Love is our new reality

Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl, August 30th, 2020

Ascended Dragon Collective 8/30/2020
Greetings humans reading these words. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We offer you these words from a higher dimensional perspective. We encourage you to look at your world in its current state of affairs from a higher vantage point of spirit, where all is in the flow and in perfect order and timing. We mean no disrespect. We are well aware of the disarray and current disharmony upon your surface world. We are aware of others trying to seek out truth through various channelers, messages, through various means of connecting. And we wish to remind that the message can only be as high as the channeler receiving it. And we see many responding to messages through their own lens of fear. We suggest being in a vibratory state of balance and harmony prior to reading any channeled messages so that you can see from a higher vantage point. For what you intend to see, is seen. It is time to overcome your own fear. It is time to rise out of the mud of the lower dimensional realm. (I am seeing people walking out of the mud quickly transformed into clean white clothing. No longer dirty they are shining bright. They come back to the muddy pit and I see other hands reaching out of the mud. I see the radiant ones circling back, knee deep into the mud and pulling out the muddy hands, pulling people literally up out of the pit of misconceptions, anger, rage. But they can only have their own mud rinse off when they are ready to see. I am understanding that the programming, the misconceptions covers the eyes, and therefore clouds the thinking and processing of the heart. I am seeing that we once were truly loving, resplendent, simple beings and that humanity is in the midst of receiving a massive upgrade and has the opportunity to become freed).
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We seed these images into the vision’s eye for there is no mud in the higher realms. One’s thinking cannot be muddied for you are far above the mud. Flying high rinses, the rain is clear and clean. The visions are long on the horizon. Do not be afraid. You were chosen for this path, for this journey, to help your fellow traveler. As you own your divinity, as you realize that you have cleared off your own mud of the lower vibrations, as you help your fellow traveler up out of their own mud of pain and rage, you need not be muddied. You need not feel the mud in your own eyes again. See clearly. See truly. Feel clean in the higher dimensional awareness of all that you are.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We see many lightworkers exhausted and muddied, allowing the burden of their own empathy to drag them down. Do not do this. Immediately send love and light to the feelings of the lower vibrations. No longer entertain them. Yes, mankind is hurting. Humans, the time of your awakening is nigh, is here, within you. Hatchlings no more, we see full fledged juveniles testing their wings. We dragons are clean creatures. We bathe in the light. It cleanses us. We fly high in the rain of the crystalline vibrations, it soothes us. We fly high above the clouds to obtain a higher perspective. We chase comets when we wish the exhilaration of speed. Vibrationally you can all do this. You are much more than your small frail human form. We do not see you as frail. We see you as mighty warriors of the light who fight alongside us in the night, clearing the darkness to allow more light within Gaia. Many children are being and have been rescued. Divine order is coming into play. For too long the dark ones have enforced tyranny for their own gain. They shall feel what they have inflicted and they are getting a taste of their own medicine. Pity the fools that thought they could outsmart and outlast the light. No more. We serve the light! We usher it forth! Just as you too, young one, are doing. Human, take heart. Be of good cheer. For you are more than what you see. You are more than this form. Do not let the words of the unenlightened ones based in fear sully your judgment. Protect your vision. See clearly.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We surround you in a circle of light. (I see many colorful dragons of all sizes surrounding Gaia, wings out. They are in place beating their wings, creating a breeze of light energy. I feel this breeze and have chills down my spine). Be bigger than the fear that seems to surround you. For it is but an illusion and it is being blown away. The light is coming, is here, is within you. Become the Christed light. Become this vibration. Many of you are already doing this as you serve endlessly in the quiet moments, as you usher in the vibration of peace by your presence. You cannot be shaken. You cannot become muddied unless you allow the mud of fear being thrown to stick on you. Wipe it off. Blast it with light. You are more than your fear. It is not your fear. It is the others’. Fear lowers vibration, lowers health. Healthy forms require oxygen, light, love, and yes, pursuit of happiness.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We wish for humans to be happy again to find their joy and purpose in commonality of unity consciousness again. You are all lonely, this we see. We are here all around you, your dragon family of light. Do not be afraid to invite us into your circle. For we are here regardless. (I hear dragon laughter). Little human, why do you feel you must do it all alone? When you envision your purple fire within Gaia, you envision yourself sitting there all alone. Invite your angelic team, invite the archangels, so mighty and strong. Invite the angelic collectives of light. Invite your ascended dragons to assist. Let us create more light.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective of love, of light. We breathe fire on your crown. We cocoon you in fire-light of change, of metamorphosis, of renewal. Fire heats sand, fire heats rock into all new formations. You are becoming new beings. Crystalline. Crystals are formed under massive pressure. How else did you think this would occur? You are becoming diamonds, jewels. We are privileged to serve and to fight alongside of you for what is what is right and good. We see brightness for humanity. We see light. We see what you will soon see. Be at peace friends. Little human, be comforted. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We breathe light into you now. Peace.
~ galaxygirl