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Ascension via the Storm | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

Ascension via the Storm | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

Submitted to Voyages of Light on June 12, 2022

(Internet message providers: Please note that I have limited access to this email these days. Do not publish this part of the message but my new mailbox is Please update your contacts so our messages don’t get put in your spam or trash folders.)

Quantum Technology Can Do This

Recently my youtube video’s were looked at by the new and improved Censorship committee, or the Truth Committee or whatever they’re calling it and they found one instance of my using the c word and I got a strike for a week. When I tried to upload more video’s after a week, I got a message saying I was ‘in jail’ for another 3 months!

I’ve asked you guys to switch over to rumble. I couldn’t even create an account on Bitchute, so I don’t know what’s up with that. I’m on rumble. As an alternative I put video’s up on our first website Hopefully that’ll stay up.

About a day or so after I found out about the 3 month sentence on youtube, it was revoked. I could post video’s up again.

Today as I’m sitting here I get a message that “Quantum Technology can do this,” as I was thinking about the suspension and how it got lifted. So I checked with Ivo. He confirmed it. My suspension was reversed by the Quantum system.

People are saying they’re not seeing any progress. You’re not looking closely enough. I just experienced progress. That account would have been totally lost had it not been reversed. I was talking to Ashtar about it so maybe he got it reversed.

We’ve told you before that quantum technology can override any of the technology we use here on earth. It’s far superior.

I’ve also been told by Ashtar that the Alliance is watching my activities and if I have a message for them to put it in the messages I put out. There are the usual ones like “hurry up” but then the reason people want the Alliance to hurry up is because we’re on board and ready for the new earth. By the way if you’re telling them to hurry up because you’re afraid of what’s to come, then you’re only slowing them down even more. Why? Because it’s your energy that is fueling this entire thing. The more energy you emit in fear, the more you empower the dark side and the harder it is for the Alliance to carry out the final stages of all of this.

There are a lot of people on this planet who think ETs are just the fantasy of book writers and video creators, and they need to have everything, and that is, everything carried out through the political arena and through the media. If they don’t have their usual avenues telling them how to live, if they don’t see it in the way they’re used to, then they’ll become unhinged to some degree and we don’t want that. You know they’ll go right back to masking and six feet of separation and we’ve made so much progress on that already.

Yes, that’s one thing we have to try to avoid: moving backwards. Of course the DS is trying to create that. We can’t let them. We have to move forward in spite of their efforts. We have to find our ways around them.

Some people are talking about a nuclear summer and then in the same breath saying, “Don’t be afraid.” Okay, so stop calling it ‘nuclear’ then, what do you expect they’re going to do when they hear that?

I like the 12 step approach: we take it one day at a time. Telling someone that they’re going to go through the summer of hell really doesn’t make anyone feel good. Things could change overnight, that’s the other thing to consider here.

I think you have to be careful about setting up people’s expectations. Yes, warn them but we really need to know what’s going to go on.

Ashtar just told us that there will be no mid-term election in November. Word out is that there will be a military overtake of the United States, and Simon Parkes is reporting that Brandon has handed the presidency over to the military. And this was to further the DS agenda somehow. There’s an article. Let me get some excerpts.

Resident Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Accelerate Domestic Manufacturing of Clean Energy. This has to do with fixing the problem of high gas costs which is actually funny since he raised them. DPA Invocation Will Boost American Production of the Critical Technologies Necessary to Lower Energy Costs, Support the Clean Energy Economy, and Strengthen National Security.

Resident Biden today issued presidential determinations providing the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) with the authority to utilize the Defense Production Act (DPA) to accelerate domestic production of five key energy technologies: (1) solar; (2) transformers and electric grid components; (3) heat pumps; (4) insulation; and (5) electrolyzers, fuel cells, and platinum group metals. The DPA determinations are part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s plan to lower energy costs for families, strengthen national security, and achieve lasting American energy independence that reduces demand for fossil fuels and bolsters our clean energy economy.

I guess we have to look at the Defense Production Act to see what in fact this enables the military to do. Does this only have to do with the Army Corps of Engineers, the ones who built the fema camps and who re-built the levees in Louisiana to withstand only a level 3 hurricane? Or does this actually entail military action. The fact is, the military responds to Trump. Biden is using the UN military as I suspect many globalists are – because their national armies won’t deal with the globalists. Canada was the same. On January in Ottawa, the army that came in was not Canadian. Governments are divided into two camps in many countries, folks.

I just had another thought: Could Biden be bringing in the U.S. Military as a means of trying to re-coup his presidential powers because he doesn’t have them. Trump runs the military. This small step of bringing them back into the picture can lead to greater and greater resistance against his efforts. We’ll see where this goes. The military already opposes resident Biden; I’d like to see them arrest him and Ashtar has stated this will happen this year. Obviously the reason he’s releasing this information is so that we can put our minds behind it in agreement. That’s what we all want.

Signs are there, folks. You have to look, but they’re there. Hmmm. We’ll just see where this goes then. Do we have time to sit and wait? Sure, the fact is the minds of all upon this planet are the creators, the directors if you will, of all that happens. As soon as you say, “No! I don’t approve of this,” you create the opportunity for something better to happen. That’s why everyone has to wake up.

What do we need now? We can see the voting systems are still rigged and there’s no reason to believe that the U.S. would be any different. They’re still using these systems to put their globalists into power – never mind with majority wins. But you see many Dems are stepping down in the States and not running again. Why would this be? Scuttlebutt states that they’re afraid of Trump. Not sure about that. They’re more afraid of the people. Or the Alliance. They KNOW they’ve been cut off at the pass, hog tied and bound, are being arrested, their plans have been reduced in strength, they know they’re using CGI to continue to put the threats of their nefarious department heads like Gates and Fauci, forward. They KNOW they’re not alive anymore. They’ve lost their big players and have to fake them using the media.

Why has the media not fallen by this point? I think it’s because the white hats have a use for it. Some systems will be overtaken and other systems completely trashed. I think government and voting will be used to some extent but many government departments will be trashed eventually like the IRS. Tax collection is fraudulent, we all know that.

My own personal journey now includes the Alliance. I do have a contact named “J” who I speak to occasionally but now I’m told they’re watching my efforts. I am privy now to information I can’t divulge to you, but don’t worry because it doesn’t affect you at all. If it was public domain I would argue with them that they shouldn’t have told me to be quiet about it – you guys need to know as soon as possible any information I can give you.

I have my own areas of specialization that doesn’t involve the Storm but I think following the Storm is important simply because we have to make our minds up about current events. This indicates where we will be sending our energy to support.

The other thing I’m seeing is that Kim Goguen, an Alliance member who has become more of a public figure, is being attacked. Of course she is! It works this way, folks. Anyone who comes out to give the world information has a grace period of however long, weeks, maybe months. The DS determines what kind of a threat this person is to their narrative and their agenda, and when they get to a level that’s uncomfortable for them, they go on the attack and their usual method is to create disinformation around the person and to discredit them. Look at the intel the person gave BEFORE the attacks started. Judge their integrity from that alone. If you listen to the DS when they attack an intel provider, you’re part of the problem, not the solution. Your mind is too weak. You don’t know how to play the game and you listen to everything everyone says about other people. When you stop listening to gossip you’ll overcome this problem and learn how to be more discerning by yourself.

Me: Ivo, can we have your comments on all of this please?

Ivo: You are doing a daily release, my love.

Me: I know. Getting everything out of my head because there’s too much in there.

Ivo: As for Mr T, he still does run the country. He is the holder of the grand plan that was constructed by Valiant Thor. Thor has worked with Mr Trump and still does, on many occasions.

Me: Where’s Thor’s ship supposed to be? Somewhere in the west…. Lake Mead, I think. Lake Mead has dried up, I’m hearing. But his ship can still be there.

Okay, now I’m being prompted to look at the location of Lake Mead…. Oh! For God’s sakes! It’s near Las Vegas! No wonder 107 is always at Vegas and so much is being done there. Trump has his Trump tower there as well. I’ll bet he’s spending time out west… so these people are all meeting with Valiant Thor and his crew. Oh that makes sense. I was wondering, “What’s up with Las Vegas? Why are these Alliance members hanging out there?” Well, I just got my question answered. It came, as usual in a piecemeal fashion. That’s how intuition works. You don’t always get it all at once. You’re led to clues here and there. I mean, really, Las Vegas is known for its mafia and crime… why would the Alliance want to spend time there. Now we know!

Okay, that’s good to know.

Ivo: The alliance is watching you, my love. They watch our video’s and they watch to see that the information they give you is dealt with appropriately.

Me: Always! If people say, “Don’t tell anyone,” I won’t.

Ivo: They re-instated your youtube account. You were under permanent suspension.

Me: I figured as much. They’re after me on many levels. Personal, astral, electronic (is that a level?) You name it, they’re onto me.

Ivo: Correct, my love. However, not to worry. You have many friends you are not even aware of.

Me: That’s good to know. I could use a few right now.

Ivo: You have me.

Me: I know. I love you.

Ivo: As I you.

Now, she is prompting me for a political comment. Yes, things will change this summer. It always depends upon how many people we have on board with us, this is always the determining factor. If there is too much resistance to our plans, if there is too much fear, then we cannot bring them into the physical world. You are the manifesters for your planet. What you say goes. So if you desire the removal of certain people, then you must stay focused on that. There is no point in asking Mr T to be reinstated because he never left the office. He is still President. You must focus on that.

He is working behind the scenes to keep the peace as you go through a process of revelation. All fear will be revealed to those upon the planet. You cannot go forward and create the new world from a standpoint of fear. It is not the correct frequency for the fifth dimension.

Me: What about Brandon calling in the military to work with him?

Ivo: Do you think that he can overtake the military in power and strength?

Me: No.

Ivo: Then only good things can come out of this union, my love. And then yes, you must be cautious about how you define ‘good’. For many of you ‘good’ means painless. Well, that is not the meaning of good, not in the lower dimensions. Achieving goodness for yourselves often requires a period of pain because you resist your own goodness. Sharon is experiencing this now in her relationships. Good things will come of them but she resists and this resistance creates pain for her. This means her focus is scattered.

Work on focusing on what you want.

Me: I can’t change people. They are what they are.

Ivo: Yes. Acceptance. You have all you need, my love. Everyone does. It is always provided to you but sometimes not in the form you are expecting. A lifetime of looking under rocks for gold can come to an end when you focus on attracting that which you do not have yet, or see the gold you already have in your hand.

Me: Yes, I get it. So this summer we can expect the military and Biden to join up in some fashion and I hope they arrest him and his cronies.

Ivo: They will. Provided the people of earth are on board with this, otherwise it cannot be realized.

Me: It’s up to us, folks.

I’m hearing from Ashtar there won’t be an election this November. Elections are still very compromised, look at France and Canada – Trudeau won with a majority. As if. We know that’s crap. Could the QFS intervene here? Yes, it could but I think because people are involved – they’re voting – some are anyway in Ontario 38% last election, it’s still about the people’s will.

Maybe that’s where the line is to be drawn between what stays and what goes. Systems that have abused the people’s will like voting systems go. Systems that have paid out to people like government checks and things like that, stay. The governments have a system set up for paying out every person on this planet which would make dispensation of the St Germain funds much easier.

Medical systems are changing right under our noses. I don’t go to the hospital but I do buy herbals and do binaural beats. I have an acupressure mat which even my cat likes. LOL He’s slept on it. Ivo says he wants to work on my feet – doing reflexology. That’ll be interesting.

I’m even working in a way that I always dreamed of when I was younger and had to go to a job – I work on the internet and can stay home to do it. I can take my work anywhere I want as long as there’s an internet connection. And we have internet connections with space already, by the way. That system will stay because it’s the people’s will, although I hear it’s going quantum soon.

Maybe that’s why they can change some things only so much – because we still like our internet despite all the crap that goes on here. However, nobody likes taxes. LOL

That’s why the DS is always trying to push their agenda through their narrative. They’re telling us what they want to do. And it’s a question of whether we agree to it or not. Fewer are these days and that’s good. But that “good” was reached through pain as well, wasn’t it? Sure it was. We’re the creators here. All power sits with us, the people of earth.

Me: That’s it for today, folks. I think we’ve uncovered a few things here. Keep your mind on the prize: peace and a supportive loving earth for everyone.