure love, of great strength of commitment to the light to the purity of all things. We are girding up our Christed ones, anointing them with the holy flame of ourselves, for that is what we are. (I am seeing a singular golden stream of light entering my crown igniting geometric shapes that are appearing linearly along my body. They are blue shapes glowing gold as the light touches them). Yes. We are igniting, empowering, reminding gently our Christed ones, friends of the way, of who they are. You are light. You are love. You are. YOU are this. You are an aspect of the intensely beautiful, never ending, always changing, always expanding all that is. Feel our light encodements and be at peace. Feel your DNA expand and glow with the Christed flame, truly alive once again. Our wish for you tonight, our benediction, our blessing for our Christed ones, is to hold this Christed flame of intense purity of love deep within your heart space. Feel the pressure, let the burning in your heart space engulf you in light. We are preparing your light body for final expansion. We wish for you to ground this intensity, this love, into existing Gaia and Nova Gaia and to visualize a bridge of light in between her two aspects. For in so doing you will be bridging your own pathway to Nova Gaia, to your own personal and planetary ascension.

We are the Ascended Christ Collective. Please know, please realize that your work is being lovingly recorded so that you can review it in your ascended state. You are a tremendous aid. Keep your lights high. Keep the Christed flame burning bright. It suits you well.

We are the Ascended Christ Collective. Be at peace little ones, and be in joy. We are you. Remember this when any task seems insurmountable. You are so loved, so valued, so well looked after. This is the era of the Christed consciousness merging with the Sophia. Divine feminine returning, divine masculine healing. Such are the times you are experiencing, such are the times you are witnessing. Feel the power of this junction point of the ages. For the scales are now fully tipped toward the light, whether the dark ones like it or not does not matter. Their chapter has ended. Now we decree is the time of the great union of light, of the Christed ones fully embodied, serving the others, fully supported and at peace.

We are the Ascended Christ Collective. We wish for you to tap into this energy field that is us all times, in all moments, whenever it suits you. We wish for this to become a common practice for you. Visualize the ancient light language symbols encoded within you. Each code has a story, a past, a present and a future. We are igniting them once again with our light. Be emboldened in this time of intense personal and planetary transformation! And be in JOY! We are the Ascended Christ Collective. Peace.

~ galaxygirl