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Ascended Masters One Who Serves via James McConnell, August 4th, 2018

Ascended Masters One Who Serves


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

Here we go people! You ready?! Are you ready for what is coming?

Not only for what is coming this weekend in your Advance but for everything that is coming to the world, to the planet, the energies that are coming in. They are going to become incredibly stronger as each day goes by now as these cosmic events continue to happen.

And as the Lion’s Gate opens up: a Stargate that is going to propel you all into the highest heavens within your beings. We cannot be too much more explicit at this point but it is going to be miraculous for many of you to experience the energies as they come in. Again, not only at the Advance but as they come in to all over the next weeks and months that are coming here. It is going to be something else! And we are all anxiously awaiting in anticipation because we have prepared for this for some time just as you yourselves have been preparing for this as well.

So we are ready here to answer questions if there would be. There you go, Zoe, take it away.


Zoe:  Thank you One Who Serves and thank you Sananda for always being here for us. We do love you so.  

So, the question process, for those of you on the phone, is really simple: Press 1 on your keypad to raise your hand. When it’s your turn, I’ll call out your area code. Tell us your name and where you’re located.

Be brief and succinct with what you’re asking. And remember that the more specific your question is, the better the answer is going to be. After your question is answered, press 1 to remove yourself from the queue.

So come on in and let’s see what we can stir up. And Joanna, did you have any emailed questions?



Q & A 

Q:   [Emailed question] Today I was getting ready for work and I remembered my mom got new glasses the day before so now she can probably see a pimple on a ladybug. Ha! ha! About 3 min. later a ladybug flew into the bathroom as I was about to shave. The question is did I manifest that ladybug and if so how can I do this again with something else?


OWS:  Oh my goodness we have been sharing this for some time here over and over, and in many different respects. Preparing you for those times when your ability to manifest is going to become greater and greater and greater. It is going to be astounding to you. As those times when you have asked for something, you have prayed for things and then they do not happen or they happen much later or they do not happen in the way that you wanted them to or expected them to, in terms of there being that buffer period, that is going to be gone people. That is going to be gone. We cannot say it any other way.


You are going to manifest directly as you are asking for something or as you are creating something within your imagination, within your mind. It is going to be immediate. Just as you can put out your hand and ask for something to appear in your hand it is going to be that quick, as you learn how to do this.


It is a process. It is not something that will happen overnight to most of you, although some of you will be able to do that. It is a process. You can even call it a scientific process because it is a science that is beyond the science that you understand now. It is certainly a metaphysical science that you are going to be grasping as a race, as a whole here, as a collective whole. The entire planet is going to come to understand how to do these things. How to experience this. How to manifest this.


So yes, my dear brother, you were experiencing a manifestation process here without even knowing that you are doing it. And for many of you, you manifest things every moment and you do not even know that you are doing it. And that could come in terms of communication with another person. You are saying something or thinking something rather within your mind, and then someone else says it because they pick it up. You are manifesting thoughts for them to pick up. You see? It is happening more and more and more.


But this is just the beginning, just the beginning of the telepathic process that is coming here. Many of you are going to experience this telepathy that you have all known before. It is a remembering. It is a coming back to you. It is not something you are learning now it is just something you are remembering. You can say you maybe will be re-learning it but you have it within you and you are going to be experiencing this, as well is moving objects with your mind. And yes, as someone said earlier, even flying. Can you imagine? You will have the ability to fly. Wow! Can you imagine what this will be like? Instead of all of the ships and planes and all of this, see people flying everywhere. Of course that is somewhat down the road. We are not going to say that is going to be tomorrow or anything, but it is coming.


It is going to be a part of moving into the higher vibrations and being that lighter part of yourself. Not having that weight that density that holds you down; gravity holding you down. You will be beyond gravity in that respect.


So those of you that have had the dreams of flying that is not simply a pipe dream. It is real. You are flying in that experience. It is real in that experience. But it is also [for] many of you a remembering of when you could fly. In other planets, other systems you have had these experiences. So again, get ready. Be ready! The energies are coming. You are going to experience many shifts and changes in you, outside of you, all around you. Everywhere there are going to be changes. So we hope this answers your question dear brother.


Joanna: And, One Who Serves, Shoshana wishes to share.


OWS:  Yes. Yes, please. Yes, always.


Shoshana:  Shoshana wishes to share on manifestation and this is the real issue with manifestation currently in our lives. One who has an expectation, one who prays, may not realize that the expectation and the prayer is sprinkled with their doubts. And when doubt enters an expectation, however small, and when doubt enters a prayer, however small, a manifestation cannot occur in its purest form. We must be careful to strengthen our faith and let go of our doubt. And the one who asked about the ladybug did not have an expectation, did not think about it. Did not try. And as a result he manifested because there was no doubt in his mind and he didn’t try. So part of manifestation is letting go. Ask and then let go. That is all I have.


OWS: Wonderful! Yes. Very good. Would there be questions other questions now?


Zoe:  Well that makes crystal clear the meaning of the saying, be careful of what you wish for.


OWS:   That is correct. That is correct, yes.


Q:   This happened a couple of days ago. It’s the same question [from last week] but it’s about the birds. One of the little birds (brown birds) while trying to get into my office it went to one window, second window, third window, and forth. Then it disappeared. I left my office and then I saw a lot of little birds flying. And between this little birds, I saw white little bird. Completely white, only had a little blue on the top. I’ve never seen anything like that. I even went online and searched for the birds. I’ve never seen birds like that online. So what’s the meaning of it?


OWS:  What we would do here is turn it back to you in terms of what is the meaning for you? What did you experience from this? In terms of your initial, what you call gut feeling, or intuition that came to you at that very second and moment here.


Q:  It was a sign for me. I don’t know what sign. It was showing that something was happening but I don’t know what sign exactly. Like somebody was sending a message to me but I don’t know exactly who.


OWS:  What we can tell you then if you were saying it was a message, it was certainly a message from your higher self to share with you that things are certainly changing all around you, within you, just as we have been saying. And higher self is giving you this message that this change in terms of a bird that you have never seen before that you cannot find on your internet, it is saying that everything is changing very rapidly here. And there will be new birds and new animals and all of this. Ones that have been extinct in the past will come back. That of the unicorn and others will come back. They are mythical in your understanding now but they are real and they’re going to be coming back. And this is an indication of how things are changing so rapidly and there will be new life forms that will be coming to the Earth when the Earth has fully moved into the higher vibrations along with all of the people here on the planet; all life forms here on the planet. Okay?


Q:  Sometimes I feel like I get up in the morning and I’m in a bad mood. Is that something related to the Archons bothering me during the sleep time?

OWS:  What we can tell you is: sometimes your moods are simply that; being moods. And it is not something that is being perpetrated on you. You are just simply having these moods because you have the programming from the past, the connections to the past, to the understandings, to the memories that are coming to you and inciting those things within you, your chakras. Inciting your chakras to remember these things and then to manifest them outside of yourself in terms of emotional outbursts, moods, anger, everything that goes with these various emotions. And certainly that is your lower chakra centers activating here. If you are activating in your higher chakras then you would not have these mood swings and these outbursts and things of this nature. That will be a thing of the past as you move up higher and higher in vibration therefore being higher, moving up higher in your chakra centers as well. Okay?


Q:  We know that all these good energies, the Light energies are coming upon us and they’ll be also dropping on any negativity including the Archons, whatever Archons we’ve got remaining here on this planet. I know they can’t survive in the light. I know that but would there be a clash between the Light coming upon the negativity and the negativity causing all these corrupted politicians and elites to actually reveal themselves of all the bad things they are doing? This is in addition to what is already being done by the President. But is that part of it too? Because they can’t live in the light, so are they going to cause also the negativity to actually come out? Is that part of the play out of the light? The energies coming from the light?


OWS:  Yes. Yes this clash you are speaking of is already occurring. It has been happening for some time and it is happening and will continue to happen for a bit yet. But understand that the dark forces are being eliminated all the time here. Every moment there are more that are being eliminated both those that are nonphysical in terms of the Archons or even the Archons that are physical within certain bodies here on the planet, in terms of what you would call the minions here on the planet. And they are dissipating, being taken off planet all the time here. As well as those arrests that are happening behind the scenes that have not been brought forth yet in what you call the sealed indictments which are close, as we find it, to becoming unsealed. Many of them are going to be unsealed here.


And all of this is the process that is going through that is bringing the darkness into the light. Illuminating the darkness, a better way of putting this. The light is illuminating the darkness so all of those things that have happened behind the scenes in the closet you might say for some time here that they did not want you to know about, it is being brought forth. It is being brought into the light. And as it is being brought into the light then more and more people across the planet are going to awaken because of this. One particular movement that is happening is your QAnon movement. It is real it is happening and it is awakening a great many more that would not have awakened until it came to hit the mainstream media here. And that is happening more and more. Even though they are laughing at it or mocking it or saying it is conspiracy theory or whatever, it is bringing it out into the open. Bringing it into the light. The darkness is being illuminated. Okay?


Q:  Okay thank you. You just answered many other questions that were in the background.


OWS:  Yes. Funny how that happens here.


Q:  Around the night of the 25th, one day before at the new Galactic year, I was almost falling asleep and Spirit, or the Galactics, or Angels or who ever put something in my throat. They woke me up and made me aware that they put something in my throat. I was wondering what is that. The next day at work in a situation I noticed I was telling the truth about a situation (on how to treat kids in a better way), and I was impressed by myself because the old me would please people and would care about not hurting people’s feelings and so I wasn’t probably telling the truth all the time. So I want to know if it’s possible what was this thing and the purpose of it. And the reason for me wanting to know is I want to cooperate more and more by being aware of what it was and I will do more of it to help it experience it.


OWS:  What we can tell you in terms of your dreams, this is a dream experience. And we are wanting to get you all to understand that these are experiences beyond the dream programming that you have had in the past. They are real. They are experiences. And this particular one was an activation of your fifth chakra center, your will center, your speech center. And it is becoming out of the truth or bringing the truth forward, revealing the truth so that you will speak the truth. Not that you do not regularly but there are times certainly when you don’t, when others don’t. And many of you find that in your lives that you are not fully speaking the truth but yet you want the truth. You want the truth to be known everywhere. And we can tell you from your movie where it says, “you cannot handle the truth,” yes, you can handle the truth. You want the truth. And the truth will set you free and it is setting you free. And again those of you that have that in your dream it is real. It is a re-awakening of the fifth chakra center. James has had that at several times here. He spoke of it once quite some time ago. And it is a real phenomenon that is happening as you are having these experiences in other dimensions and other alternate realities we will call this. Okay?


Q:  One Who Serves, I recently finished reading the book “Secret Places of The Lion” by George Hunt Williamson who is Brother Philip. And I’m pretty sure I recognized myself in the book as being a historian on Lemuria and I was one who was involved with secreting our family records. In fact for those who don’t know the “Secret Places of The Lion” title of that book refers to the places where we did hide our family records. So I’m wondering what my– I know also that my title was Lady of the Sun. So I’m wondering what my name was in that incarnation.


And also I guess I have an issue when I go there because when I was a child I started sliding down a couple hundred foot cliff and ever since then I’m not real crazy about being on precipices such as climbing down within a crater. So I’m wondering I know that we secreted a spaceship there and I’m sure that we must have had a reason for doing so. I can think of one very good reason which I won’t mention on the phone why we left it there. But I’m wondering since is already there do you think that it could be arranged to where it could reveal itself and we can maybe just be transported to the crater in our spaceship. And if that’s not possible then I would just ask that my family who is always there, who I see all the time, if they could come and take me down into the crater. I guess I’m trying to tell you that I really don’t want to climb up and down into that crater. Is that possible?


OWS:  What we can tell you first on your first part here we cannot give you your name that you had at that time. That you must come to on your own here. We are not in the process of giving names out just as we don’t even have share our names with you for the most part. You know that one has here but we are the One Who Serves. And you are who you are. And the name itself whether it is name now or name in the past, is not important. It is always the message that counts here.


As to the second part of this as to proximity or what it would be like to travel down into a volcanic crater, you do not need to do that. Those that will be on this expedition this first-time will not be going down into the volcano to the bottom as group before that has. You do not need to do that. So that is not an issue. But it is not to say that it is still not a trek. You have to make a trek. You have to be somewhat in physical shape to be able to do this. It is not for one who has difficulty walking or climbing a little bit. There is some of this. There is a need to have good heart condition because there is some strenuous activity but not a great amount. Not as it was for the groups in the past here that have ventured there when they did go down to the bottom. You see? So no concern about this at this time.


Q:  My question today relates to some communication I’ve been having with what feels like angelic Arcturian counsel. They seem to be quite excited that I’m going to the Advance. Conveyed that they view this as an opportunity to deepen working with me and communicating with me. Can you elaborate perhaps on their connection to you and perhaps our connection together?


OWS:  What we can say is we are all connected certainly. We are all One. From all across the planet all that have ever been here on the planet, ever left the planet, and will come back to the planet, and all that are on other planets, other solar systems, other galaxies, we are all One. So it is not that there is any separation whatsoever. So in that way we are all connected. We are also connected, you being with those of the Arcturians, and those here, here on the planet and certainly within this group Ancient Awakenings, you are all part and we are all part of a soul group here. Yes, we, the One Who Serves, are part of your soul group. Sananda is part of your soul group. You see? Others as well. And we are all connected in this. And yes they are almost to the point of being giddy, happy, joyous, jovial, all of these things that you not only that you are going to the Advance and are going to be a part of that, but what you are going to experience in the process of being there and what is going to come after this. More on this we cannot give for you must experience it directly as you will at that time. Okay?


Q:  I just had a really profound experience with the meditation and something just happened and I’m not really sure what to make of it. Can I share it with you maybe you can shed some light? [Yes please.] Through the meditation — which was amazing because Sananda just blows it out! He’s just amazing. I was really feeling it. And I was in my Merkaba so I was very well protected. I was in my Merkaba and I was sharing my light down onto the planet and I can see the light going everywhere. And for some reason my mind was directed to Africa. And when I was directed to Africa, at this point a dark face, a dark entity, I don’t know what it was but it was something dark. It almost felt like it was coming toward me so I felt a pressure on my chest like a breathing in. And at that point I turned around, I looked toward the ship, I looked toward my Twin Ray. I called my Twin Ray who came straight toward me into my Merkaba. He kissed me and then he sent me back down. So what happened? I’m a little bit shaken up to be honest. I’m just here to share it with you. I don’t know what happened.


OWS:  Do you remember when Sananda said that the Light is illuminating the darkness? This is an indication of Light there going into a certain area in Africa, as you are saying, where there is still quite a bit of darkness that is the long-standing. Has been there for a long time, was accentuated you might say, exaggerated even, in the late 1990s here when the Congo, an area of the Congo opened up to many Archons coming in at that time. It opened up a portal or a Gateway and they came in en masse at that point. And there is still an indication there or a semblance of darkness that is still there because of this. And the process that was occurring there, and the process that is going to occur on the mass meditation on the 11th here of August directly, that is when the Gateway is going to be completely closed. So this was an indication of the darkness that is still there and how the Light is coming to the dark, and they do not like it one bit. So that is what you are experiencing or what you did experience there and it is the beginning of this Gateway closing here. For good here.


Q:  I was protected. I just thought to myself, ‘oh no, were you not protecting yourself!’ That’s not like me at all. I’m always protected. I was in my Merkaba. I felt it. I could see it, it was spinning. So I was protected wasn’t I?


OWS:  You are completely protected in your Merkaba vehicle, yes, in your light body vehicle. Always.


Q:  Good. It was just I’ve never experienced that before, One Who Serves. I don’t know why it was me that had to experience it but I thought, oh well. But I felt very safe and I was literally when Sananda … you are all, I could see everybody was already going down and back to their bodies but me, I was still up there until my Twin Ray went, ‘Nope! Off you go.’


OWS:  Yes. If you think that was something wait until the Advance.


Q:  I had a desire earlier in the week to pull some crystal wisdom Oracle cards which I’ve had for three years and never use them. I was drawn to them and I did pull four cards. The meaning of each of the crystals that I pulled, one was transmutation magic, compassion, passion, and trust. And I put those cards in my bed and slept with them, actually. They were facing the window which I could see out and see the sky. And between 12 and 1:30 for four or five nights in a row, I’ve been awakened and I have looked out and I’ve seen what I believe is a spaceship that traverses the sky, kind of in the same pattern, all four or five nights. I even had to put my glasses on to make sure it was not a plane that it was in fact something different. It looked like a star, a moving star. Moving slowly. So I would like to know what this means.


OWS:  It means exactly what you are thinking it means at this point. You must allow yourself to experience the connection with your higher self here. Your higher self is whispering to you, giving you that faint whisper within your heart center and sharing with you and opening. An opening that is happening now as we speak here. And what you experienced there was certainly not a plane it was certainly not a star. Stars do not move like that. It was as you were experiencing. And everything that is happening to you now at this point, is happening for a reason.


Not only you who is asking this question but all. You must understand that you are all coming to remember many things within you. You are all coming to have things revealed to you that you did not know existed or that you did not believe existed or you did not think that it was going to happen to you. If those of you that say why does this not happen to me, well it is happening or it is going to happen. It is happening right now as we speak here and it is coming even more and more to your understanding and you are all going to experience many more things that are going to shock you at times that are going to yes even at times bring you to your knees as we have spoken of the energies, as Sananda spoke of the energies as you are acclimating to these energies. It is all a part of the process, the transition that you are moving through now. And this transition is creating many new energies coming into the planet.


You see there is a process that is happening as the Earth is moving through the solar system. The solar system is moving through the galaxy. The galaxy is moving through the universe. And all are moving into areas that they have not been in in a very very long long long time. And you can even say that the cycles that are happening, if you look at it from a scientific point of view, the cycles that are happening are happening simultaneously, we would say here.


And the energies that as you move from area to a different area of the galaxy, and a galaxy moves to a different area of the universe, it is opening up to all new energies. And the energies themselves, even from the universe itself — we speak only of the Galactic Central Sun but what about the Universal Central Sun? You see? There are Central Suns within Central Suns within Central Suns. And it is all within the process of change here. And you are coming to what is really going to be called the zero point.


You have many definitions for the zero point but the absolute definition of zero point here is when the Source itself, when Prime Creator goes from a in-breath to an out-breath and that point between the two.


And that is what is happening or going to happen and that will be the bringing of The Event here when that occurs. That never happened here within this planet ever before. So it is a process. It is a major cycle change that is going to happen. And if you can imagine the universe itself moving from and in- breath to an out-breath and that exact zero point between the two when it switches over. A rest and an energy. A rest and an energy. Okay?


Q:  This question is about time. We understand at this point that we needed time to experience the illusion of separation from the Father. And we needed the past, present, and future of this linear time and it looks like we are transcending it. So on July 26 in the morning usually I will have my oven clock is a little bit ahead like thirty or 45 seconds compared to the iPhone and the iPad. That morning something happened and my Guides made me aware about it. On that morning the iPad and the iPhone was ahead compared to the clock in the kitchen. And I got from it it’s a cosmic something it’s an acceleration or whatever. Is there anything please you can explain what happened and what’s happening with our relationship with time as we know it.


OWS: Not so much exactly with your occurrence here but for all here. Understand that time is shifting. Time as you know it is not going to be the way it is now in the times ahead. No pun intended there. You are going to experience many shifts, many changes, as we have been saying and part of this is your sense of time because you are moving closer and closer to the no-time. This would be the zero point as I was just speaking about here, where this comes to that point which is always and never at the same time. All or nothing. If you go into yourself you can begin to understand. Your three dimensional consciousness will not directly understand this but as you are moving up in higher vibrations and memories are coming back to you, this will become clearer and clearer to you that time is going to stand still at a certain point. So you are moving to that and you are going to experience many different things that are going to lead up to that. One is your noticing of certain time frames in your 11:11 your 12:12 your 3:33 your 4:44 5:55. All of these kinds of things are bringing you closer and closer to a re-membering and a re-understanding of how time works in this illusionary system here. And how time itself is not relevant in those higher vibrations and higher dimensions. Not as you understand it now. Okay?


Q: Thank you for taking my question. It’s almost embarrassing to bring this up because I’ve brought it up a couple of times regarding my smoking addiction. And last time I asked you and mentioned a past life connection and recommended doing past life reading which I did. And I’ve also done several sessions of hypnosis for smoking and I just can’t seem to be done with this habit. And it’s so much now affecting my health breathing chest pain and doing quite a bit of damage. And I’m just wondering if there’s anything else you can offer that might help me. I’m struggling quite a bit.


When you said you did it hypnosis and even more importantly when you said you had past life “reading,” was it a reading or did you experience it yourself?


OWS:  Um, it was more of a reading.


OWS:  Yes. That is one thing that we would recommend always that you do not have someone else tell you what you were, who you were, what you experienced in past lives. You must go to it and experience it for yourself. That is not to say that there is not some accuracy in those readings, there can be. But that in itself will not affect you in the way that it can if you re-experience those memories yourself. And again, that’s all they are, they’re memories. Your past lives are your memories. And you can all tune into those memories. It is not necessary for there to be a person there to guide you but it can be very helpful. So it is good to have a past life regression, not only through hypnosis. There are other avenues of expression to be used in this way such as the one who that we speak through here the multilevel awareness experience that we do with you at these Advances. They are more than just to be able to go and experience past lives. You can experience dimensional understandings dimensional travels. All of this is a part of this. But to understand this particular smoking habit, it is something that you must come to fully want to let go of because it is a pattern that you have piled onto. And unless you release that pattern, those energies within that pattern, then you will continue to hold onto this and continue to ‘need’ that particular device or particular tool or particular crutch — better word here, crutch — that continues to hold on to you here. So let go of the pattern in whatever way that you can. Now with that understanding we can tell you that as you move into these higher vibrations that will take care of itself. That is for all there. Everyone that has addictions of any kind will find that as they move into these higher vibrations as they experience this higher consciousness, higher consciousness will lead to the lessening of all patterns that you came in with. And all of this will lead to moving into the higher vibrations and staying in those higher vibrations. Okay?


Q:  Okay so to let go of that pattern though you said that a past life regression would be helpful. Did I understand that correctly?


OWS:  That would be much more so than someone else telling you what you were or what you experienced. To find that pattern you must find it within yourself as a memory. Don’t let anyone else tell you your memories. You must come to the memories yourself. Hypnosis directly can also be very helpful if you are fully allowing yourself to be hypnotized and let go of it in that way. But you must be fully able to do that. And we find as we are looking into this more you were not able to fully let go in this respect. Even though you thought you did you did not. You understand this?


Q:  Yes I did three sessions and so I’m wondering if I can’t be hypnotized or if like you said maybe I just am not allowing myself to be hypnotized. I’m not sure.


OWS:  That is what we are saying. Yes. You are not able to — or so far anyway — allowed yourself to fully let go. There is a portion of you that is holding back to this hypnotism because of what occurred in other past lives other patterns here that are holding you from this hypnotism being able to work here for you. There was a control. Another that controlled you in the past. And also there were times as we are finding it where you controlled others through the use of this particular modality.


Q:  Okay. So then rather than doing hypnosis it would be better to do some past life regressions?


OWS:  That would be helpful yes. But predominantly, find yourself in those higher vibrations staying there more and more and you will find that you will no longer even want to have a cigarette.


Q:  Right. And I have found that that happened but I just feel like I don’t have the time to wait to be fully in the vibes. I don’t want to end up on oxygen and that’s kind of where things are heading. It’s getting that critical. So I guess I’m getting kind of desperate.


OWS:  Make the time. Make the time. Because this is your life you are speaking of here.

We are going to release channel. But before we do we will just share that those of us, One Who Serves, and many others will be there with you. All will not be speaking directly to you but will be there in spirit in consciousness in oneness. And there will be a, camaraderie, you might say, of many different ones. Cosmic Beings you can call them. Company of Heaven, Ascended Masters, Galactics. Many will be there because there is a happening that is occurring and it will happen as a result of this Lion’s Gate opening here on the day before your events begin. The 8th as we say here. August 8. And there is a process that is going to happen. Again it is going to be a Gateway opening a portal that is going to be opening and there will be many there that will be experiencing this directly with you. Much more with you than has happened up until this time. That is all we can say about this but there will likely be manifestations that will happen to some if not all at various times. That is a great expectation set up, we know. But we are doing this purposefully because we want the expectations to be high. Because if the expectations are high then your consciousness will be high all along with it.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Zoe:  Shanti.


Thank you so much. That, I don’t know, my expectations are up there. And thank you everybody who asked questions because as we always say, great questions lead to great answers – and, in my book, there were some really great ones. So thank you for asking those.


Thank you all for joining us today. We’re glad you came. And we hope to see you next month on the first Sunday. In the meantime, keep your vibrations high, positive, and loving … no matter what you think you see going on around you.


For the rest of you, we’ll see you next Sunday. And for a whole bunch of you, we’ll see you Thursday!


Join us by signing up at . There might still be room to join the Advance by phone. We talked about that didn’t way? I don’t remember if we talked about it on this part of the call are not. [James: Yes I did a little bit.] Okay so if you want to join by phone get in touch with everybody right away. Get in touch with James immediately or Joanna. Otherwise, please rsvp on the meet-up site to attend the Sunday group meetings.


Our website is


Check it out for the archives of the Sunday call recordings and the transcriptions. Which I always recommend you go to if you’re new to the group. And especially if you’ve asked a question, go back and listen to the recording just in case you missed something. And as more members enter the group at different stages of development, there’s lots of gaps in information. So notice what it was that guided you here. Then go back and read the transcripts, listen to the Q&A. Or you could contact Dr Wanda and make use of her Welcoming Program that allows newcomers to have access to someone who’s been a member of AA for a few years, you know, to help bring you up to speed on the education that we received before you became a part of us. So, please, take advantage of that.


We’re on FaceBook at and AncientAwakeningsonfb


We’re also on YouTube as Ancient Awakenings (I’m sure you’re noticing a pattern here …) We also have translations of channeled messages on the dot org website. 


Our once-a-month BlogTalk call is the place for aspiring members, so please invite anyone who would be served by this. And as an FYI, you can join the BlogTalk call via VOIP, so it’s a great alternative for the extreme long-distance audience.


And then you can find these call recordings on and also on our website.


Whew! Okay. That’s it for me, James. Do you want to take it back?




James: Yeah. Thank you so much Zoe for everything you’re doing. Certainly for the BlogTalkRadio show being a hostess and also of course for your transcriptions every week because everybody loves the transcriptions. [Zoe:  My pleasure.] And then thank you Rita for what you brought into it and Joanna for what you brought with Shoshana.


And all I can say is they sure are building up the expectations to all of this this weekend coming up. Lion’s Gate you know which is Wednesday I guess that’s opening up a whole new portal a Gateway so I guess will hear a lot more about that over the weekend. Actually they just said you’re not going to hear more about it you’re going to feel more about it. So take that for what it is. So anyway that’s it. Thank you all so much for participating. You know without all of you there wouldn’t be an ancient awakenings so thanks so much.


Joanna: It takes all of us.


James:  What’s that Q saying? Where We Go One, We Go All. And that is really becoming a catchphrase across the board. Not only on the alternate Internet now but now you’re seeing it on the regular media. So get ready. Keep those seatbelts fastened and keep them fastened. All right so that’s it!


Joanna:  Peace out.


Zoe:  Love you, bye!




Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”