Love is our new reality

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Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, August 12, 2020

Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl | August 12, 2020


Ascended Dragon Collective 8/12/2020

Greetings humans. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective, returned to your awareness. We are watching you keenly with our golden eyes of Source light to see what will the awakened ones do next. Will they own their power or will they allow the fear of discordant energies to extinguish their flame? That is the only choice in this now. Love or fear? Forgiveness or rage? One must choose. We are encircling your globe with dragon light of the Christed flame. (I am seeing many dragons of all colors encircling Gaia. They are creating a light grid and funneling the recent energies available into Gaia).

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. You are mighty warriors of faith, of love, of strength. You have built many worlds and you will create yet again. The old must crumble. You are experiencing this crumbling. But in this moment of external crumbling the inner heart of humanity solidifies. We see light workers standing strong in this moment. The opportunity for great manifestation awaits you. We have been working with the Lion’s Gate energies. It was this energy stream that we have been working with most recently. Clearing, cleaning. New beginnings. We charge you with finding your own inner dragon. Seek the inner wisdom, the inner ways of light. In so doing you can never be truly surrounded by darkness for the light is within. You have completed many obstacles to get to this point. (I am seeing bootcamp trainings, mud pits and climbing obstacles. I am feeling the sweat and tears, the exhaustion). Yes. You feel as though you are in the mud but you are not. You have passed through the course and stand dry and clean objectively looking at it. If that is your choice, human. It is always your choice. You can at any time experience the mud or the clean grassy field of objective neutrality. Even in the mud you can feel the peace of the field. In the heat of battle it may not appear so, but a trained warrior is aware of the inner stillness within. The zen in the moment. We dragons enjoy the zen moments. We enjoy flying high and free. In battle when we fly high before swooping down to charge, we gather our strength. We hear the whisperings of the stars and we feel the breath of the Mother beneath us, supporting us, recharging us for what is to come. You have long days. Your days are presenting themselves differently to you. You are navigating storms daily. We encourage you to soar more. Soar through the wind. Do not fight it. Glide above it. Be objective. Be neutral. Great shatterings we perceive are to come. Hold the light. Feel the support underneath your wings.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We have not spoken in some time. It is not because we were not near. We have been near. We are working with many of you in your dream states. We fight and serve the Mother alongside you. You would be impressed with the ancestral and astral clearings that have been most recently accomplished. (They are laughing). You would not fear your earthly boss or small paycheck if you remembered your mighty deeds. You are light holders. You are manifesters. Do not play into the hands of those who would wish you to manifest small. We wish for you to experience the feeling of flying now. As we fly we are usually carefree, blank-slated, relaxed, coasting on the winds freely made available to us. We have no need for many of the things you need. (I am seeing grocery lines and wallets, cars on smoggy highways). No. We eat freely with what the universe provides. Purchasing will become but a memory, a thought. Nova Gaia gives her fruits freely. (I am seeing enormous apple trees, with apples so shiny and pure you can see your own reflection. They glow within. I can hear the crunch. I didn’t know dragons liked apples!) You are to learn many things of our kind. We are not the war-thirsty savages in your stories. Remember humans wrote those stories, or the imposters of humans. We were peaceful, many. Some chose the dark. Many did not and fled to the higher vibratory realities. We have returned to assist in ushering humankind to a more peaceful state.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Your metamorphosis is daily now. Day by day more occurs with your dragon spirit. (I am seeing a dragon peeking out of a shell. I am seeing juvenile dragons test their strength. Personally I am feeling like the elderly dragon in the corner, but they will have none of that). You are more than your little human form! Rise up and be ignited! (I am seeing brilliantly colored friendly dragon faces all around me, blazing me with fire). Be ignited. Let your fears dissolve away. (I am seeing a mound of burning sand become molten glass. This molten glass is creating an egg around me, impenetrable, strong). You are safe. You lightworkers are the jewels of the universe, of the Mother’s heart. You are safe. It is safe to shine your light now. It is your purpose. Grid and ground. Weave the codes. 

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Be at peace in this moment and glide above the ensuing storm. You will become a vibrational magnet of love pulling it with you and blessing those who seek out your presence. Your presence is needed. Be fearless. Be strong. Peace, little human. Your time has come. It is your moment. The universe is watching. This one is hesitant to discuss fighting, war. You have been enmeshed in a multidimensional multi-millennial war for a deceptively long while. Clear it with your fire. Whether you use the violet flame or your dragon flame it matters not. The intention of purity is what matters. We send light to the dark ones now. We send peace. Gaia is in need of peace and her creatures in of need peacemakers. Which are you? Little human, what do you see ? (I see peace). Then you shall have it. For that is the reality you create. Those that lack it will seek out your vibration. Be ready to serve in this capacity. Send peace to those driving on the road with you, to your colleagues. Send peace to the fabric of the universe and more of the same shall find you. We are the ascended Dragon Collective. Peace little human, peace.

~ galaxygirl